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  1. I didnt get mine backed up . I thought the patch would download and then i could copy the folder before I pressed "Install " . It installed automatically though , And I lucked out . No issues . Thank God I have Nvidia 2080ti .
  2. Glad I have the 2080ti instead of the Radeon . I have Zero issues , everything works perfect . I forgot to back up my folder but I lucked out , no control settings lost .
  3. I wish they would bring the MC200 into the Sim . I need another crap plane to fight against the i16 .Awesome update for VR , much more clear , spotting enemy is much easier . Looks great . Got my 2080ti maxed right out , ultra shadows grass etc with msaa
  4. So how do I back up data files before the patch install ? I have the il2 website version .
  5. Ok nevermind , my VPN wasblocking it .
  6. Downloaded the new update yesterday . Says ready to play . When I click to play I get the loading pic and it locks up . I cleaned all files in temp folder , same result . What now ?
  7. Hello Il2 Developers , fantastic sim I would like to say first of all . I do have a question . Wondering if you will improve on the engine sounds one day ? Also , how difficult would it be to create some random rough coughing backfiring startups for the planes when we fire them up ? That would really add a lot of character and realism . One can dream ..
  8. Please make voices on/off toggle-able , the scripted german and Russian voices are Very repetitive and annoying . At least come up with more than one or two sentences that they repeat endlessly . Great Sim though , this is my only gripe . 😄
  9. I think I have it on in both debug and steam vr . I dont know if one overrides the other ..
  10. I do have a 2080ti , 32 gb ram ssd etc , but 90fps was only at high altitude before . Now its 90fps even down low . With the debug set at 2.0000000
  11. Wow the new oculus drivers are working great ! 90 FPS most of the time now !
  12. I saw the update cache thing going ! All excited , thinking the 262 was finally here ! Mwah mwah mwah MWAH , just a flying circus update ....
  13. I find that the Aimer site moves all over the place most times.Drifting side to side up down etc . Once in a while in a new game it stays put .
  14. Here's a better quality shot , the last one was a pic of a pic on screen . Wrong prop I know . Three Blades don't work well with RC . The cowl came loose way back when and the prop ate it . Haven't gotten round to repainting . Functional exhaust stack , my own invention . Started building it in '94 , finished in 2000 . I still have it , it's now a living room ornament , and is retired . I don't know why it double posted the pics . Now I get to fly the D9 in the sim ! Been waiting for this !
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