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  1. andyw248

    Rap's P-47 Thunderbolts, HELP YOURSELVES!!

    Great skins, keep it up! Special thanks for creating an olive drab skin! It's really nice to get some of these as the overwhelming majority seems to be polished aluminum.
  2. andyw248

    szelljr skindeposit ® ™ ©

    Are these skins based on ICDP's templates?
  3. Yes, there is a skins folder with subfolders for each aircraft type. Just copy ICDP's skins (the .dds files) into the P-47D folder, and you will see them in game as custom skins.
  4. I noticed that too. What is the story around that famed lateral instability? Was the jug notorious for that in RL?
  5. andyw248

    Developer Diary 210 - Discussion

    I love all the planes that have been released over the past years, but finally getting the P-47 is just blowing it out of the park
  6. That was exactly the first thought I had when I looked at the last of those 14 screenshots. In W Europe the snow cover does usually not persist. It melts off quickly. The time it takes to melt off seems to be affected by the kind of ground, and it creates this kind of patchwork. Very well observed!
  7. andyw248

    Switching off IL2 engine

    Could be what's called "nachdieseln" in German. I think I experienced it once when shutting down the Fw-190, after idling on the ground for a few minutes. It's caused by hot spots in the cylinder head (e.g. valves) that cause residual mixture to detonate. If this is indeed modeled in the sim, it might be slightly overdone.
  8. andyw248

    P-40 E Skins

    Your skins are looking great!
  9. andyw248

    P-40E-1 skins (WIP)

    This is awesome! For the bare metal skin, you might be interested in Dev Diary #178 where Han said: The second new feature is related to the look of the bare metal parts on various aircraft - in the future, we plan to make planes that weren't painted and had a polished or matte aluminum finish. The metal parts on lend-lease planes P-40E-1, Spitfire Mk.Vb, P-39L-1 and A-20B and Italian MC.202 ser.8 (which also has a bare metal skin) will look even more realistic and authentic. Link is: https://forum.il2sturmovik.com/topic/168-developer-diary/?view=findpost&p=528352. Also, what I really like about your weathering is that the abrasion of the paint layers is mostly along the edges and where the rivets are. This makes the effect look so much more realistic!
  10. andyw248

    Wonderful current video on operating the P-40E

    Yes, because of an error in fuel management - see: https://www.avweb.com/news/safety/183014-1.html for details.
  11. Nice! Downloaded and saved. I really like how you keep it to actual instructions - no opinions,[edited]
  12. andyw248

    FW 190 rolling scissors?

    Nice how you never loose sight of the other aircraft, even if that means you fly while looking back
  13. I'm super excited about the upcoming remodeling of RoF / Flying Circus!
  14. andyw248

    Flight Modeling

    This... Newer sticks with higher resolution will just give you so much more precision. A stick extension helps, too... I have a 10cm extension on my TM Warthog, and all planes feel like stable gun platforms.
  15. andyw248

    Spitfire AND The upcoming New FM....

    Great flying, Kwiatek!