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  1. Make sure you download the 64 bit version
  2. Hi Redkestrel and Beebop, wel ive managed to download and log in.....now flying high in the sky's once more (and a bit of tank blasting), however the only way round my problem was to buy BOS again (on steam) and link accounts. Never managed to get the game to download further than 244.77mb outside of steam but there you go. at least the Devs get a little more money out of me thanks for the help guys
  3. Gents many thanks for taking the time to look into this for me. I’ll be sure to let you know how I get on....in the words of Arnie... I’ll be back 😱
  4. Thanks RedKestrel, ill be sure to do that...i gutted as ive bought all the Il2 content and it 4 weeks till i getto go home...was the only thing keeping me sane 🤪
  5. No mate, I ended up completely deleting the game only for a new install to stop in the exact spot 2.44mb. I am currently out in Iraq (Baghdad) with a pretty crappy internet (I.e) slowwwww but I’ve nearly managed to download DCS without a hitch 48 hours and still going.
  6. Thanks for the tip but. I joy, I took the desperate step of deleting the fame entirely and reinstalled..same thing happens, gets to 2.44mb and stops? ive tried installing DCS to se if it was a problem with my PC but it’s downloading fine. I don’t have the greatest speed being based out in Iraq but I’ve never had a problem prior to this
  7. I gave a problem with the 4.009 patch only downloading partially then freezing(always at the same point) anyone else getting this ?
  8. VR support to coincide with HP reverb 2..count me in...I pre ordered that the other day prior to the price hike..ding dong
  9. Likewise, i took the plunge yesterday (but ill keep my Risf s till the G2 has prooved itself) only ervieved the order confirmation today also.
  10. Yep VR yes please....No VR no thnaks
  11. you can keep some of the people happy some of the time but not everyone happy all of the time...i for one are more than happy and the maps look fine to me, I delated the other product as it ran like a dog in VR, but for me IL2 is the gift that keeps on giving..roll on Normandy and everything thereafter 🤩
  12. yeah just listend to episode one, looking forward to the second part. lots of interesting little snippets going on
  13. yep me too...id buy hats and coasters too if i could, this is the best developer in gaming(flight sim genre) right now so anything i can buy to help with revinue stream count me in.
  14. Count me in, do you have a website or a way of pre ordering(crowdfund etc)
  15. I watched this on its original relaease in the cinema (very limited showing) im sure the Fighter scences were taken from Battle of britain film?
  16. For those bored with carrer mode i suggest hanging up thier flying jackets and pop over to DCS for a while...voila no carrer mode at all, just hours of creating your own random misions. Pop back to il2 and think, wow we really are lucky we have a Dev team that has implimented this for us. And im sure that for most pilots during the war there were months of completing the same types of missions...for long periods of time...with the only accasinal brush with the enemy.
  17. 161snails

    Future for VR

    For some people (myself included) the implementation of VR into future Flight sims is as important as moving from keyboard to joystick. I remember back in the day...flying around a simple map using a rubber keyboard to control my plane was the pinnacle of the hobby..fast forward a few years and using my newly purchased joystick was a revelation, there was no way I could have gone back the keyboard. VR for me is having that same feeling once again. now I've sampled what VR (even in its earl stages) has to offer I cannot bring myself to regress. as much as I love BOB Blitz, I simply cannot bring myself to spend any time with-it due to the above comments. I bought the game to help the dev's, but I've spent little to no time within game
  18. Lol Qualty. cant beat a good WW2 Dit
  19. Count me In Pat..the best just keeps getting better
  20. Yep ready for this...ive just watched the Cold Blue on you tube and currently reading The big week by James Holland
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