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  1. 1. The planes you have access to don't physically exist on any airfield until you spawn. You can spawn at any airfield and land at any (active) friendly airfield and when you end the mission it returns to a virtual space until you spawn in again. So long as there's an airfield left on your side you can spawn in all your planes. 2. You can take off from any active friendly airfield that supports that plane. 3. It's hard to imagine why you wouldn't land instead. Not 100% sure. 4. It doesn't effect people's individual collection of planes. You only lose your own planes after dying in game. It does impact on the total number of axis planes for each map, though, and if they run out you lose the map. The axis currently has 1530 planes and 750 have been destroyed.
  2. I'm just playing devil's advocate here - maybe he's just good at killing AA? That was half of what people (including me) complained about last campaign: His ability to dunk on allied AA as blue. He doesn't always succeed and has been shot down by AA several times. Is it a problem if he's just good at it?
  3. XJammer said earlier on in this thread that he is Red110, he's not hiding. Looking at his profile it looks like he's not doing anything absurd whatsoever - some successful and aggressive attacks and some failures due to AA. He's down to 0.2 lives for this map. I actually haven't heard anyone complaining about his antics this time.
  4. Are you kidding? TAW is, like, filled to absolute capacity for nearly half the day every day and almost the entire weekend. Why lie? The only time it's ever 'dead' is around 6am GMT which is understandable considering it's European audience.
  5. Found it - thank you! The early phase of the conflict is fantastic. Low level, close-up turnfighting with plenty of machineguns going wild. It's a shame that airfields aren't totally working just yet but I'm sure that'll be sorted in due course.
  6. The start of TAW has been great fun! Thanks for the new campaign. I don't know if I'm being totally obtuse but am I missing where to see how many of our three lives are remaining? Or is that system not happening quite yet?
  7. Exciting set of changes! Can't wait to get started.
  8. Very much looking forward to the next campaign - thanks for all of your hard work guys! Hoping to play Blue this time if the balance isn't too off-kilter.
  9. I think when it boils down to it TAW is glorified roleplay for a lot of the people who participate in it - but for some it's just a competition. The two different attitudes are destined to butt heads no matter what.
  10. He doesn't use landing gear. It's faster to land without landing gear and there's no penalty for doing it. I had to retire out of this campaign on Map 3# as there was simply no hope.
  11. Looks like it's the death knell for this map - another one to the villainous LW. Looking forward to MiGs and Yaks for the VVS! But not the LaGG-3. No-one is looking forward to the LaGG-3.
  12. On a lighter note - the chaotic, low-altitude turning dogfights that happen in Maps 1 & 2 on TAW are always a blast and often my favorite bit of the whole campaign.
  13. I think I mainlined my coffee a little too hard and got the F-2 and E-7 mixed up.
  14. I just think you're missing the point of giving the currently disadvantaged side a leg up. It's supposed to give them an edge.
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