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  1. Anytime that I'm not on the first flight of the day I dont get to fly. If i'm in the 2nd or third, after I click proceed and the first flight resolves my spot on the flight I was on previously is filled in by an AI. I'm currently sitting here trying to get a mission and have clicked through an entire week with no flight. Does my being deputy commander have something to do with that or is it a bug?
  2. Unfortunately there are those people that play this game. A while back I had some random dude jump in the gunner seat of my PE2 and start calling out my grid and altitude on all chat until a couple of 109s showed up.
  3. 2 days ago my controls worked, IL2 stopped responding to them, reinstalled, they work with all other games, wont work with il2 regardless of what I do
  4. Other than lower FPS, single player works fantastic, and I love the new features. However, when it comes to multiplayer I can't seem to stay connected to any server (once I finally get connected to any server) for any longer than 5 minutes before losing connection.
  5. Like chute killing its not against the servers rules and it puts a tally under pilots lost, but still a pretty unsporting way to get a kill. I dont and wont chute kill or strafe downed planes as they are out of the fight and no longer a threat, as well as its a stupid waste of ammo.
  6. Gonna wrap this discussion up before it even gets started. Per the results of the other 80 debates on the issue its an absolute dick move, but it's not against the rules.
  7. Tigger, even though if its anything like BoS I'll rarely ever play German because the teams will be hella-stacked
  8. I'd say not seeing as how everytime a 109 or 190 rams me they fly away while I spin to the ground with 1 wing or my tail missing
  9. RH_Killer is innocent!!! SET HIM FREE!!!!
  10. I do to a point. I'm an American and play VVS about 95% of the time, and am only flying VVS on TAW currently. I started with LW but started playing VVS once I realized how stacked LW usually are, and now I actually prefer Soviet fighters because they feel more engaging to me due to all the engine management and are fun to fly when the teams are atleast somewhat balanced. However the later it gets here in the states, the more lopsided the teams get and the fun just disappears turning it into a game of run and hide or get raped by 5 enemy fighters at once. Also, that American you flew with was me
  11. yea, a couple people quit after you. it was 46vs10 when Ieft. I engaged with the only 109 in the area, 4 mintues later get shot by 4 different people then get called a whiner when i point out how uneven the teams are
  12. That would make sense. Damn me for checking bombers too lol
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