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  1. SCG_klobuk

    Guncam VI

    Thank you all guys, I'm glad that you had fun while watching
  2. SCG_klobuk

    Guncam VI

    I made another guncam video. I hope you'll enjoy.
  3. Hi guys I made a short video from F-4 sortie, I hope that you will enjoy
  4. Just a quick mission full firepower test of this new beast, enjoy
  5. Thanks, I've hid it as a spoiler so I hope it's ok.
  6. I have no pictures here on website with swastika but I'll try to hide the video if there is some problem.
  7. Hi guys, I hope that you will enjoy short cinematic video from Simulated Combat Group bomb raid on TAW
  8. I have stable cable internet: I have no problems in any other games so I think I won't spent my time to fix this.. I don't think it's on my side. I tried to lower my settings, updated nvidia driver.. I made some minor changes in windows 10 for better network performance... everything without any success.. I have this problem since latest IL-2 update. I really don't know what else I can try or say.. It's really frustrating because I play only MP.
  9. I've updated my nvidia driver but no change to disconnects. I have lowered my graphical settings and also no change to disconnects... I have no problems with higher settings in single player. Since last update I have these disconnects also on lower populated servers (less than 30 players). I have restarted my router... Always the same... I never had disconnects on berloga server and now I have them also there... I don't know what else I can try... maybe DCS...
  10. Thank you for the tip. My current settings in startup.cfg are: client_download_traflimit = 10240 client_upload_traflimit = 10240 server_download_traflimit = 1000 server_upload_traflimit = 1000 I can try to lower my settings and perform some tests. I will post my results here.
  11. Same issue here... MP unplayable again... I really love this game but this is frustrating and it seems that devs don't even bother to look fix it...
  12. Hello, I have 300Mbit (with 30Mbit upload) cable internet connection and I have this issue very often since last update. So I don't think it has something to do with internet connection. This is the only MP game where I have this issue. Pretty much unplayable for me right now again...
  13. Hi guys, I am really glad that we have another MP server with very good properties. I don't know if there is some special thread for posting cheaters but I had this morning together with my mate (about 6 hours ago) pretty weird sortie. Attacking spitfire was BSS_Sniper, time of that attack is 27.4.2019 at 5:13:14 server time from web stats. You can check the final highlight here: I don't know what else I can do but I want to share this footage with you so, you can decide if you will ban him or not. Thanks
  14. SCG_klobuk

    Guncam No. V

    Yep, but pretty standard for close passes like this one.
  15. WoL is the worst for me regarding random disconnects, but I have now also some disconnects on Berloga and I never had them before.
  16. Hello guys, I'm just wondering what are the future plans for tank crew multiplayer, especially I'm really interested if there is some plan to increase server cap limit after tank crew will be out, because I was thinking that cap limit of 84 players can be a little bit low if in one tank can play 4 players together. That will be only 10 vs 10 fight and I'm not counting that it will be great to have some planes there as well. Someone knows what's the plan please? Thanks
  17. Thanks for this great update. Performance and fps in MP is much better for me. I saw only once outdated data in 2 hours MP session. DM seems to be better. Thanks for these fixes!
  18. Thanks for advice, I flew all vvs aircrafts but only in quick missions (but not too much) not in multiplayer. I'm flying sometimes on berloga with La-5 FN and Spit IX. And from my experience I know that it's easier to shoot down german planes than russian. This is also pretty forward from ammunition test that I've mentioned here before. Only thing I wanted to say before I was constantly under attack from best vvs pilots on server is that there is no need to make loadout restrictions. Maybe adjusting objective sizes and dispersion is the way but not loadout restrictions...
  19. Sorry but I can't see anything about Pe-2 gunners or engines. I was only mentioning known facts, where you really cannot argue with me and those are under-performing 20mm HE compared to hispano and that it is unrealistic that vvs planes are capable to fly nominal after 5 hits from 20s and turnfight with you... I have nothing else to say sorry. Read that bug report maybe it will open your eyes... This facts contribute to overall over-performance of vvs... I'm done here... no point to add something more sorry. I wish you happy flying
  20. You can see this bug report for ammo if you are talking about historical accuracy... (I don't even mention 30mm because it's work in progress) I'm flying spit in berloga so I can easily compare ammo damage and it's really difference... You cannot argue with me in this point if you are flying on both sides 24/7 beating everyone. And please read this thread... I'm not talking about any balance 😄 I was talking that I don't want to balance and remove big bombs for axis side. I have feeling that only thing you can do is go after players that have another opinion than yours... So if you'll be so kind please stop attacking me and better read this thread... Thank you very much Sorry I'm pretty new to KOTA and I don't have any knowledge about stats from previous missions.. But you can see where the loadout restrictions can lead from WoL stats... This one was really good 😄
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