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  1. What I posted was a quote from wiki, which is fairly accurate most of the time. It said Tempests were "practically" taken out of service for overhaul and pilot training, though I can't find any further evidence of that in any of my books and I can see that Tempest Squadrons had kills through September, October and November. I've also found details of the low level Tempest cannon attacks on Cassell's radar station in late August, I've been there a few times, it's a nice spot, a high hill in the surrounding low lying countryside, these sorties were flown from the UK between the 25 August and 6th September before returning to anti-diver patrols. So the, only 2 Squadrons, of Tempests was not flying over the Continent from about the 8 June to 25 August, almost 3 months, that's the point I was trying to make when discussing if it should be brought into the plane-set earlier. After those few missions in late August, It was then almost another month before Tempests were sent to Europe on the 28 September, to Grimbergen. The Tempest drop tank was quickly in service, specially designed by Sir Sydney Camm, with far less drag than the Typhoon droptank. And the Tempest had 11lb, some pilots say 13lb, for chasing Doddlebugs in June, so the 9lb option seems to be for early Series I's, but that's been argued ad infinitum. I think what will be more interesting, for the plane-set, is when the Spitfire Mk XIV arrives, as that was in service 6 months before the Tempest, flying with 610 Squadron in December 1943. When will that get added? Witch
  2. I mention their placement only so it’s in context of the Bodenplatte map and the upcoming Normandy map, the Tempests based in the UK in May would have been series I Tempests with long barrelled hispano’s and 9lb boost, I will have to check some reference books as to when they started using drop tanks as well, as that will be a “mod” at some point.
  3. The Tempest flew from the UK, RAF Newchurch in Kent, for about a month around May '44. After D-Day they were no longer flying over Europe as they were intercepting V1 doodlebugs. They supported the Arnhem battle from UK airfields, It was not until late September that the Tempest went to the 2nd TAF in Europe. Between October and December 1944, the Tempest was practically withdrawn from combat operations for overhaul work, as well as to allow operational pilots to train new pilots. The overhaul process involved the replacement or major servicing of their engines and the withdrawal of the limited number of aircraft which were equipped with spring-tabs; these increased manoeuvrability so much that there was a risk of damaging the airframe. (Might explain why the wings fall off sometimes). Source https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Hawker_Tempest Witch
  4. OK, to quantify "a lot", a lot of the early war planes don't have an artificial horizon, ~ the first 2 or 3 maps. 109E-7 109F-2 109F-4 190A-3 P-40 Yak-1 Lagg-3 and the I-16 of course
  5. A lot of the early war planes don't have the instruments to fly in very poor visibility, such as going through cloud. Just saying.
  6. Well, that won't be so useful after Air Marshal mode comes in Witch
  7. Combat box not letting people in!! Mon 4:20 pm GMT Witch
  8. Still a LOT of cloud quite often, not good for VR framerates. Still my fav' server though.
  9. I'm unaware if this is a coincidence, or a conscious change made by the map designers, but, just recently, I've noticed that fewer of the ComBox server maps have heavy cloud, and therefore less of an impact on my framerates in VR. If it is by design then thank you, if it's coincidence than long may it continue. Respect to the mission designers either way. Horrido! Witch
  10. I actually did this when I began using the Spitfire Mk IX when it arrived, so I'm already down to about 40 or 50 %, it doesn't effect the 109 as I don't "turn" in it, it does stop a lot of blacking out in the Spit & Tempest though, a lot, not all!
  11. Brief description: Tempest wing breaks at 5 G. Detailed description, conditions: The wing doesn't break if you just pull up at 5G. But it will break, of course, if you pull up at over 10G but, that's to be expected. It's breaking at 5G which is incorrect. The wing breaks at 5G if the Tempest is "porpoising", like you do when chasing a 109 that is pushing and pulling on its elevators. Additional assets (videos, screenshots, logs): From an offline mission: you need to be above 360 mph/ 580kmh for it to break, otherwise you do no damage just black-out. You can see I've done a shallow dive and pushing forward and back on the stick, UP to 5G. when the wing breaks the pilot isn't blacked-out, he isn't even breathing heavy. Your PC config data (OS, drivers, specific software): Intel(R) Core(TM) i7-6700K CPU @ 4.60 GHz RAM 32 GB Windows 10 Home 2004 64-bit OS Nvidia GeForce GTX 1080TI Valve Index VR HMD
  12. Yes, read my post again, it's quite clear.
  13. If it was as simple as the wing coming off at 14G by pulling hard on the stick, then the wing coming off wouldn't be an issue as it is easily explained...but, that isn't the case with the Il-2 GB Tempest. The wing breaks at 5G! I waited for yesterdays patch, in the vain hope it might get fixed..no, so I made a film of it happening. Here are some screenshots of the wing coming off from Tacview, in Tacview you can see more accurate G data. the wing coming off is when the "cube" appears, after that all control is lost. This was an offline quick mission where I did a shallow dive, it seems you have to be above ~360mph, 580kmh, and it occurs when there is some "porpoising", some positive and negative G maneuvers. The sort of maneuvers needed to stay with a "bunting" 109. There is no "warning" of a wing breaking, and in the case below, as usual, it's not exactly clear WHY it breaks just when it did. You can see from the clock that this happens over a couple of seconds.
  14. The game is the problem, this only affects the Tempest, I fly no different in any plane. This game error has been known since the day the Tempest was realesed.
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