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  1. A lot of people just left the project, because their wifes were unhappy. the TAW administrators don't appear to be doing anything about it. What a shame!
  2. I am so disappointed. One question. Is it allowed to bomb from 7..8k? You know, it is difficult to find some red plane there... So, the target is, as you said, defenseless.
  3. Exactly, everyone can do it, so, everyone welcome. To be honest, I will not. The chance to damage a plane is too big (with the bombs, of course)
  4. Only because he has more ideas as you have? Okey, i see.
  5. 1. Take off... Land to the AF on the enemy side .... Take off again... Land on the enemy side... Take off again. Is it some kind of exploits? Really? 2. I didn't know that the rule about landing on the active enemy AF was created because of some person, who landed on it. For me it is not a problem at all. I will NOT start on the AF, that has an attack mark on it. It is an easy rule. I think it is a mistake to do not allow these actions at all. You can do everything what you want: dive, climb, fly with the bombs, land, take off. Your opponent can do the same thing. Where is the problem? You know, sometime you just wait your mates to get some cover. I do not understand, why are you so upset.
  6. Maybe i am wrong, but ... please ...do not speak like that. It is your OWN opinion, i have not seen any suggestion from the administation.
  7. Ok, more details, for you... Take off ... Flew.. Landed... Take off... Flew ... Attacked the targets. Flew ... Landed.
  8. You do not understand what happend. Ok, again for you Take off ... Landed... Take off... Attacked the targets. Landed. What did he wrong?
  9. Are you kidding? I hope you are. You can use all you have if it not mentioned i the rules to be not allowed. Here is nothing more to discuss. A lot of people use the feature for ages. More to say, old IL2 servers used this feature to save the pilot that bailed on the enemy side.
  10. You know, it is not so complicated to buy more that only one license for this perfect game. Just to support the developers.💵
  11. Why do you want to know? Are you going to be his new boyfriend?
  12. He did not manage the crash . You can see only a parser interpretation. Sometimes it is just wrong. Just imagine, that you landed on the other side of the border. What should the parser write? Landed? But you are on the enemy territory. So, it is "crashed".
  13. As I know it is allowed start/land so many times as you want, is it? Again, if you have some questions, you could ask the admins.
  14. It makes no sense. Again, you will bail, after that you should wait 10 minutes for the next sortie. Do you want to kick these players? Is it fair enough? If you want to play on TAW, just wait when the mission is starting and enter the server. Easy. I know why the log shows this strange thing, Because I WAS THERE. But i am not sure that i should explain it. Just believe, all was fair.
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