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  1. Zzzzzzzzzzz........ you should have spent your $70 on tissues. dry your eyes😂
  2. Lol thanks Pat, took off on a mission yesterday on Moscow map and was doing really well navigating at night until I checked the map in VR....when I looked back. I’m lost . Thanks for a fantastic program
  3. Pat, quick question. Regarding the spy pick up flights with auntie ju, do you have to land to complete the mission or drop the parachutist? Thanks also for this, makes a nice change from all the death and destruction
  4. Maybe there are more aces hanging around in kuban? Have you tried turning the chance of meeting ace down?
  5. +1 Pat, although BOX had many different modes, I’ve never played anything other than your campaign generator. Amazing work
  6. This may not make any sense but I’m playing BOX on a MSI gt72vr system, not the best but not the worst laptop. I was pulling my hair out a little with stutters and alike until I hit on this setup. Ultra settings 1.7 in occulas tray tool No shadows Normal draw distance No mirrors Ssa and hdr on 4 x aa Grass normal And target FPS 50 The result 45fps steady no matter what, stuttering gone smooth as silkish. Ok it’s not 90 but tbh I don’t even notice.....looks amazing and flys well Ohhhh and btw that’s with a rift setup x 2 sensors.... can’t go back to flat screen
  7. I’m quite lucky that my flight skills are so bad that the AI is more than a match, sometimes being bad is good
  8. 161snails

    Do you use VR?

    If you have never tried VR you just won’t get it! You really get a sense of what it must have been like to fly these planes. Forget the loss of clarity....it’s not even that bad in all honestly. The total immersion in my honest opinion negates any other argument against
  9. I totally agree, it’s amazing to look back at how far this hobby has progressed. I’m a little late joining the BOS side of life. DCS got me into VR and I never really gave this sim much thought as I just remembered all the negative reviews way back about unlocks and only winter maps. After playing DCS for a while it all felt rather...dull in a way. Yes the aircraft were great but there seemed no substance to it. Planes felt added to the map instead of feeling part of it. Then after watching a few YouTube videos and discovering that BOS had vr support I bought BOM on sale and I’ve never looked back. The whole thing along with PWCG is incredible, no longer am I flinging missiles at dots on a radar I’m scissoring with russian fighters trying to get ”that” shot. I know it’s been said a million times before but if you are in anyway sitting on the fence this Xmas wondering wether to buy the first gen VR headset just do it. It WILL transform your hobby from the game that you love into the experience you always dreamed off. Happy Xmas to you all and thank you Devs for having taken the time and effort to bring this amazing time period to life!
  10. Great stuff Pat, and FYI I’ll still be playing this Mod long after the campaign release by Dev’s. So don’t stop improving this amazing add on....please, you have a very dedicated fan base Great stuff Pat, and FYI I’ll still be playing this Mod long after the campaign release by Dev’s. So don’t stop improving this amazing add on....please, you have a very dedicated fan base
  11. Once again, awesome. I’ve never even looked at the stock campaign in BOS Series, this is all I need for my single player fix
  12. I have mine on balanced, 4 x aa and 1.3 SS on tray tool. Pretty solid 90fps at altitude 75 low down. But I don’t find spotting friend or foe a problem TBH
  13. Im not sure there is a simple technique.....my time spent as a tank gunner (and overall spotter with all things military) we spent hours trying to ID russian armour, in the end you just get used to the shapes more than the details, especially at range. i find its much the same with this sim. At distance i can generally tell allies from axis.....then just work out what im shooting at when im a little closer.
  14. There is a keyboard on the bottom right of the screen when you bring desktop up. Just click the little keyboard symbol and voila
  15. Thanks for the update dburne, itching to give it a try but I’m out in the Middle East with the worlds slowest internet connection trying to download
  16. The burning question is....is there any effect on FPS ethier positive or heaven forbid...negative
  17. Hi guys, I guess I’m just being greedy with the RAM thing, I thought I’d be able to squeeze a few more FPS out of the old laptop. Talking laptops, unfortunately my job means I work away for 6 weeks at a time in Iraq and il2 keeps me sane. I bought a MSI gt72vr 6re (I think) a few months ago to play dcs whilst away. It ran pretty well but dcs on the whole is so unstable and also felt rather sterile so with that I took the plunge and bought IL2....wow with pwcg installed its perfect. I’ve just flown a mission on the Stalingrad map with pwcg career and got a pretty steady 90fps, it only dropped to 55 near the city and about 10 aircraft flying around. I have balanced settings 4 x as no shadows or mirrors 2 x landscape and sharpen on also running 1.3 pd on oculus tool tray. I’m really happy with the laptop so don’t really need the desktop option. Vr is amazing and as I said let’s me escape the desert when needed
  18. Thanks guys I think I’ll save the money and invest in the new Baseplate add on. I get a great experience already from my rift. I travel a lot with work hence the laptop solution but I just take my VR and joystick with me and not matter where I am I’m over the russian front in 5 mins
  19. Hi, I’ve got 16gb already with a max allowance of 64 on the board. Any gains by getting a 32gb upgrade?
  20. Gents/ladies I’m thinking of sinking a bit of money into my rig as way of a upgrade. I use an MSI VR Ready laptop with 1070 gfx card. I was thinking og upgrading the RAM (DDR 4)to a faster clock speed, would it make much difference to FPS? I’m getting an average of about 70 in VR on balanced setting. Thanks in advance
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