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  1. I know for a fact it'd get me more ground kills 😄 In all seriousness, I haven't seen any A20s on the server at all. I take it they're been shelved by the red team just like the 88s and 111s are for the blues since they are absolute death magnets?
  2. Would anything change if the 110s had the SC1000s unlocked?
  3. I'd assume that possibly the hydraulic system for landing gear isn't modeled in this game? In the above two pictures the 109 had one landing gear fail to extend fully after getting shot up, I still landed (though I'm not sure how). The DO335 on the other hand got hit by flak and had one landing gear completely fail to extend. The tail is the only thing that kept me upright. Yesterday in a 110 I got shot up pretty bad, huge holes all over the wings, flaps were ripped off, oil system/fuel/water rads were all leaking, yet I still managed to fully extend all gear and land without issue.
  4. I've had plenty of gear fail due to hard landings, but if I make it back to base I I always have all greens on the landing gear indicators letting me know everything should be good to go. Once retracted I never seem to have any gear issues. I get my wings blown off more times than what I would consider normal though. lol
  5. I was looking through my IL2:1946 screenshots the other day and saw a few detailing the difference in damage model in 1946 and then BOX today. Has anyone in any plane ever remember having a single landing gear failure from combat damage? I'm talking one gear getting stuck partially extended or not extended at all? No matter how much damage I get I never seem to get any failures like that in BOX from what I remember, and I've been playing on and off since release. I do however remember getting heavy wingroot damage and seeing the flex while I flew in BOX, which we never got to see in 1946.
  6. Increase fuel mixture to start. JU52 does the same thing where it spawns at 0%.
  7. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Polikarpov_Po-2
  8. While flying escort for a bomber this weekend I noticed the distracting feature of when you look away from a plane the chosen skin will unload and revert back to default for the first second or so when you look back at it. Not only is this distracting/confusing, but it also made the bomber WAY easier to spot since the default camo stood out against the background of the terrain before loading the camo the pilot had chosen. I understand the point of this as it saves resources when planes are not in view, but I would think this would be a valid reason to change this system as it can easily be exploited to find the plane when you lose sight. This is actually what I did when I lost sight of the bomber, I looked away, looked back to where I thought he was and saw a flash as the skin reverted to default, then reverted back to the skin the pilot had chosen. While on the topic of skins, PLEASE let us change our own plane numbers/squadrons like we did in 1942 and CLoD. So much easier with wingman identification other than "I'm the brown one" or "I'm the red nose".
  9. I think I know who you're talking about, lol. And to be fair, if it is the same person, he's having the same problem as me as not being able to hear himself getting shot at. The ragequitting is always funny though.
  10. Can't hear hits on my plane anymore unfortunately. Just flying around in a dogfight and hmmm, why is my plane rolling? Look over and I had an aileron shot off without even knowing it. Before the bodenplatte release I could actually hear hits landing on me, not so much anymore.
  11. I thought I read that it was against server rules for people to ram attack planes? I was flying straight and level on deck and still got rammed by =ABr=RMPinheiro. Looking through his stats he's either doing it intentionally, or needs to learn how to fly since I've found multiple instances of what looks like him ramming people.
  12. Not sure if this helps, but here is a video of my usual method in the Stuka:
  13. Wanted to report an odd stats issue. Failed to take off due to short runway and too heavy, ditched in the trees and ended the mission to fly a 190. 16 minutes after ending apparently I got TKed and killed? Not sure how that's possible lol. http://il2na.com/en/sortie/log/29168/?tour=7 Fritz: http://il2na.com/en/sortie/log/29238/?tour=7
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