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  1. Yes it was marked with a circle "but" we wrongly assumed the circle showed the 10km area. We bounced a pony and followed it back towards Grimbergen, we stayed out of the map circle but one of us was kicked at 8.9km IIRC. Therefore realising the map circle is an "indicator"
  2. Just realised the "Warning Circles" on the map are NOT at a 10km radius, they are closer to 8km radius, so adjust for that when map reading, circles are like the "Pirate Code", more for guidance! Well, they weren't at Grimbergen > Battle of the Scheldt, at least! Witch
  3. on my Index I use 80hz, the lowest setting, and 100% resolution. frame rates without clouds is around 70fps. Clouds, yes I agree High is fine, Extreme causes a frame rate hit. but, even on High, when there are 80% clouds, AND they are that "double layer" it causes constant judders. unplayable.
  4. I know the majority of the ComBox Dev's use VR but how do they get on when there's so much cloud, it destroys my frame rate :(
  5. Well that will be a short campaign
  6. I'been using the Index for some time, I've made no changes to my settings recently so the only thing that's changed is the latest patch.
  7. Well after this patch the visuals in VR seem even worse! just been on Finnish server and could barely see a Fw-190 (enemy) below me, there was no "shine" reflection at all, most of the time the Fw was "invisible" to me apart from when he was firing. The ground seemed blurry as well. Very disappointed atm.
  8. Will the Spitfire Mk XIV engine controls have the propellor speed control interconnected with the throttle, the override lever? I'm not so keen on the bubble top, they create drag, so bubble tops are a bit slower and less stable, therefore I'm looking forward to p-51B/C as well.
  9. We don't attack spawn points, the server rules don't allow it, you've completely misunderstood me and the way my wingman and I fly. I suggest you read the posts in detail before replying. I also don't see any skill required in sitting directly over a friendly target and waiting for enemy Jabo's to turn up, highlighted by a server message then flak showing them up. Derrr. As for ground attack, yes of course the 2nd TAF and 9th USAAF were there to support the Army by attacking tactical targets, but, the Tempests particularly were engaged in long range "Armed Recce" sorties, going far behind the lines, often up to 200 miles, and engaging whatever they could find, even at enemy airfields. This is "sort of" possible on some of the ComBox maps, there are convoys and trains at the far end of the map, this is more like what we do, we also look to make our way behind the lines avoiding enemy radar, including the radar at enemy airfields, so, far as we are concerned we go "hunting" and we do earn our kills. Our actual intention every sortie is to land together, if we get kills during our hunt, fair enough, but not at the cost of a wingman. Black-Hearts.
  10. "Hear Hear", I don't get that there's any fun in relentless ground attack missions in fighters but, "each to their own", I certainly don't whine at other people for the way they choose to play but other people call me and my wingy "Vulchers", technically incorrect as a vulcher attacks things on the ground, we are "hawks" as we take our prey in flight
  11. we need to use the "vote to ban player" option as soon as he gets online then, that will be the best way to keep him off ComBox.
  12. speed hack.zip This was done with 7zip, not compressed a file before, hope it works OK.
  13. Found someone cheating today! I saw a "jet propelled" Fw190A-3 today, Sat 27th around 4pm, Battle of the Scheldt map. cheaters name is MEXAHUK_163 I have a Tacview showing him going from 390kmh to 975kmh in 10 seconds then leaving the fight at over 1,000kmh in level flight. The early giveaway was that he is very warpy and turns really tight at these high speeds. Tacview is available. What possible reason is there for cheating in this sort of game.....sigh....shrug. Cheers Witch
  14. It looks blue but it's just overcast.
  15. As if the graphics changes didn't make spotting enemies enough of a "challenge" after the patch, it's now raining on the Kuban map....sigh. Not going to be much fun for planes without artificial horizon, like most of the VVS planes, including the Yak-9's. Operation Paravane. I have VR and I've never used the MigiMoto mod, so I'm not going anywhere else :)
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