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  1. Received my JU88 trim block in good order and in fantastic time thank you for an ace service and quality work look forward to placing more orders with you best of luck.
  2. Just to add this as I had problems with using steam vr mine was 3 stage this works for me with oculus program running I have to start il2 on desk top it starts in 2d then I just pick use vr headset in game options grafix setting it restarts in vr works perfect after this if you see the hour glass in bottom right corner . Thanks again for all the help this is a game changer for me was on the brink of giving up and going 4K.
  3. thank you for this information my frame rate was about 60 off line and 39 - 45 max on line with middle of the road Graphix setting . Now I'm on 79-80 off line and 55-70 on line with full settings apart from grass! MSAA ON X4 SS set to 1.0 and ASW off all looks fantastic for rift s thank you all for the information.
  4. Hi Andre I think this is the problem then I have a business account with pay pal . Can I get a friend to get it for me on there non business account can I use it? Or is the code tied in some way to the buyers email ? Thanks for your time.
  5. Just to say a big thank you to the iL2 team for making this happen thank you.
  6. Hi Andre I've been trying to pay for your wing software , i have tried to pay buy papal no go also tried today to pay with credit card no go it was canceled any thoughts on how to get payment to you ? thanks for your time.
  7. OMG is that a hand print just down from the shovel? your skins are amazing .
  8. 100% agree this is the best news , the only down side is the time it will take tomorrow is not soon enough. Hail Hyperlobby and online wars.
  9. Thank you there’s much better ones out there than my effort but thank you very much ☺️ Yes I’ll look them out and do that thank you. Fantastic! I’m after one of his throttles for my pit as 190 ones are nonexistent 😩 been talking to him and have the dosh just can’t decide what buttons to go for on it 🤓 very nice set up tho it’s quite a bug when it starts to bite the cockpit bug.
  10. No sorry 😐 as far as I know il2 box does not give you the data for working gauges ? ULA file ? The clock works tho 😀 as do all the switches. Yes I can give you more photos on the build it was scaled up from a 1/20 scale verlinden cockpit collectors series model.
  11. here's my pit with BRD hardware the best controllers i have ever used thanks for your hard work M8!
  12. Coconut just to say thanks for your hard work on the server and missions this is what me and a few friends were hoping for thank you keep up the grate work.
  13. Hi slowlancer ...I gave a m8 of mine a pair of simped f16s and he can't get his toebrakes to work any more in BOS windows 7 see them ok in game device set up calibration. Is this you problem? Going to have a look for him next week if I get them working I'll post .
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