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  1. One last mission before ACG moves into the desert with Tobruk...
  2. Thursday night training with ACG: Today's mission is to cover German ships against attacks by Il-2s coming from Gelendzhik. Flying Fw-190 with gunpods, some fun combat ensures...Watch till the end for the BIG BANG!
  3. First video from the new Leningrad Campaign developed by IRRE squadron! 10 August 1941: Since the launch of Operation Barbarossa, German troops have advanced at breakneck speed. While the Army Group South has reached Kiev (Ukraine), Army Group Center has reached Smolensk less than 400km from Moscow, the Army Group North with the Finnish troops are less than 100km from the birthplace of revolution - Leningrad. The city is to be held at any cost. Soviet Air Force desperately tries to hold the onslaught of Luftwaffe...
  4. No luck, deleted the files, but the error message is the same unfortunately...
  5. Can you play tracks from previous version? After update I get an error message from the tracks I recorded two days ago
  6. Evening patrol in Fw-190 A-5 results in seven kills sortie on the Finnish VirtualPilots server:
  7. The Germans didn't have enough C3 high octane fuel for everybody so it was kept for JABOs which actually are more important for the war effort... C3 was there to keep the Fw-190 flying while DB 109 engines were running on low octane fuel with "patch up" solution such as MW50 being then applied to increase performance.
  8. Short video demonstrating the power of the teamwork. Fly, communicate, fight - best recipe for success online.
  9. I heard this couple of times now, is there a positive confirmation from devs that four engines are not possible in BoX?
  10. Another ACG Kuban campaign mission from 6./SchG1 perspective. Our JABO squadron got jumped by a gaggle of Yaks after our second drop, but where able to turn the tables quickly. Some Fw-190 team work against Yaks and two kills on cam
  11. Another video covering a mission in ACG Kuban campaign. Weekly Sunday event where 100+ pilots take to the air to re-enact the battles over Kuban in 1943. Impression from Fw-190 A-5s 6./SchG1 Staffel. Longer video then usual, but I was tasked with leading the Staffel and wanted to give more feeling around moving and positioning the units around and how SA and comms work. Hope you enjoy it.
  12. Wanted to present couple of videos outlining various bomber attack techniques:
  13. Just wanted to drop here again and leave a large "Thank you"! My physical therapy bill reduced substantially & no neck pains
  14. After 28 sorties, confirmed 9 air kills, multitude of ground kills and various Luftwaffe awards, my ACG campaign persistent character Hauptgefreiter Anton von Donner of 6./SchG1 decided to make a career move and exchanged the pilot seat for a shovel. He is currently acquiring new skills in a German POW snow management unit in Siberia. This is his last mission, deep penetration strike against port of Tuapse followed by a mix-up with some nasty Soviet Lagg-3s..
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