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  1. Evening patrol in Fw-190 A-5 results in seven kills sortie on the Finnish VirtualPilots server:
  2. The Germans didn't have enough C3 high octane fuel for everybody so it was kept for JABOs which actually are more important for the war effort... C3 was there to keep the Fw-190 flying while DB 109 engines were running on low octane fuel with "patch up" solution such as MW50 being then applied to increase performance.
  3. Short video demonstrating the power of the teamwork. Fly, communicate, fight - best recipe for success online.
  4. I heard this couple of times now, is there a positive confirmation from devs that four engines are not possible in BoX?
  5. Another ACG Kuban campaign mission from 6./SchG1 perspective. Our JABO squadron got jumped by a gaggle of Yaks after our second drop, but where able to turn the tables quickly. Some Fw-190 team work against Yaks and two kills on cam
  6. Another video covering a mission in ACG Kuban campaign. Weekly Sunday event where 100+ pilots take to the air to re-enact the battles over Kuban in 1943. Impression from Fw-190 A-5s 6./SchG1 Staffel. Longer video then usual, but I was tasked with leading the Staffel and wanted to give more feeling around moving and positioning the units around and how SA and comms work. Hope you enjoy it.
  7. Wanted to present couple of videos outlining various bomber attack techniques:
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