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  1. Hello Pat, thanks, I'll follow your advice on copying the campaign directory folder. My monitor's resolution is 1920x1080 Tinku
  2. How can I install the new version of PWCG, without losing all my career records? Also, does anyone else have a problem with the pilot diary cutting off text? When reviewing my kills, the text continues beyond the outline of the diary, but cannot be read. Pat, your program is a blast. Donated a bit of money. Don’t quit your day job just yet, but know that many people really appreciate and thank you for your great work. Tinku
  3. Hello 4driano, unfortunately this seems to be a known bug, affecting La-5 and A- 20 when using engine aids. Devs will hopefully solve it in a future update.
  4. Ditto dear Devs. Would appreciate a fix to this. Thanks for this great sim!
  5. Thanks Sokol1, mystery solved. It is a pity. But at least now I know it’s a bug, and that I am not going crazy. Well, at least not over the the throttle thingy... Who knows, maybe now I’ll even give that Yak a try with CEM... I really appreciate everyone taking the time to try and help out!
  6. Thanks Finkeren. I’ll first try to find out how I can get to fly the Soviet planes with automated engine controls, to get a feel for them, and then I might just follow your and unreasonable’s advice.
  7. Hello, I have throttle mapped ONLY to the z-Axis of my joystick. However when I jump to e.g. the La-5, moving the joystick slide has no effect on the throttle. Instead, I see the animation of the RPM lever moving forward and aft. If I map throttle also to the default =/- keys, same thing happens, RPM lever moves, but I get no power, can’t even take off. Leave same bindings, jump to a 109 or 190, and can soar like an eagle (or rather waltz in the air like a drunk fly). So...any other ideas?
  8. Thanks unreasonable. Sounds like reasonable advice (sorry, I’m sure you get that a lot).
  9. Thanks for the advice everyone. I am not at my PC right now, but I’ll check if I’m fact I do have CEM selected. I thought not, but I guess it is the most likely culprit. I am intrigued with flying with CEM on non-109 / 190 Aircraft, but I am dreading the learning curve. There is so only so much time I can devote to BOS, and I have so much fun flying campaigns, that I can’t bring myself to sacrifice battle time for flight school. Anyway, love this sim, and it has a great community
  10. Hi, not sure Iunderstand. Throttle is mapped to joystick z-axis, and works fine for Bf 109 and Fw-190. However when flying a soviet plane, I push thr throttle but get no power.
  11. Hello I have the mapped to the Z-axis of my joystick. When I fly German aircraft, moving the slider increases or decreases RPM, and I can fly without any problems. Same movement has no effect if I am sitting in La-5, P-40, I-16 etc. In the La-5, moving slider will not move the throttle, but the small lever below the throttle does move. Strangely, if I turn engine off, and turn it back on, moving the slider will increase throttle. Anyone has any idea what I am doling wrong? Thanks Tinku
  12. Thanks a lot for the suggestion, will try that out. Pat‘s CG is a fantastic improvement to the FP playing experience! Yesterday I flew one campaign with my Fw190 career in full realism. Bagged three Yaks, but in al the chaos missidentified my wingman and got him with a snap burst. Poor guy went straight down. Actually felt bad in yhe real life that that happened. Now I have my mission logss to remind me of my deed for the rest of that career Thanks Pat!
  13. Hello, I am getting lots of error reports, but PWCG seems to be running fine. The error file mentions missing skins and medals, among others. Can someone please suggest what to do? Thanks in advance. Klaus Bartels201709302109349.zip PWCGErrorLog.txt
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