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  1. To be fair their reddit page is more transparent then 99% of the 3080 / 3090 retailers keeping their customers in the dark... https://www.reddit.com/r/bestware/comments/jn8cjk/supply_update_on_hp_reverb_g2_preorders/ Is HP paying this guy? Hope not and G2 is indeed so good...
  2. Yes, but I do like the point on "engage it in a turn-fight, where it is totally at our mercy"...
  3. "The easiest one to shoot down of the enemy fighters is the Hurricane. It is totally helpless against us below 3,000 meters. It is slow and very clumsy and unmanoeuvrable. Whenever you meet a Hurricane, engage it in a turn-fight, where it is totally at our mercy. It is best to shoot this plane in the forward part of the fuselage when it almost immediately bursts into flames." http://www.virtualpilots.fi/hist/WW2History-CaptainWindsAirCombatTacticsLecture.html
  4. And 20mm goes brrr.... Some impressions from the Fw-190s of the Schlachtgeschwader during the last ACG Kuban Campaign mission. Strafing ground attacks, burning La-5s, being too late to save your comrade... It has it all, enjoy:
  5. Thursday night ACG Training: 6./SchG1 joined with 274 IAP boys for some head-on practice combat. We did several rounds with the final round being presented in this video. Fw-190s of 6./SchG1 are outnumbered 3 vs. 5 against the Yaks of the famed IAP 274. I didn't record comms, but hope the written narrative and separate chapters explain the tactical development. My gunnery was not the greatest but I could claim 3 yaks at the end. Thanks 274 IAP for the practice!
  6. VR got me back into sims, I don't fly IL-2 without VR anymore. I spent money on Tobruk to support the team, but haven't played it because I wait until they add VR. VR experience in IL-2 improved substantially over time, but further optimization in terms of performance is still required, especially around MP. Also minor quality of life additions (e.g. VR loading screens vs. black void, some interface improvements) might be helpful...
  7. Any specific values or pointers to the manual page? Thank you!
  8. After a quick Jabo mission our Staffel embarks on a combat air patrol with some successful engagements with A-20s, P-39s and Yaks.
  9. Edited live recording from our Fw-190 JaBo Staffel last mission with coms during the ongoing ACG Kuban campaign. We hit all our ground targets during three sorties and got messed up with some enemy bombers and fighters. Have fun watching and subscribe if you enjoy the content. Thanks
  10. Impression from the second mission of the campaign...
  11. All footage has been recorded during the first mission of the ACG Kuban Campaign which started on 30th of August 2020. You can see the Fw-190s of the 6. Staffel of the Schlachtgeschwader 1 (6./SchG1) in Jabo action. First phase of the ACG campaign will span at least six missions and cover the initial phase of Operation Neptune – the German offensive to eliminate the Myskhako bridgehead near Novorossiysk, commencing 17 April 1943. No Fw-190s were harmed during this production. If you are interested in joining or would like to find out more about ACG, please follow: https://www.airc
  12. The article is garbage, but it helpfully links exactly the right spot in the HP podcast, see youtube link: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0Ik6fItkWEI&feature=youtu.be&t=19042
  13. Got a message from my retailer that my pre-ordered G2 delivery is being delayed by HP to „install new and better lenses“. New expected delivery: end of October. Anybody getting updates from HP or their respective retailers?
  14. Take Yak-9 (not T): https://stormbirds.blog/2020/05/24/yak-9-and-yak-9t-collector-plane-review/ Climb rate is key.
  15. Okey... I never used the editor but is it possible to quickly extract required information by looking at the objects? I really have almost basic questions like: What are all the types of AAA available in the game and how do these differ?
  16. Maybe a stupid question but is there a database / wiki outlining all ground objects available in the game? E.g. if I want to see what AAA gun types have been implemented for each side and understand the key properties? Which objects can be destroyed with which weapons? Is a 250kg bomb sufficient to sink this type of a ship? Basically a resource which can help answer such questions. Many thanks in advanced!
  17. Any chance alternative visibility turns on when you play the track offline?
  18. Thank you @Han and @Jason_Williams for reaching out to the community on this important point. I am happy to see that the team actively engages with the pilots and this provides further support to my belief that the future of IL2:BoX is bright. Hopefully it will get only better from here! TL;DR => Main issue is bad visibility, it has nothing to do with realism and is just random / frustrating => Main problem is around mid-range contacts after acquisition being too easily lost, but long range and consistency across hardware needs to be tackled too => Suffici
  19. Some helpful info: Either use that, or make a track, change to 2D and then record. But there are issues...
  20. Thanks for the insightful comment, von_Tom. My question was related to the statement made in the live stream, luckily the VR question was the first one asked (so i didn't need to watch the whole one hour and 55 minutes). So the statement from the developers in the stream was "early 2021" for VR. Good news in my department.
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