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  1. That's a shame Coconut I've really enjoyed your server and even when it's "quiet" there's always the AI to fight. Good luck with your new interests. Cheers
  2. Had some great fighting yesterday on this server, really enjoying Finnish with the new plane set match-up. <S>alute Witch
  3. I have to say that these new, and existing, WWI planes are absolutely fantastic in VR, like the I-16, you really get the sense of sitting out in the open, the small size of these aircraft and all the little details that pop out in VR, ammunition feeding, speeding anemometers, and lots lots more, absolutely stunning work. Thank you and well done. Witch
  4. Hi Coconut, I'm in the UK near London. I have cable broadband (ISP = Virgin) with a good ping to your server, around 40ms. Cheers Witch
  5. Hi Coco Unfortunately I was kicked again (connection lost) while flying with 2 wingmen at 5:10 pm BST, they were not kicked though , so maybe to do with my ISP? anyhoo, it's still only your server I get kicked from. <S> Witch
  6. Arghh! NO, please, NO, I've used VR for 14 months, along with Black-Bart, and icons would completely ruin the immersion for us and our favourite method of attack which is REDACTED, this (icons) would actually benefit non VR users, as it would just make it "even easier" for people to be lazy and not keep a good lookout, already TrackIR means their head is on a 180' swivel and with preset snap-view positions they can simply look almost directly behind. If you were going to do something for VR users it should be to restrict TrackIR head movements/snap-views to the same range of view that VR users get, and make it as hard to look backwards for any length of time. Full respect to the real WWII pilots who not only had physical restrictions on looking behind, as VR users do, but also being strapped into a parachute, a mae west, the seat straps and all the time wearing goggles and oxygen mask. Really enjoying Finnish server now the awards system has been removed. <S>alute. Black-Witch
  7. Hi Coco <S> I've been kicked twice in an hour from your Expert server, this also happened yesterday. Will check back here regularly to see when it gets fixed. I like your server but unplayable at the moment Cheers Witch
  8. Any chance you could add the Spitfire Mk Vb to the plane-set more often? Keep up the good work Cheers, Black-Witch
  9. Hi Coconut, Weird thing happened last night to both me and my wingman when flying blue. In our first sortie we fought with a pair of P-40's, AI Patrol, no problem. 2nd sortie neither of our guns would fire!? There's a Human flown Mig-3 that survived when it shouldn't have! We were both in 109F-4's IIRC, same "loadout" as the first sortie, so we definitely didn't click the "no ammo" option. We have noticed this on another server, WOL, which we don't use anymore. Cheers Black-Witch
  10. I suggest you look again at the amount of damage done to the A-20, ACG_Otthold did 7.9% I did 33.5% Black-Bart did 46.1% That's 87.5% damage and he was still flying, THEN, =LwS=Balapan did another 8% damage before the A20 finally span into the ground and "ditched", no-one got the kill.
  11. While I'm pleased to see a more realistic damage model I do hope that when planes loose elevator's and/or ailerons it affects their turn/roll rate etc. I'd also like to see a limit in G's, for bombs on wing racks, so attackers can't dogfight without loosing bombs/rockets. Also a G limit for Gunners accuracy, as G goes up accuracy decreases. Witch
  12. Flew on Coconut's server last night and watched an A-20 being attacked, finally, after 4 of us attacked it, the guy spiralled down to the deck, when I checked the stat's this seemed a bit weird! Look at the amount of damage the A-20 took and that no-one got the kill? http://coconutside.eu:8080/en/sortie/log/62999/?tour=6 Witch
  13. Hi Coco, great server, my favourite After the very recent patches I noticed that buffs are taking a lot more damage to destroy but this seems excessive AND.. no-one got the kill? http://coconutside.eu:8080/en/sortie/log/62999/?tour=6 Of course I realise this may be to do with things you can't control. Cheers Witch
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