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  1. Hi Pilots, Moscow map worked before just fine, but since a few days after selecting quick mission the map loads up and if click start to continue, nothing happens and after a while error message from windows shows that IL2 is not working anymore. Other maps work still OK. Anyone has a clue?
  2. If you cannot fly over the town, what happens if you try to? Allthough flying towards it, it looks like going away from you? Or your plane is turned around automatically?
  3. I tried out night flying and was wondering if there are runway lights to guide you while take off and landing. Do they have to be activated by request or command?
  4. Thx for reply. I put all key mappings back to default and now it works OK. Is there a way to use joystick with tank?
  5. Just tried out operating the tank on a server. Somehow Ralt . and Ralt ; are not responding to elevate the gun on the german tank. Do I need now different keys for that? Regards, Jeroen.
  6. I was assuming the E-7 had a stengthened structure, but was not sure about it. Not being stengthened would sure give manouvering limitations. Going into a steep dive and then pull up or taking a sharp fast turn should be avoided, even when carrying the extra weight not directly under the wings, it would still generate extra resistance. If an encounter with an enemy fighter could not be avoided, best thing to do was drop all extra weight before going into battle. Also doing a dive bomb attack would be limited. Even if it was obvious you were gonne miss the target, you had to drop otherwise you could not pull safely out of the dive.
  7. The E-7 can also carry small bombs and in that way is not a pure Bf filghter, but a hybrid fighter/ground attack. Design of the wings must be different for carrying the weight of the bombs and that goes at the expense of fighter capabilities.
  8. When is the new update with P-40 expected? Coming tuesday?
  9. With me the DD came up weeks ago 18:30 or 18:45 CET. Now it is 17:00 plus.
  10. It is now 3 weeks ago the last DD was given, before that time it came every week. Just a late holiday for the DD workers or is there another explanation?
  11. When the I-16 comes out in July, can we fly it in a Moscow map allready or do we have to use the Stalingrad maps?
  12. 21. Fixed abrupt blackouts that pilots of Bf 109 experienced when using flaps while the slats are out; That was in the diary today. Did not even know the Bf had slats. Is that like Leading Edge Flaps? Can they be set in controls? Hope someone knows.
  13. Hi Pilots, When I center my view with the keyboard it focuses on the gun visor in most planes. However in the La-5 it focuses on my seat downwards. Restart is no solution and it keeps doing like this all time. Anyone has a solution/explanation for this?
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