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  1. Hello Simmers Most thankful to Maksim for his initiative: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Ta0F9OSAW0o GP
  2. Lets hope they'l fix it and announce the fix so we can revert our settings and enjoy the game without limitations.
  3. Glad there is more then one way to play the game after all.
  4. Hello all Try to set Joystick Noise filter to 0.75 with CAM. smoothness=100 GP
  5. Hello guyz Gave a shot at the advice on this matter but found the most effective to be combination of two things: 1. Camera smoothness set to full 100. 2. Joystick Noise Filter set to 0.75 If you set the filter to 1, than yo get an "over inertia" of the head movement and if you set it towards 0, than stutters increases. This matter needs to be permanently fixed by the DEV's but meanwhile hope it helps, it's not perfect but playable for me. My Spec: 6700K stock speed, 16gb DDR4 2800, GTX 1080TI Gigabyte Gaming. I play Nvidia DSR 3840x2400 or 1920x1200 for Contact spotting all on high settings(: Cheers GP
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