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  1. FIPike111

    CoD blitz

    dear sirs, I have been off line for the past 4 weeks or so and am catching up. Okay i can solve the key problem but I still............Hold it everyone I think I have solved it!! It seems that I had my graphics setting on too higher setting for the card that has solved the green screen problem and the fact that I had forgotten to activate the game.(silly me!!) Thanks to all those concerned. regards Pike
  2. FIPike111

    CoD blitz

    I have found another problem .................when i try to remove a key press in this case because my little finger keeps touching accidentally it continues to vertically zoom the pilots head nomatter what I do could you please write out the steps you would take to change a key. scott
  3. FIPike111

    CoD blitz

    dear sirs, I recently bought a copy of CoD blitz. the game ran for some time but then without warning the screen went all green and with horizontal stripes, we could still hear the game running running in the background however. Previously one of my sons had the same thing happened with his copy of stalingrad and it was only solved by a fresh download and reinstall. ( if that is at all possible in this case) as I would rather have the game and do not want a refund. Please note that I am an older person and not good with computers. one reply suggested that I read mystic puma:s work but it was very cconfusing for me. the operating system is windows 7
  4. FIPike111

    cliffs of dover blitz

    dear sirs Yes you can hear the game running in the background The os is windows.I am unable to play stalingrad as it keeps crashing and I cannot play blitz because of the green screen. That only leaves rise of flight which i will have to be content with until these issues are sorted out regards Scott Peters
  5. FIPike111

    cliffs of dover blitz

    dear sirs, When playing the game it suddenly went all green and rebooting did nothing. so I am unable to play. regards,.Scott peters
  6. I have previously downloaded a profile {JohnHardacks} for BoS and BoM but now how do I get it into the game? I have a G940 profiler regards,. Pike
  7. I cannot get the brakes to work with my rudder bar so at the moment I am using the 'B ' key this makes taking off very hazardous! can anyone out there help me? regards, Pike.
  8. Dear All, It seems that I have made a bit of a cockup when purchasing this game!! I have accidentally paid for and downloaded the stalingrad section and have paid for 2 copies of the stalingrad section instead of one of stalingrad and one of the battle of moscow. could this be remedied somehow as I have paid for both parts but the stalingrad was paid for when it was first released. regards, Scott Peters