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  1. Well written, I agree with a lot of that. Still have to say that flying the planes do not feel the same to me, not at all. Somehow the sense of speed is much better on DCS, especially when slowing down in climb for example. And stalling feels great too.
  2. I've got pretty similar experience. I don't believe in GB engine. DCS seems to be the future proof option. Ironically it works ten times better running great battles. One of the major reasons I'm gravitating towards DCS lately.
  3. Good conversation. Although I have to disagree with the thought that DCS WWII is good at offline only. Storm of War server does great job of immersive online fights. Campaigns are based on real dates etc. and there seems to be good community with pretty nice number of players. And you can operate perfectly alone too, even take an AI wingman with you. Thought has been put to please players that have tendency to play more offline. I have to add it looks just amazing, the lighting and textures, canopy scratches, even in VR. And even/especially with some Abba. (
  4. Thought I'd buy the K-4 and had no interest in Anton but seems I'm about the get it too. It sounds just fantastic and is just a mean little plane indeed.
  5. Weird. I think gauges are very clear at 1.0, let alone 1.3 that I tried for fun, where they are really sharp, basically better than 1080p monitor. I've got GTX 1080 too, I assume you've got latest drivers installed? I got shimmering and flickering with low quality clouds and yeah, some AA flickering too because I'm rocking AA off. But that's not problem of Q2, it's GPU. Try to mess with right ctrl+numpad 1, 2 and 4. I sometime just switch between those modes and it runs better. I believe ctrl+1 and 4 are asw off.
  6. Woah, the 109 flight model is barely recognizable versus IL-2. Couldn't remember it felt this different.
  7. In standalone you can already add modules from module manager.
  8. No problem at all. 1. CPU = Ryzen 5 3600 (auto oc, max 1,475V and 4,2 Ghz) 2. GPU = GTX 1080 3. RAM = 16GB DDR 3200 Mhz 4. 80 Hz and auto rendering resolution, which is 3440 x 1744, so a little bit below native resolution. Haven't tried better resolution yet. I run OpenComposite so no SteamVR SS. When I tried it was 110% and later 140%, that much I can remember. Could not get solid 80 fps with clouds. OpenComposite I can use "high" setting at clouds. Have not tried "extreme". 5. Sorry about the quality: I haven't tweaked that much, just basic l
  9. Yes, indeed. It looks absolutely gorgeous these days. I love the super sharp interiors especially, adds so much to the immersion. Now that my pc can actually run it adds to the temptation of course.
  10. Phil Style makes DCS WWII look fantastic fun on Storm of War server. Anyone here playing on it? Thinking whether I should get a fighter module from the sale, finally. Sadly I'm not home to try them at the two week free period starting tomorrow.
  11. With latest updates image quality is really good when wireless. The 2 hour battery could be problematic though. I think I'll try wireless IL-2 tonight. Everything else I play wireless, it's really a game changer. Can't imagine playing Alyx or Pavlov tethered to a wire ever again. Edit: it works great wireless through VirtualDesktop. Edit 2: I played alot with wired and wireless and I have to say I'd do wireless if I'd have more grunt on my PC: VirtualDesktop can't run OpenComposite, and my GTX 1080 can't run clouds well enough with SteamVR and 80 or 90 Hz, 80 or 90 fps
  12. I was just wondering this morning how am I getting these framerates now, quite a lot better than few days ago and with SteamVR too. I thought its because I fiddled with some settings but could the update be it at it too? I'm using Quest 2. Oh and I'm benching with fpsVR.
  13. I don't think you should pay for the original cable. There' alot of info to be found on different brands that work just fine, starting from 20 eur.
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