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  1. Anything by James Holland....War in the West series vol 1.2 Burma 44, Normandy 44 and yet to read the Big Week. also Boyd (as in Major John) is an unmissable read for any aviation nut, icouldnt put in down and was depressing to finnish it...so read it again
  2. Stuttttterrrrrrring seems to have stoped in SP..though i only play with PWCG. seems crazy but my performance only improves when I turn graphic options UP? I play VR only, Rift S on a MSI Laptop GT75(?) with 1070 graphics card. i get steady 40FPS with EVERYTHING set to MAX...40FPS seems fine to me, never hit 90 but dont really feel the need to IMHO
  3. I only fly offline to be honest, however lije yourself i tweaked the graphics a little and pretty much cured it. seems like its back to the drawing board. i spend more time tweaking than i do flying these days
  4. I somehow sorted the stuttering but new patch today.....back worse than ever.
  5. if anybody wants an Originaly desinged IRVIN flying jacket, this is the place to go...100% aunthentic design and weigh a tonne...amazingly warm though https://www.flying-jacket.com/
  6. might bea shot in the dark here but try turning up your settings as apposed to lowering them. i run Rift s on a MSI 1070 carded laptop on ultra with most other options turn to high. the lower my sttings the worse the performance. i keep a constant 35-40 on PWCG and it look smooth as silk to me
  7. just carry on doing what you do Pat..i for one are happy to play with things just the way they are, any improvements are welcome but just do them in your own good time, but this campaign generator just goes from strength to strength
  8. I'm just about to start the 1/24 bubble canopy typhoon. I find that modelling is a great extension to our sim flying. building a model and then being able to fly the exact bird (even more so in VR..build a spitfire etc then fly it..amazing) is something I could have only dreamed of as a boy. I encourage anyone who has yet to have a go at modelling to give it a bash, nothing big or fancy just build something you love. for those with kids its a great bonding experience on cold wet rainy days.
  9. i asked tbe very wuestion on the youtube channel yesterday after watching the new desert spitfire video. the devs xame straight back to say its no1 priorty after 5.0 release
  10. hi jason, ive just come across this post. i own a copy of a pilots map circa 1943 i think, that has hand drawn locations of all A and B airfields marked on it. i dont know if its of any use to you but the map was marked up by a pilot of the day. let me know if i can help. im over in iraq until next week but should you need the original copy im more than happy to post it to you To help out with airfield placement
  11. Zzzzzzzzzzz........ you should have spent your $70 on tissues. dry your eyes😂
  12. Lol thanks Pat, took off on a mission yesterday on Moscow map and was doing really well navigating at night until I checked the map in VR....when I looked back. I’m lost . Thanks for a fantastic program
  13. Pat, quick question. Regarding the spy pick up flights with auntie ju, do you have to land to complete the mission or drop the parachutist? Thanks also for this, makes a nice change from all the death and destruction
  14. Maybe there are more aces hanging around in kuban? Have you tried turning the chance of meeting ace down?
  15. +1 Pat, although BOX had many different modes, I’ve never played anything other than your campaign generator. Amazing work
  16. This may not make any sense but I’m playing BOX on a MSI gt72vr system, not the best but not the worst laptop. I was pulling my hair out a little with stutters and alike until I hit on this setup. Ultra settings 1.7 in occulas tray tool No shadows Normal draw distance No mirrors Ssa and hdr on 4 x aa Grass normal And target FPS 50 The result 45fps steady no matter what, stuttering gone smooth as silkish. Ok it’s not 90 but tbh I don’t even notice.....looks amazing and flys well Ohhhh and btw that’s with a rift setup x 2 sensors.... can’t go back to flat screen
  17. I’m quite lucky that my flight skills are so bad that the AI is more than a match, sometimes being bad is good
  18. 161snails

    Do you use VR?

    If you have never tried VR you just won’t get it! You really get a sense of what it must have been like to fly these planes. Forget the loss of clarity....it’s not even that bad in all honestly. The total immersion in my honest opinion negates any other argument against
  19. Hi tapi, if you use tacview, it will give you all the info you need
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