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  1. 109 can bleed more speed in a turn, slower speeds equal tighter turns, it also has slats which help at slower turn speeds. And on top of that 109 can deploy flaps which actually help in a turn. Also clipped wing spit has similar turn rates as 109. I dont think you are using your spitfires correctly. I'm no expert and i dont fly much but i have beaten many 109s and produced some streaks in it, i have had multiple 109's behind me many times and got away, once i had like 6 or 7 on my 6 and i got away from all of them by out turning and out climbing them. Spitfire will outclimb anything in the gam
  2. In what way are planes with rear gunners handicapped? And handicapped in relation to what?
  3. Nice video Snake, can't provide any better evidence than that. With your exhaust right infront of you facing straight back into the cockpit, that is all you will hear, engine.
  4. I have a video which shows it, i hear the 6, if i did not hear it, i would not have even looked back, i look back in this video ONLY because i heard it. Turn your speakers up, preferb headphones or desktop speakers and you will hear the mustang BEFORE I check my 6. Please excuse my shooting!
  5. Issue became significant at Update 4.005 I believe issue has always been in the game (i have always heard the tempest) but i think it became amplified and extended to all allied aircraft as a result of the following 4.005 changes. Most likely change 107. 104. Another error that could cause the hits on the own aircraft to be not audible in multiplayer has been found and fixed; 105. When in the cockpit, the player will now hear different sounds when different parts (materials) of the aircraft are hit different types of ammunition (before that, sounds differed only by
  6. Yep this is a definite issue, suprised it hasnt been fixed yet. The developers have acknowledged the issue in my previous post on this, we just need more people in the community to put some pressure on. I never fly the mustang, tempest or p38 now for this exact reason which is a real shame. Its one thing for .50cals to be week but to not be able to use them on an unsupecting enemy makes the so much weeker. When i fly german i feel like I'm cheating which is also a real shame. I find the best compromise has been to fly the spitfire... but the opposition can still only slightly lesser hear me co
  7. Hi Guys, Please leave the spotting as it is. I think it is very realistic. If you make it too easy to spot, the game, in multiplayer at least, will always be nothing but a big furball where everyone can see everyone and everyone congregates to one area. I agree 100% with han in regards to real life pilots seeing nothing and losing each other. Where i think there can be improvement is finding ways to make the spotting more consistent amongst different set-ups. I run a 2k ultrawide monitor and i have had to play with my nvidia settings to eliminate all anti aliasing so t
  8. I'm pretty sure it started when you guys did the major upgrades to the damage model but possibly later as i did not notice it until about June. I can only work from my memory (which my wife says is terrible). It would be great for multiplayer to have it fixed. I am finding that of the axis planes the d9 is possibly the loudest... i have just slightly heard it once. 262 i can hear but too late to do anything. But allies, the sound effects well beyond guns range.
  9. Hi, There is a very large issue ingame currently which started about 4.006 where when flying german, if you use headphones, allied planes can be heard from up to roughly 1.2km away. P38, P47, p51, tempest, a20 are the loudest and spitfire is also to a lesser extent very loud. When flying allied it is not possible to hear any german planes during flight. Realistically you should not hear anything outside however we do like sounds in the game, just needs to be more even for both sides. It is at times impossible to bounce german planes in multiplaye
  10. I love this update, its so cool how you can actually aim for specific points. I aimed at a mustangs wing tank with my 30mm and boom, his wing tank caught fire as it should right where i hit him. I love it. I can aim where i need to to do the right damage. No longer have to fire until plane falls apart. Best update ever.
  11. Wow ICDP, the new lighting is light and day more realistic. The old reflections looked cool but not real.
  12. Is this because a large percentage of online flyers are American (at least in my timezone) and as america entered the war late, naturally they are interested in flying their part of the conflict which was not early war in europe/eastern front. I do however prefer the early war stuff. Gives me more time to think and yes, takes blackouts out of the equation a bit. 1941 is my favourite year. P40e vs f4's and zeros. Just need a desert map and new ginea and ill be in heaven.
  13. I just want to say this year has been really awesome, you blokes have really made this game so much better this last 12 months. For me the biggest improvements have been the visibility, the new late war aircraft which are of such a high standard and the quicker game loading. Really great work. Happy new year, cant wait for the next updates.
  14. I read something interesting in Robert Shaws fighter combat aboit the USAAF removing tracer rounds from aircraft as it increased kill rates. The reason why is that when you are behind an opponent undetected and open up your guns, they see tracers flying past and instantly will manouver to avoid, but take away the tracers and you will have an extra few moments to fire undetected increasing your chases of a quick kill. I would like to have this option, what does everyone else think? It would also allow you to have a dogfight in game and exit the dogfight. Currently a prol
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