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  1. Brief description: Controller missing after 3.012 update Detailed description, conditions: After the recent update to 3.012 my Thrustmaster Warthog Joystick is no longer recognized by IL2. Previous mappings for the controller are still present, but attempting to remap a binding with the controller's buttons or axis is not recognized. There is no third party software such as T.A.R.G.E.T in use, the controller was directly connected. I have connected another controller since the update which was recognized when I first started (F16 MFD). Troubleshooting; Disconnected new F16 MFD - No effect Connecting the Joystick to another USB port - No effect Re-created (renamed existing) input folder - No effect but Warthog stick is now missing from the list of controllers in devices.txt Uninstalled IL2 in Steam and reinstalled to a new drive - No effect The controller works normally in other games and Windows Controllers settings. Additional assets (videos, screenshots, logs): Old devices.txt configId,guid,model| 0,%22a75793a0-a95c-11e8-0000545345440180%22,Throttle%20-%20HOTAS%20Warthog| 1,%22a759b680-a95c-11e8-0000545345440480%22,Saitek%20Pro%20Gamer%20Command%20Unit| 2,%22a75aa0e0-a95c-11e8-0000545345440580%22,Joystick%20-%20HOTAS%20Warthog| 3,%22a75b8b40-a95c-11e8-0000545345440680%22,X52%20Flight%20Controller| 4,%22a75c4e90-a95c-11e8-0000545345440780%22,Saitek%20Pro%20Flight%20Yoke| 5,%22a75d11e0-a95c-11e8-0000545345440880%22,MFG%20Crosswind%20V2| 6,%22a75e2350-a95c-11e8-0000545345440a80%22,DSD%20Flight%20Series%20Button%20Controller| 7,%22a75d8710-a95c-11e8-0000545345440980%22,Razer%20Nostromo| 8,%22a7601f20-a95c-11e8-0000545345440d80%22,Logitech%20G27%20Racing%20Wheel%20USB| New devices.txt configId,guid,model| 0,%22a75793a0-a95c-11e8-0000545345440180%22,Throttle%20-%20HOTAS%20Warthog| 1,%22e1eaf610-1d97-11e9-0000545345440280%22,F16%20MFD%201| 2,%22e7fbf900-44cf-11e9-0000545345440180%22,Razer%20Tartarus%20V2| 3,%22e0115410-1d97-11e9-0000545345440180%22,F16%20MFD%202| 4,%22a75c4e90-a95c-11e8-0000545345440780%22,Saitek%20Pro%20Flight%20Yoke| 5,%22a75e2350-a95c-11e8-0000545345440a80%22,DSD%20Flight%20Series%20Button%20Controller| 6,%22a7601f20-a95c-11e8-0000545345440d80%22,Logitech%20G27%20Racing%20Wheel%20USB| 7,%22a75d11e0-a95c-11e8-0000545345440880%22,MFG%20Crosswind%20V2 Your PC config data (OS, drivers, specific software): Windows 10 64bit Home IL2 3.012 Further Testing: To troubleshoot this issue further, I started IL2 with the Thrustmaster Warthog Joystick disconnected, then when in the control bindings I connected the device. This caused IL2 to hang for around 20 seconds. After that, IL2 resumed, but still no Thrustmaster Warthog stick. Disconnecting also has the same effect and devices.txt is unchanged... Further, Further Testing: Uninstalled IL-2 again and cleaned out all directories and registry entries, disabled all controllers except my Primary sets (8 devices) and the controls worked perfectly! Shut down IL-2, re-enabled the additional controllers and started IL-2. Pop up window stated that new controllers had been detected and the devices.txt updated with the 2 of the 3 new controllers. IL-2 was VERY laggy at this point and didn't respond for almost 3 minutes before I could accept the prompt to Cancel the key mapping swap from another controller. Note how the option is to map the Warthog Joystick and X-52 across to the new controller. Went to the keybindings and the Warthog Stick was no longer recognized again. Shut down IL-2, disabled the 2 x F-16 MFD's, deleted the entries for them in devices.txt and started again. Pop up window stated that new controllers had been detected and the devices.txt was updated with the controller. IL-2 was VERY laggy at this point and didn't respond for almost 3 minutes before I could accept the prompt to Cancel the key mapping swap from another controller. Note how the option is to map the X-52 across to the new controller. Went to keybindings and the Warthog stick was back! Checking the X-52 however, showed that it was NOT recognized. Repeated all of the above steps a second time to confirm the issues successfully. Also noted that at the first step where the Warthog Stick and X52 are shown as available for mapping swaps that at this point, neither controller was recognized within IL-2. Conclusion IL-2 seems to be capped at recognizing 8 controllers, and the user has no opportunity to dictate what these controllers should be, thus when starting IL-2 with more than 8 recognized controllers the program seems to determine for itself which controllers to drop in favor of the new ones. Request adding the option for more controllers, or choosing which controller the user would like to use/disable if there is no option of increasing the number of controllers addressed by the program. Also, tried the instructions in this guide: but it didn't make any difference...
  2. After the last update (3.0.12), IL2 has "lost" my Thrustmaster Warthog stick, all of the other controls are there, and the mappings still exist, but it's not seen. If I try to re-map the controller none of its buttons or axis are recognized by IL2. The controller works fine in everything else... I backed up the devices.txt and let IL2 create a new one and the Warthog stick is indeed missing from the list, how do I get it back!
  3. Purchased FC the instant it was announced as have many here. It would be a nice gesture to extend that discount to those who jumped in an purchased before the announcement of the discount. I'd happily use it against Tank crew instead if it were possible.
