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  1. yeah just listend to episode one, looking forward to the second part. lots of interesting little snippets going on
  2. yep me too...id buy hats and coasters too if i could, this is the best developer in gaming(flight sim genre) right now so anything i can buy to help with revinue stream count me in.
  3. Count me in, do you have a website or a way of pre ordering(crowdfund etc)
  4. I watched this on its original relaease in the cinema (very limited showing) im sure the Fighter scences were taken from Battle of britain film?
  5. For those bored with carrer mode i suggest hanging up thier flying jackets and pop over to DCS for a while...voila no carrer mode at all, just hours of creating your own random misions. Pop back to il2 and think, wow we really are lucky we have a Dev team that has implimented this for us. And im sure that for most pilots during the war there were months of completing the same types of missions...for long periods of time...with the only accasinal brush with the enemy.
  6. 161snails

    Future for VR

    For some people (myself included) the implementation of VR into future Flight sims is as important as moving from keyboard to joystick. I remember back in the day...flying around a simple map using a rubber keyboard to control my plane was the pinnacle of the hobby..fast forward a few years and using my newly purchased joystick was a revelation, there was no way I could have gone back the keyboard. VR for me is having that same feeling once again. now I've sampled what VR (even in its earl stages) has to offer I cannot bring myself to regress. as much as I love BOB Blitz, I simply cannot bring myself to spend any time with-it due to the above comments. I bought the game to help the dev's, but I've spent little to no time within game
  7. Lol Qualty. cant beat a good WW2 Dit
  8. Count me In Pat..the best just keeps getting better
  9. Yep ready for this...ive just watched the Cold Blue on you tube and currently reading The big week by James Holland
  10. The severn pillars of wisdom by T E Lawrence is a fantastic book, for anyone who studies the middle east or (like me) works out there its a must read, not much has changed other than Mobile phones and the internet. the underlying tribal element is as strong as ever
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