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  1. Same here, though I purchased the game about a year ago... whats happening?
  2. Hi folks, first of all, please excuse my not so perfect english! i searched a lot around the web, but I coudn't find any solution for my particular problem, so i need your help! I'm using FacetrackNoIR with Pointtracker and LED-Clip. This setup works great with War Thunder and Star Citizen, but I can't make it work properly in IL-2 BOS. When I turn my head (yaw) the model of my pilot is strafing sideways (x-movement). Same for my head's pitch, when I look up my pilot strafes upways. Head roll works properly and when I move myself sideways my pilot also moves sideways. So what I've tried so far is enabling the 'old_trackir' setting in the startup.cfg of the game, swapping the npcclient.dll with npcclient64.dll, as well as disabling either freetrack or trackir protocols, but it won't get any better results. I also tried Opentrack, which behaves just like FacetrackNoIR. I'd really like to use headtracking with IL-2 BOS and I don't understand, why all other games i tried work perfectly with my setup, so what else can I try? greetings, Chris
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