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  1. Fighting men of the 8./JG52 during the current ACG Kuban Campaign
  2. Thanks, but doesn't IL-2 need to support this feature to make it work? So far what I learned here is best not to touch the Nvidia settings at let, beside the power management mode...
  3. Thank you for the great review and analysis. I changed from Index (since 2019) to G2 now mainly due to higher resolution / increase in sharpness. In terms of the sweet spot I had no issues with G2 and subjectively it is not worst then Index. The reduction in FOV was very apparent, but it was not as bad as I expected and I concluded that I will get used to is. Checking six requires now more body movement as compared to Index. Furthermore I only use VR for flying and while Valve Index is probably a much better ecosystem for VR in general G2 is a better choice for my use case. G2 weight is substantially better and makes a difference for long sessions. After using G2 for a while I really cannot fly with my Index due to perceived decrease in sharpness of the image. I felt the same as I moved from the first generation Rift to Rift S / Index. For me G2 is the next step.
  4. Works like a charm. Many thanks! One suggestion maybe for future versions is to have an ability to map a button to disable the automatic rotation function as long as the button is held. I found the automatic rotation feature to work very well, but sometimes when observing planes right or left I would get into the "flip" zone unwillingly which made observations in this area harder. Having the ability to toggle the feature on the fly might cover this use case. Otherwise superb tool and great help for the VR community. Well done!
  5. I had exactly the same experience with my Index and I always run it at 120Hz. I obviously never got to such fps with my 1080Ti, but it created a much smoother experience vs. 80/90Hz. It is probably a subjective personal perception that even if fps are in 70-90 range the "smoothness" of the picture is higher just by virtue of higher refresh rate. I now move to G2 and I am unable to use 60Hz mode because the flickering is unbearable, even at 90Hz despite 90 fps in IL-2 and SteamVR showing < 11ms (i.e. all green) I feel the picture is not as smooth as with my Index. I notice drops in fps much quicker in G2 vs. previously in Index. I am already getting used and notice the difference less and less, but this might offer an explanation.
  6. Impressive build, @=FF4H=Blackbird71. What settings can you achieve in VR for IL-2 with this set-up?
  7. Mind sharing your settings? I am also struggling with G2/3090 and surprised how low the performance is...
  8. How did you get in touch with HP? Or did you approach your retailer? Do you need to send your headset back first? Thanks.
  9. Try using Alt + F1 during replay and then move the view with your mouse to the desired position.
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