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    I first noticed it after the last patch. Just haven't been playing as much recently, and will continue not to until it's fixed.
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    Server has been extremely and excessively laggy since the last patch. The Delayed/Outdated hit received message playing anywhere from 5-15+ seconds out and spamming chat makes it virtually unplayable. Not sure what changed, but it's a night and day difference now...I can't enjoy playing on the server now where as it was never an issue before.
  3. Would be nice to get a dev response or something on this. This bug is annoying as hell.
  4. 6 months later and this bug is still an issue. Do the devs even respond to topics in this forum, or is this just for everyone to complain to each other?
  5. =Elite=BlitzPuppet

    2 questions

    Give this a try: https://theairtacticalassaultgroup.com/forum/showthread.php?t=11555
  6. Still happening to me. Has this even been acknowledged by the devs? VERY annoying bug.
  7. Just noticed this since the latest major patch. Any time I am flying online in Wings of Liberty I can hear the Flak/Flybys from the interface menu while I am spawned and flying. Anyone else notice this issue or is it just me?
  8. =Elite=BlitzPuppet

    Is "rubberband" effect related to Force Feedback in stick?

    I've never had any FF stick, and have only noticed the wandering "rubber-bandy" effect in BoS. It's very curious
  9. =Elite=BlitzPuppet

    =ELITE= - US based Virtual Squadron

    Elite is an American squad. Our training program comes from a real major in the Luftwaffe, who flies f-4 phantoms for NATO in Afghanistan. Training takes 12 weeks, about 30 hours total on a weekly basis. Letters are sent prior to the training. Train on all aspects of flying, fighting, gunnery and teamwork using the book the major recommended. We are looking for ten active men in BoS for a total of 12 in the squad. We desire people who understand that in order to have more fun, it is important to understand and use all the factors that real pilots know and use. We will train together once a week on team moves. For more information email ....paceduke@hotmail.com..... Label your email ’elite squad’. If you love to fly, and want to know and understand all the factors involved. "Learn it by the book! - Elite Gunther
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    please please make this after bos

    Team Fusion already said they were already in the process of making new maps
  11. =Elite=BlitzPuppet

    Do you fly with honor?

    I try my best to fly with honor. If someone takes a cheap shot at me though (I'm landing) then I consider it as free game. I generally only vulch when I'm in a dogfight over the airfield. Keeps me from getting tag teamed.
  12. =Elite=BlitzPuppet

    Lets talk Money and Sims !

    I doubt it, we will most likely remain a niche. I have no problem with that Why? Flight sims require a LOT of work if they're done right. It's far easier to cater to the lowest common denominator and just made an arcade flight game, or something like Call of Duty that you can release year after year.
  13. =Elite=BlitzPuppet

    Potential exploit of current gamemechanics - needs fixing

    What a surprise, the exploiter is afraid that his exploit may be patched and fixed.
  14. =Elite=BlitzPuppet

    BoS 1920x1080 High Settings Hardware

    My Current rig (originally built in 2010, upgraded video card last year) runs BoS on high with 2 or 4 AA just fine in 1080p i7 930 OCed @ 3.2ghz 6GB of DDR3 EVGA SC GTX670 4GB Plus an SSD for fast(er) load times . Hardware seems to have plateaued recently, I'm hoping that the new console refresh will give things a kick start.
  15. =Elite=BlitzPuppet

    Anyone here from Texas?

    Houston here as well.
  16. =Elite=BlitzPuppet

    Developer Diary, Part 42

    Bravo, great job dev team!! Looking forward to flying my love that is the BF109. ~S~
  17. =Elite=BlitzPuppet

    Make your Saitek pedals smooth!

    Did this last night, always didn't like the inaccuracy during center. MUCH better now..thanks for the heads up!
  18. =Elite=BlitzPuppet

    Fly by wire mouse/KB controls like Warthunder?

    I butchered this post at the end as I was getting distracted here at work. Meant to say that playing with BnZr's is really bad, but playing with people who have no appreciation/interest in how a simulation should be played is much much worse. Let the arcade gamers stay in arcade games just as us simmers need to say in sim games. 777 needs to focus on making this the next best thing compared to what 1946 is/was. Trying to accomplish too many different game modes = "A jack of all trades is a master of none". Sounds a lot like my girlfriend, she'd rather read a book/watch her shows than watch me in my Sims...She does strangely likes to watch me play Red Orchestra 2 though
  19. =Elite=BlitzPuppet

    Fly by wire mouse/KB controls like Warthunder?

    I love my girlfriend, I just asked her what she thought of using a mouse and keyboard to play my flying games. Her response: "that's silly, it wouldn't be a simulator then!". I use my head, both feet, and both hands when I fly...wouldn't have it any other way. Playing with Zoom and Boomers who refuse to fight is bad enough, playing with people who have no appreciation for how the simulation should be played (in my opinion at least).
  20. =Elite=BlitzPuppet

    Let's talk about our favorite warplanes

    I love me some 109s...(G-10s, G2s, F2s)They almost always my choice flying in IL2 when they are an option and I want to be a fighter. JU-88 and JU-87s are not too far behind.