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  1. So is this then February 2021 or December 2021?
  2. Interesting discussion and thank you all for the input. I am a happy Index driver since I traded my Rift S for it last summer, but now have also pre-ordered G2. If the FOV reduction would not be too much, I think I will then sell my Index. Maybe keep the controllers if the compatibility is OK. G2 increase in resolution Vs. Index would be a welcome upgrade and it seems that G2 fixes most of the issues G1 had (bad audio, bad tracking, no SteamVR integration, small sweet spot etc.). I also look forward to a reduce weight, Index is really taxing my neck during long evening sessions. Ultimately onl
  3. On multiple occasions I can see and ID cons better compared to my "screen" squad mates.
  4. I came across the author via twitter and he has been sharing some interesting facts collected during the research for the book. Now the topic is very niche and hence it is absolutely paramount for the publisher to achieve sufficient level of pre-orders for the book to be published at scale and be available for many aviation enthusiasts. If you find the topic interesting, please consider pre-ordering. I did so myself and now just trying to help the author further with this post. The book is about fighter aircraft piston engines from the Second World War, the men who designed them,a
  5. Just reading Walter Schuck's autobiography* and came across an episode where the author is scrambled to chase a light-weighted reconnaissances Spitfire and needs to climb to catch a much faster plane in a dive (crude translation from German): "Because Gyako [Walter Schuck's wingman] was slightly lagging I concluded that he was not aware of a trick to keep your flaps slightly extended in a climb. At 7 degrees of flaps one could achieve the optimal angle of climb with the Me 109 and could, even without risking a stall, really soar steeply." Plane used was a Bf 109 G-6. At
  6. Thanks. Any impact on performance from the OVR Toolkit?
  7. Thanks. I suspected that additional software would be needed. Can you set-up everything in a way that the overlay remains in VR and you dont need to grab and move the window everytime the game is started? This is the approach it seems outlined in various youtube video. Also I guess purchasing the OVRdrop software is a must? No demo versions / freeware to try it out? Would be stupid if it doesn't work at the end...
  8. Any good solutions to display Teamspeak or Discord overlays in VR? Ideally just the names and highlight who speaks right now somewhere on the screen or cockpit. SteamVR for Valve Index. Any hints are much appreciated!
  9. Flying IL-2 since 2000. Pre ordering all your products since first announcements. Thank you for your great efforts. Mighty impressed with GREAT performance on the zoom topic. Fantastic improvement in the last patch and impressive delivery on an expedite timeline. Clearly best sim on the market and equally best devs team! Thank you. Danke. Спасибо.
  10. Yep, now we have a shitstorm on the general forum from pilots complaining that their harmless reshader mod is now banned at their favorite online server.
  11. Rather interesting that Wings of Liberty implemented the new server feature (New multiplayer server option “Restrict Injectors) from 4.007 and general attendance yesterday evening was substantially below the usual levels. I wonder if some people who where pitchforking the zoom mode for VR got hit because they were using the reshaders in 2D.
  12. New zoom levels are great. Good spotting and id'ing. Maximum zoom is slightly less then the last iteration of the mod (where you could stack in-game and mod zooms), but in my view fully sufficient. As this a native in-game zoom now you get somehow better rendering of objects, especially if you look at things on the ground. I mapped the maximum and two intermediate levels on my joystick so can now have 3 different zoom levels: two for spotting / id'ing and one to look at cockpit instruments if needed. Flew two sorties on Wings of Liberty last evening with this setup: 3 good kills, including spo
  13. Still no from my perspective. Every time it is engaged quickly moving objects (yes, the guy your are chasing) start to create artifacts which makes spotting and following much harded.
  14. Fully agree. Alternate Plane Visibility is really a godsend for VR users. I really see huge positive difference between my coop server where I train with my wingman / Berloga and over servers which do not have Alternate Plane Visibility. One reason I thought Alternate Plane Visibility is not so widely spread is the hit on performance. Is this in case?
  15. Pre-ordered vol. 5. Spread the word!
  16. How are your feelings when Yak-9 is on the receiving end of the German 20mm? Shooting couple of them seems to indicate that they are more robust compared to Yak-1/b. Would make sense to due metal vs. wooden longerons. Maybe somebody already did some testing...
  17. I have been playing IL-2 exclusively on VR with DK2, CV1, Oculus Rift S and now Valve Index. I play MP only on servers like Wings of Liberty and Combat Box. Was clocking more hours more recently during CV-19. I must say that (i) developers have improved the VR experience substantially over the years (objective fact) and (ii) while there are some limitations in VR I feel that I can „keep up“ with my VR on MP servers against most players. For sure since quality of Oculus Rift S generation of devices. Now I have been using the mod obviously, but even now after the patch I do feel that I can be co
  18. So it is 2020 and we still do not have a proper matchmaking system in IL-2...
  19. Stick post got updated for the latest patch: I use these setting, but at MSAA x 4 and 110% SS. Good results so far.
  20. While the halo against the clouds is rather ugly it does help very much with spotting
  21. 3. Minimal FOV in VR looks more like minimal FOV on a monitor;
  22. Did some testing last night. The best combination for spotting so far was actually Steam VR SS at 100% and 4x MSAA, other settings as per Fenris's cfg in the pinned thread. Delivers a good balance between image quality and performance on my system. I was actually surprised how good the image quality was with MSAA, despite "only" SS at 100%. Cons visibility is very good as compared to pre-patch, obviously could be subjective. But on multiple occasions I either would see a con rather far away at a distance I never had spotting before or I would arrive at a target with a much better SA as I could
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