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  1. Ok nevermind , my VPN wasblocking it .
  2. Downloaded the new update yesterday . Says ready to play . When I click to play I get the loading pic and it locks up . I cleaned all files in temp folder , same result . What now ?
  3. Hello Il2 Developers , fantastic sim I would like to say first of all . I do have a question . Wondering if you will improve on the engine sounds one day ? Also , how difficult would it be to create some random rough coughing backfiring startups for the planes when we fire them up ? That would really add a lot of character and realism . One can dream ..
  4. Please make voices on/off toggle-able , the scripted german and Russian voices are Very repetitive and annoying . At least come up with more than one or two sentences that they repeat endlessly . Great Sim though , this is my only gripe . 😄
  5. I think I have it on in both debug and steam vr . I dont know if one overrides the other ..
  6. I do have a 2080ti , 32 gb ram ssd etc , but 90fps was only at high altitude before . Now its 90fps even down low . With the debug set at 2.0000000
  7. Wow the new oculus drivers are working great ! 90 FPS most of the time now !
  8. I saw the update cache thing going ! All excited , thinking the 262 was finally here ! Mwah mwah mwah MWAH , just a flying circus update ....
  9. I find that the Aimer site moves all over the place most times.Drifting side to side up down etc . Once in a while in a new game it stays put .
  10. Here's a better quality shot , the last one was a pic of a pic on screen . Wrong prop I know . Three Blades don't work well with RC . The cowl came loose way back when and the prop ate it . Haven't gotten round to repainting . Functional exhaust stack , my own invention . Started building it in '94 , finished in 2000 . I still have it , it's now a living room ornament , and is retired . I don't know why it double posted the pics . Now I get to fly the D9 in the sim ! Been waiting for this !
  11. Maybe bad ram or not seated properly ? I had similar problem , and thats what it turned out to be . Only 4gb out of 16 were working properly . Ive since gone with new everything including 2080ti . Anyway it could be your computer . Dont give up on this sim , it's freaking Amazing in VR !
  12. Is the tray tool the same thing as the debug tool ?
  13. Yes I'm from Abbotsford British Columbia, home of the Abbotsford International Airshow. We used to have your fighter jets come visit way back in the 80's and 90's. Or was it the Ukraine jets? I can't remember .
  14. Most of the engine sounds on pretty much all the planes could use improvement. Tiger Flybys from 46 sounded Much better. Great Sim but I do hope they improve sounds one day .
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