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  1. Hi Alonzo, I'm really enjoying COMBOX, some great mission writing, respect. I do notice stutters that I don't get in my offline practice though, I'm no expert but perhaps it's that there are a lot of clouds, there are a lot of objects at airfields and also, when more than about 30 people are online it's more noticeable. Just some feedback, thanks again <S> Witch
  2. That would have to have been in Spitfires, see above Witch
  3. My apologies, yes I see that III/JG54 and JG26 didn't get them till November! - - - From "The Typhoon & Tempest Story" - Chris Thomas & Christopher Shores. page 136, the text is about operations during the very end of April '45 and the last days of the war during May. "33 Squadron became the first and only Tempest unit to carry pair of 500lb bombs in action, but it was too late for this to become standard practice." And from "2nd Tactical Air Force", by the same authors. Volume 3, page 536. "The only Tempest unit to employ external stores, other than 45 gallon tanks, was 33 Squadron which, after a few days practice, carried out two dive-bombing operations on 3 and 4 May 1945. 500 lb bombs were dropped on railway yards at Varel and buildings at Ardorf. Witch
  4. A quick question. The rules state... Strafing enemy players on the ground is not allowed. While airfields should not be considered "safe", being shot while your engine spools up is not fun. Once players are "wheels up" they are valid targets. Does this include landed/landing planes on the ground, which are obviously "wheels down"? I was surprised to be shot up, and killed, while I was still rolling down the runway. I'm not mentioning the pilot's name, I just want to know your opinion. Thanks Witch
  5. Really enjoying the Bridge too far map, especially as I was in Arnhem for the recent 75th anniversary of the battle and took the chance to drive the route XXX Corps took up through the American drop zones. As for the plane set, I think it's very good but....... For the allies I would remove bombs from the Tempest, that was the Spitfire's and Typhoons job, I know we don't have Tiffie's. (one day hopefully). For Axis, some 190D-9's as they flew in September '44. Just an observation. Cheers Witch
  6. Were they "Grey", I assumed they were just delivered in natural metal finish?
  7. I think is an excellent choice given the 2 viewing options we currently have. Alternate spotting Witch
  8. Yes, even better thanks Been working on my pony, the layers take some getting used to, I'm learning some are "blocking" other layers so become either/or options.
  9. Sweet, as the stripes were supposed to be the same size on all fighters I should be able to get them onto a Tempest fairly easily, he says before he starts!
  10. Changed green and Fonts for Sqn codes, thanks for the ever helpful advice
  11. Hi Pict, Got the fonts into Gimp in the end, after downloading version 2.10.12 I went into the preferences and found the fonts folder Gimp uses and put them in there, all working, thanks again Witch
  12. Hi Pict, thanks for these fonts, they'll work with the USAAF aircraft as well, only trouble is that although Windows has them installed and I can use the fonts in Paint, Gimp doesn't "find them"?! try this link. https://drive.google.com/file/d/1rPDqOSN4XJwf19LsVeYwEqdsxjV2zDc8/view?usp=sharing
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