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  1. Thx for the tip, but I mainly play MP. It doesn't work there. It is really frustrsinting when you flight with your squad in this beautiful sim and suddenly they disaapear. Same with the opponent. It is HUGE problem, but this is no place for this topic here. Thx devs for another big patch full of goodies and still no losing faith in you.
  2. Thank You Jason. I really look forward when you can manage rework actual clouds (engine, etc.). Then Il2 Great Battles will be the best! At the moment is really OK
  3. What with clouds performance fix you have mentioned before?
  4. After the last patch there is a problem with zoom in the game when using Pimax 5k+ with unchecked parallel projection. Also It would be better to design the zoom a little different for VR and monitors. Now it's not equal.
  5. Thx! That's pity, I thought I can see better clouds in MP at last.
  6. Hi! Do we need to enable mods in the menu for this to work or just copy the folders?
  7. Uninstall the old VR zoom mod. Or hit Lalt+K few times.
  8. On my Pimax 5k+ everything seems to work (NORMAL FoV), but... convergence seems strange. In the beginning I see for example 2 planes on zoom instead of one. I use the keys to set convergence and in some point I have nice view of the plane on zoom, but when I turn off the zoom my eyes must catch some other convergence with normal view? I need 1 or 2 seconds to rearrange my eyes. It strains them. It is hard for me to speak about it ion English but maybe you know what I mean. Mod works but it's not so compatible with default view as before for me. BTW Thx very much for your time and work with this mod. Without it flying Il2 have not much sense.
  9. I also have stutters everywhere online... I recorded movie today, it may help. You can see that every milliseconds there are spikes in GPU and CPU fremetimes. In the singleplayer everything is smooth. No spikes.
  10. You have to delete all the files you have copied before. Simply as that. If you're not strong in the computers better use something like "generic mod enabler" to install/uninstall mods.
  11. What version of the mod do you use? In what version zoom works with parallel projection unchecked?
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