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  1. This has been a great game but sadly I just don't play it because the multiplayer was lacking compared to the old il-2 days. This for me was due to the render distance and no blackouts and not enough people online. This update is going to fix all these issues and I cannot wait. I will be able to spot targets from range and stalk them or boom and zoom! I will be able to outmanouver by being smoother/smarter. Hi and low yo-yo's come to mind. And with the American aircraft I think there will be A LOT more pilots online. I remember in my il-2 days there were soo many amercan pilots online in my timezone. Now i never see any. There is one more feature missing... the ability to choose aircraft letter marking's which show up on the player lists so that you can identify who you are flying alongside. Good work team love your work.
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