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  1. Hi All, I hate to bring up a subject that has been covered many times before, partially due to the rules changing over time. Tanks. Do the stats matter regarding tanks available. I know it's no longer a win condition on it's own, but this evening we took the last tank icon off the Axis side of the map and the stats show allies have destroyed 814 of 800 Axis tanks available. The new map rolls and spawns a new Tank icon, with the stats showing 814 destroyed of 800 available? How can they spawn tanks if none are available? I would fully understand if their depot built tanks and their available tanks increased but that didn't happen here. Please help me understand?
  2. Can anyone confirm/deny if late war U.S. aircraft will be incorporated into the next round of TAW?
  3. What time/time zone does TAW start up again?
  4. Hi all, Can you guys post the win conditions for us and tell us what happens when limits are met? I'm sure they're posted in an obvious place, but the group I fly with nearly every evening doesn't have them and can't find the update. We are wondering if the other stats still matter; Aircraft available, pilots available etc. We were talking a few days ago about trucks hitting the limit but still seeing truck convoys spawning etc. Love flying TAW! But it would be nice to refresh our minds on the updated mechanics (asking this realizing you all do this for free in your spare time and we really appreciate the campaign. Nothing else comes close to replicating the teamwork we get to experience on your server.) Thanks
  5. After a few more missions I withdraw most of what I said. While I would like to see a way to earn back lives up to the original 3; playing with better sim pilots and more of them at once has made it survivable. You just have to stay away from ground attack when the conditions aren't right.
  6. The 3 life per map rule has ruined the game for attack and bomber pilots. I understand why the change was made, but am asking the developers to reconsider a higher life count for Attack/Bomber pilots. Seems to me the #1 issue was jumping into unlimited fighters to take out flak until it was gone, then dogpile a defenseless target with bombers. Some would then vulch easy prey afterwards. My deaths have been due to AAA, as expected flying low over targets defended by Flak. I suggest keeping fighter's the same and increasing attack/bombers to 6 lives per map. Also allow 1 life earned back per day up to the full allocation. Or turn down the effectiveness of the Flak guns and reduce their numbers. Currently it is nearly suicide to roll into a target that is defended by Flak unless you want to level bomb. Level bombing now gets to face hordes of fighters, because most have given up serious attack roles, and the Flak is so effective that even level bombing is a serious risk even when there are no enemy fighters in the area.
  7. Another ironic twist, As a retired military helicopter pilot, I normally flew left seat along with most of my other pilot-in-command (PIC) peers. Even though early model helicopters had PIC controls on the right side, we usually put the PI over there. The late model aircraft have mostly full dual controls/instruments so it's not as big a deal. "hey joe, can you hit the Nav switch for me" One of the few things you couldn't reach from the left side for an ILS approach. And I usually break left as well. And usually a little too late.
  8. thanks for the help so far. Where do you get the information for the individual servers? Are paratroopers an option like loading bombs etc for certain aircraft?
  9. I'm new to online IL2 BOx play and see on some of the servers where an airfield is listed as capturable, but I can't find a guide anywhere that tells me what needs to be done to capture it? please help. Thanks.
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