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  1. Uninstall the old VR zoom mod. Or hit Lalt+K few times.
  2. Hi @SCG_Fenris_Wolf, I think link for Pimax 5k is broken. It leads to previous version.
  3. On my Pimax 5k+ everything seems to work (NORMAL FoV), but... convergence seems strange. In the beginning I see for example 2 planes on zoom instead of one. I use the keys to set convergence and in some point I have nice view of the plane on zoom, but when I turn off the zoom my eyes must catch some other convergence with normal view? I need 1 or 2 seconds to rearrange my eyes. It strains them. It is hard for me to speak about it ion English but maybe you know what I mean. Mod works but it's not so compatible with default view as before for me. BTW Thx very much for your time and work with this mod. Without it flying Il2 have not much sense.
  4. I also have stutters everywhere online... I recorded movie today, it may help. You can see that every milliseconds there are spikes in GPU and CPU fremetimes. In the singleplayer everything is smooth. No spikes.
  5. You have to delete all the files you have copied before. Simply as that. If you're not strong in the computers better use something like "generic mod enabler" to install/uninstall mods.
  6. What version of the mod do you use? In what version zoom works with parallel projection unchecked?
  7. Referring to the Devs statement about cheating I would really like to know what is cheating and what is not. There are many questions... can we edit ini files by hand, can we use mods for vr, etc. It would be nice to have this knowledge before being banned. Thx.
  8. Yes it is some solution, but still in actual state I rather quick bind mixture engine one to mixture for all before the start and after the flight delete it. All I ask Devs is to connect MIXTURE FOR ALL to ------> MIXTURE FOR ENGINE ONE in this particular plane.
  9. Uhhh... I appreciate your help but please read what I wrote above. I know about it but it is not what I'm looking for.
  10. Yes guys you all right, but... I fly VR and going for max realism. So if the Duck have axis for mixture I want to define axis on my rig. If I fly twin engine bomber I want to define two axis for mixtures or rpm, whatever. Now my setup is ok for every plane in BOS except the Duck... I would need another axis just for this plane. Ok, I can buy another axies but it doesen't have sens. It would be much better if Devs connect mixture for every engine at once with mixture for engine 1in this case. If not... I can live with this. Like you said there are plenty other ways to set it. Now my solution is to set in keys bindings one of my engines axies to the axis for every engine when I fly it. After my flight I disable it and going for different plane.
  11. Yes I know, but like I said I need to separate engine 1 and 2 because sometimes I fly fighter and sometimes bomber. So it is no solution for me. It is much better to have things separated in case you lost one of the engines in multiengine planes.
  12. Hi Maybe it is not a bug but it something that is little annoying - in Hs 129 you need to bind axis for mixture control (for every engine at once). In my controls I have two axis binded for 1 and 2 engine. It also works for a one engine planes like Russian fighter (I use mixture for engine one than), but not for the Hs129. Do we really need one more axis just to bind mixture for this plane? I understand that this plane has 2 engines and only one regulation of the mixture for both of them, but it would be rally nice to can operate it with axis binded to engine one. Thank you.
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