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  1. This is EXACTLY what I just had happen about a week ago, please see my post "viewer will not open" in this section of the forum. I knew it seemed to happen right after Windows 10 did an update, basically it seems that several differen't .dll files are corrupted somehow and will show as a size of 0kb. The corruption occurs when you try to execute the .exe file, either the viewer or the main program. If you haven't DON'T reinstall, it doesn't seem to help. You need to find the .dll that it's referencing, see if it's showing 0kb and then remove it (cut it and put it somewhere safe just in case), then run the updater again so that it looks for the missing file and replaces it. After that make a backup of the folders with the .dll files. If you get the error message again just replace with the backups. I don't have the link to how to do this exactly but you basically remove the corrupted .dll file and then move all of the files out of the "update" folder (don't delete, just in case) and when the program starts it will replace the missing .dll file. I had to do this a few times but eventually (knock on wood) I stopped getting this error. The only thing I did differen't was started running the programs as administrator. I'm sorry I, I am not a tech support person so maybe this doesn't make sense but I didn't want you to uninstall and reinstall if you didn't have to. This has affected at least 2 of us and it's puzzling. (as a side note, my installation is not in the windows program files folder nor is it even on the same drive that Windows is installed so I don't think that is part of the issue)
  2. Squad is a fantastic example of in game VOIP done right, it absolutely makes that sim. Would be great to see Box with a similar arrangement.
  3. Thanks for bringing that to my attention 56RAF_Roblex I just pulled the trigger on the JU52, hoping to make some "Where eagles Dare" night drop missions in the future.
  4. Sorry to hear about your hand, get well soon. Thank you for all the great templates they are very easy to work with and the weathering is fantastic.
  5. I'm just now getting into multiplayer and without teamspeak I must be missing a lot. Is there a decent guide to newbies on multiplayer basics?
  6. Yeah I don't mind supporting the developers, and I'd say I got at least 40 bucks in fun out of the JU88 the 109 E7 and the P-40 so far.
  7. And of course I bought the deluxe edition full price a week ago, sigh.
  8. Fantastic thank you, and I especially appreciate the weathering layers.
  9. Excellent work, I really appreciate templates that offer up weathering like yours, thank you.
  10. All of your templates are fantastic, thanks for supplying them for us.
  11. Both skins look great Raptor, I need to crack into ICDP's templates and see what I can't do. I've been leaving the alpha layers off of some BF110G's I'm painting and I really like the matte worn look it creates, need to try it with some heavily weathered P40's as well.
  12. I don't want to jinx myself but since setting the .exe's to run as administrator I haven't had the crashes again.
  13. Yes I made a backup copy of the games "bin" folder, it seems to have all of the .dlls which are corruptible. I simply replace the files as needed like you recommended and yes I can get the programs to run fine, thank you. I also set my .exe files to run as administrator, not sure if that will help. As a side note, I did have a windows 10 update not long before this started to happen, not sure it has anything to do with it but who knows. I had disabled the Windows 10 update but of course Microsoft figured out a way to force the update, very frustrating. At least we have a fix that will keep us flying for now!
  14. I would recommend that you back up your "bin" folder because this has all of the .dll files which seem to corrupt. If you get the error simply copy those backup files back in and things work as normal. I wouldn't be afraid to use the viewer, I don't think it's the root cause. I've changed all of the .exe files to run as administrator and also shut off one of my real time anti-virus programs. I also had a windows 10 update that occurred right around the time the files were corrupted but I don't want to blame that right away either. It seems to be a rare problem though, that will make it tough to truly track down.
  15. I'm very sorry to hear you haven't received a solution as well. Please see my related thread "Viewer won't open" in this forum. This started with errors when I was using the viewer.exe file to reskin and it started affecting the main program shortly after. I received a reply from official support to reinstall the game which as you see isn't a long term solution. Instead of reinstalling I simply deleted the contents of the "update" folder and also removed the .dlls giving me the error that showed 0 kb. I then launched the game through the launcher program and it analyzed the program and replaced the missing files. I then made backup copies of all the .dll's and replaced them as they randomly become courrupted which is basically what you are doing as well. Are you running any real time virus software? I disabled mine just to see if it has something to do with the problem. I'm attaching a few screens of the error message(s) in case someone else has an idea what might be going on.
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