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  1. The severn pillars of wisdom by T E Lawrence is a fantastic book, for anyone who studies the middle east or (like me) works out there its a must read, not much has changed other than Mobile phones and the internet. the underlying tribal element is as strong as ever

  2. In all honesty, if you afford to take the plunge into VR the FC is pretty amazing...looking over the side of your aircraft and feeling like your a 2000ft is incredable, it also gives you amazing insight as to just how it was to fly these things (as far as can be possible ATM)


    Single player with PWCG is also fantastic (please donate if you use)

  3. When it comes to human nature, we can do some pretty random stuff to each other.

    to argue that he would or wouldnt do that doesnt make any sense. My experiance as a medic in recent conflicts, is that when the brown stuff hits the fan..logic and reason (with regards casualties) goes out of the window.


    If there is one thing ive learnt is that Humans are predictibly un-predictable

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  4. 6 hours ago, Finkeren said:


    The British army was not racially segregated (at least not by the time of WW1, but I don't think it ever officially was). Though "colonial" regiments of purely African volunteers were a thing - and these were kept sharply segregated and were often treated with suspicion and disrespect - there was also the occasional Brit of African or Indian descent mixed in with the regular units. The black community in the UK in the 19th and early 20th century was a good deal larger than most people are aware of today. Almost all of them were of course descended from slaves, but by WW1 they were all British citizens and served in the army same as everyone else and were generally not subject to any special regulations. For the same reason, these POC soldiers are largely invisible in the historic scources, because the army did not register people by race, but they do show up in photographs from time to time. 



    Btw: This is not to say that society back then wasn't grossly racist, and that race relations in Britain were rosy red - not at all. But it wasn't like the US and you would meet the occasional POC serving alongside his white comrades. 

    Thanks Finkeren, that's what I  love about this Forum, you learn something everyday :) 

  5. Anything by James Holland....War in the West series vol 1.2  Burma 44, Normandy 44 and yet to read the Big Week.

    also Boyd (as in Major John) is an unmissable read for any aviation nut, icouldnt put in down and was depressing to finnish it...so read it again

  6. I'm just about to start the 1/24 bubble canopy typhoon. I find that modelling is a great extension to our sim flying. building a model and then being able to fly the exact bird (even more so in VR..build a spitfire etc then fly it..amazing) is something I could have only dreamed of as a boy. I encourage anyone who has yet to have a go at modelling to give it a bash, nothing big or fancy just build something you love.  for those with kids its a great bonding experience on cold wet rainy days.

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  7. hi jason, ive just come across this post. i own a copy of a pilots map circa 1943 i think, that has hand drawn locations of all A and B airfields marked on it. i dont know if its of any use to you but the map was marked up by a pilot of the day. let me know if i can help. im over in iraq until next week but should you need the original copy im more than happy to post it to you To help out with airfield placement

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