  4. I'd like to put a poll up for the guys at IL-2 to see their customers desire for this feature that was previously listed as coming, but now seems to be absent. This was one of the most anticipated features in the works for me when BoK was announced as it would enable software like the SimShaker for Aviators software and other software used with motion platforms to interpret aircraft movement and forces within the simulator and translate that directly into tactile feedback. Other simulators like Digital Combat Simulator, Prepar3d and Falcon 4 offer this and the use of tactile feedback devices with them in conjunction with VR in those simulators that support it is amazing. Flying a Spitfire in DCS with VR and tactile feedback really is amazing. You can feel the bumps of the undercarriage running across the field, stalls and buffeting is directly translated to feelings from the tactile sensors and lets you react to them before you notice your wing dropping, and taking fire from enemy aircraft can be felt directly as distinct thumps as the rounds impact your air frame. With all the cutting edge features and the next gen implementation of VR offered by IL-2, this really is a complimentary feature that would help it stand even further out from its competition.
  5. I believe that Andre who makes the SimShaker software said that it will be possible with the updates already planned for BoK from his end, it doesn't require any special hooks as such, just the ability to read data values from the sim that the seat needs to interpret bumps, buffets, stalls, etc
  6. Go take a look at the Gametrix Jetseat with the SimShaker software, I LOVE mine, I don't get any motion sickness at all with it and can fly for 3 or 4 hours without issue. https://dreamsimteam.blogspot.com.au Use the Steam VR settings to mirror the sound to it and the rift at the same time.
  7. I don't mean to bash DCS either, apologies if it came over that way, it wasn't my intention. Normandy is Alpha and as such it will be subject to performance issues, bugs, glitches, etc. I guess I'm just on the fence about releasing Alpha software to the public at all. I get that we all want it now, but I fear it may do more harm than good to their reputation and sales.
  8. Hey Cranium, I have the 1080Ti too, but I use the Rift not a Vive, but you should be able to get the same performance with these settings. 1. Brightness Edit the Startup.cfg file in \IL-2 BOX\data and change the gamma entry (around line 31) to 0.65 I've tinkered around with this number a bit, and this is where I'm happiest with it for reducing the brightness. Be warned however, if you do fly at night time for whatever reason, it is DARK! 2. Settings Here are the settings I run with as configured in game, and these are then Augmented with the Nvidia Inspector Profile settings in step 3. (I've taken these from a desktop rendered session rather than from VR so they're easier to read). 3. Performance / Visual Enhancements Setup an Nvidia Inpector Profile for BOS, here is mine: 4. Tweaks I don't know if the Vive has it, but the Rift has the ASW setting to try and smooth things out. Unfortunately this usually results in odd rendering of items through the prop, and a squiggly gun cross. If you can, disable it. I hope they work for you! I get great performance and the view is STUNNING I also got my install of DCS 2.1 down earlier and flew around Normandy. Anyone wondering how it stacks up... Stay here, you're not missing anything yet, it's not even in the same ball park in terms of visuals and performance. It made me appreciate all the more what a stunning job of VR implementation we have here with IL-2.
  9. Thanks for posting the suggestion BlackJack, I see it once in a while and it can be distracting
  10. Thanks for posting, I've been on the fence about getting these for a while now.
  11. See this post I made on the Gametrix Jetseat thread, this drastically increased the time I could spend in VR without any side effects: https://forum.il2sturmovik.com/topic/28664-devs-any-plans-make-game-compatible-gametrix-jetseat/?p=470803
  12. I have one of these and it works like a charm for VR. The seat works in 2 ways, 1st, Audio passthrough mode. This works just like a butt kicker by picking up the lower frequency sounds and having the 8 transducers vibrate based on that audio. I currently use mine like this with BoS in VR with my rift by connecting it to a 3.5mm Audio output from my motherboard. Steam VR puts out the sound to the JetSeat and then duplicates the Audio to my Rift. That way I don't get vibrations from Team speak when my Virtual Wingmen talk to me With Audio mode, it works with anything, but you only get a 'generalised' feedback with all 8 transducers doing the same thing. That said, it's better than not having it at all. It also drastically reduces motion sickness in VR, and I feel that I can expose myself to much longer VR sessions with it than without it. 2nd, USB mode. This is not a Force Feedback device, it's an independent output device. With DCS for example, the simulator outputs telemetry data via an export Lua, and this can be interpreted by 3rd party software to make the transducers in the seat work. With the second mode Andre's SimShaker software reads this telemetry data output by the game (DCS, FSX, Project Cars, Dirt Rally, Assetto Corsa, the list goes on and on) and passes commands to the transducers independently to mimic effects. With the A-10C in DCS for example, I feel a thump under my knees as the nose gear comes up, and then a quick 'thump, thump' in my left and right kidneys as the left and right main gear comes up. His software is FANTASTIC. I can feel stalls approaching, I can feel speed buffeting, I can feel the bumps in the tarmac as I'm rolling down the runway getting faster and faster and then disappear as I lift off. Best of all, it allows you to tweak the values to your liking if you feel something is too strong, or not strong enough... It's one of the best investments I've made into my flight simming habit and I would recommend it to anyone, especially if you have VR! Find out more about it here: https://dreamsimteam.blogspot.com
  13. I can confirm that the 1080ti works great for me, rock solid performance in IL2 BOS, haven't tried Moscow yet, as I'm having so much fun flying around Stalingrad at the moment, and not all of my Virtual Wingmen have BOM yet. I too however experience stutter and general poor performance in DCS with my setup. The 2.0 Alpha is much better, but still nowhere near the performance of IL2, this is by far THE best flying experience in VR I have had.
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