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  1. Yes, even better thanks Been working on my pony, the layers take some getting used to, I'm learning some are "blocking" other layers so become either/or options.
  2. Sweet, as the stripes were supposed to be the same size on all fighters I should be able to get them onto a Tempest fairly easily, he says before he starts!
  3. Changed green and Fonts for Sqn codes, thanks for the ever helpful advice
  4. Hi Pict, Got the fonts into Gimp in the end, after downloading version 2.10.12 I went into the preferences and found the fonts folder Gimp uses and put them in there, all working, thanks again Witch
  5. Hi Pict, thanks for these fonts, they'll work with the USAAF aircraft as well, only trouble is that although Windows has them installed and I can use the fonts in Paint, Gimp doesn't "find them"?! try this link. https://drive.google.com/file/d/1rPDqOSN4XJwf19LsVeYwEqdsxjV2zDc8/view?usp=sharing
  6. Of course, I've not done that before though and the files seem quite large! what's the easiest way to do that? Witch
  7. Thought I'd make a camouflaged Pony used by 19 Squadron RAF. No Mustang Mk IV's were used by 2nd TAF it appears, though quite a few Mustang III's were. Some RAF Mk IV's were used to escort shipping strikes across the North Sea. I'm going to change the Dark Green, I'll take it from the Tempest skin and I need to make the Sqn codes "from scratch", the Arial font is close but not "square" enough.
  8. Regarding the visibility of icons. I use VR and I'm not a fan of the settings currently used on Combat Box. The issue for me is that I can see contacts at 20km or 30km, I'm not sure exactly how far away they are, but it's a long way, however, there is no way to judge that they are that far away as they look just like contacts at <9km, so I spend half my time going after a contact only to realise it's too far away to be of interest or I'll never catch up with it, or, I'm calling out "break" to my wingman because there's a contact behind him, only to discover, after we break into him, that it's 20km away. sigh. Witch
  9. Yes, I can get in KOTA now, looking forward to the COMBOX reset <S> witch
  10. Please see my reply below Hi I can’t join server. Please help, doesn’t let me past the loading screen. I can't get on Combat Box either, but can get on Finnish!? Witch
  11. I have done this, removed the Alonzo folder, restarted the game and still I can't get into Combat Box MP server!? but I did get in yesterday? I see that I now have the Alonzo folder again with the "Eindhoven" folder and files in there.
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