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  1. Wanted to report an odd stats issue. Failed to take off due to short runway and too heavy, ditched in the trees and ended the mission to fly a 190. 16 minutes after ending apparently I got TKed and killed? Not sure how that's possible lol. http://il2na.com/en/sortie/log/29168/?tour=7 Fritz: http://il2na.com/en/sortie/log/29238/?tour=7
  2. I'll thank him when he improves the performance to what it once was. Seen a lot of odd lag behavior recently, and I think it's more the server than the players.
  3. I first noticed it after the last patch. Just haven't been playing as much recently, and will continue not to until it's fixed.
  4. Server has been extremely and excessively laggy since the last patch. The Delayed/Outdated hit received message playing anywhere from 5-15+ seconds out and spamming chat makes it virtually unplayable. Not sure what changed, but it's a night and day difference now...I can't enjoy playing on the server now where as it was never an issue before.
  5. Would be nice to get a dev response or something on this. This bug is annoying as hell.
  6. 6 months later and this bug is still an issue. Do the devs even respond to topics in this forum, or is this just for everyone to complain to each other?
  7. Give this a try: https://theairtacticalassaultgroup.com/forum/showthread.php?t=11555
  8. Still happening to me. Has this even been acknowledged by the devs? VERY annoying bug.
  9. Just noticed this since the latest major patch. Any time I am flying online in Wings of Liberty I can hear the Flak/Flybys from the interface menu while I am spawned and flying. Anyone else notice this issue or is it just me?
  10. I've never had any FF stick, and have only noticed the wandering "rubber-bandy" effect in BoS. It's very curious
  11. Team Fusion already said they were already in the process of making new maps
  12. I try my best to fly with honor. If someone takes a cheap shot at me though (I'm landing) then I consider it as free game. I generally only vulch when I'm in a dogfight over the airfield. Keeps me from getting tag teamed.
  13. I doubt it, we will most likely remain a niche. I have no problem with that Why? Flight sims require a LOT of work if they're done right. It's far easier to cater to the lowest common denominator and just made an arcade flight game, or something like Call of Duty that you can release year after year.
  14. What a surprise, the exploiter is afraid that his exploit may be patched and fixed.
  15. My Current rig (originally built in 2010, upgraded video card last year) runs BoS on high with 2 or 4 AA just fine in 1080p i7 930 OCed @ 3.2ghz 6GB of DDR3 EVGA SC GTX670 4GB Plus an SSD for fast(er) load times . Hardware seems to have plateaued recently, I'm hoping that the new console refresh will give things a kick start.
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