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  1. Thank you. Very helpful. Now in terms of spotting the questions remains what is the better technology (FXAA vs. MSAA). On this one it seems that MSAA is leading judging by various posts on the forum? On image quality: If one starts at 100% SS in the second step you go for increase in SS while balancing performance / spotting vs. image quality.
  2. So still very much confused around the new settings. Maybe as questions: We already had AA technology before in the engine, after the update now it got replaced by a choice of FXAA or MSAA. So what did we have before? MSAA? Some secret 1C AA? Both FXAA and MSAA can be toggled between 0, 2 and 4 under anti-aliasing slider. Does this result in 4xFXAA or 2xMSAA? So 0 in anti-aliasing means no FXAA or MSAA at all? For VR you can the also adjust SS as before. So combining FXAA/MSAA and SS is doubling on the effect? E.g 4xFXAA and SS at 100% is equal to 0xFXAA and SS
  3. Thank you. Found the right mission and now can do a proper introduction based on fully functional high res map!
  4. Any solution identified so far? I also play VR and then record the videos from the tracks to benefit from maximum details and resolutions. It is not really possible to just keep the head tracking from the record as during shooting the scope never aligns with the target, especially on German planes...
  5. Quick question: Can you get the maps from the server offline? I am trying to make a video about my last sortie but I do not have the map with location of the targets. I am recording from the track. Would be great to have the map as a picture to explain the situation before diving into the video itself. Thanks!
  6. Do you also have any issues with tracking with Valve Index? It seems that specifically in high demanding scenes the tracking becomes more challenging and I have jumping / floating PoV problems. Any remedies?
  7. I sent my Rift S back after receiving Index. I do like the fit and the sound quality, the FOV is clearly larger and makes me almost fully forget the scuba mask effect. In terms of image quality I couldn't really see large difference to Rift S. Of course if you come from Rift CV1 the improvement is massive. Main downside is the performance drag and the fact that I do have some issues with tracking. I only had a chance to try it several time in IL-2 and sometimes the central position is lost several times in a span of 1-2 second then again it continues without a problem. Maybe I need to read up
  8. First update with Junghans cockpit clock.
  9. Another confirmation from valve that index will be dispatched on time.
  10. The Basics - Gerätebrett (23.06.2019) Background As a way of background I started with flight sims around 2001 with original IL-2, followed by IL-2 expansions, CloD, War Thunder and now mostly IL-2 BoX in VR. Parallel to playing games I developed an interest in historical facts of that period and utilized military hardware. This mostly reflected in acquiring and reading a large collection of relevant (technical) books and visiting museums, ideally with large aircraft collections. Now I have decided to go somehow a step further and get an actual piece of history into my home. T
  11. Any views on image quality at 4x AA vs. resulting performance hit? I always use 4x, didn't like the image quality at 0x, but never tried at 2x...
  12. Please do report the performance impact. Thanks!
  13. There are so many good ideas which you could put into this game if there would be more resources to focus on online play. For example ability to call out contacts through a hot key, quick keys for communication shortcuts, squad / flight allocation during online games, more team vs. team play modes (which alas probably would require matchmaking / lobby feature), point system focused on various tasks (e.g. recon?), etc.
  14. Would not the wind blow through this whole into the cockpit annoyingly all the time?
  15. Hyperlobby is a third-party online match making tool. You could see all the online servers, PM and chat capability etc. The key feature is the ability to start common online sessions with a dedicated server: you would be able to designate number of available slots for an online mission, have people join the slots, start the mission, have people select their planes in-game (e.g. do a mix of fighters and GA) and have everybody start at the same time. Missions would run until everybody died (one plane per person only) or the objective of one side has been achieved. Designers could mix AI planes a
  16. Just add compatibility with hyperlobby and we will have normal matchmaking ability and online features which have been lacking in this game since release....
  17. Can’t test until tomorrow, any improvements with black screen / audio issues with Rift S?
  18. This worked for me to remove the ring in SteamVr: https://steamcommunity.com/app/250820/discussions/3/1741101364278773928/
  19. Does "head shake" option do anything in VR?
  20. It is a good summary but slightly theoretical given current status quo. I pre-ordered Index and also bought Rift S, both on release. I am happy with Rift S because I can use it now and it is a tangible improvement compared to CV1. Not like Index which is is not coming out until end of June and HP Reverb which is currently awol. I do have big hopes for Index and will then maybe sell my Rift S. I am skeptical re HP Reverb: I have OCed CPU (i7 7700k 5 GHz) / GPU (1080Ti) and still struggle with performance already with Rift S. Judging by various threads here even 2080Ti might not cut it currently
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