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  1. Hi Maybe it is not a bug but it something that is little annoying - in Hs 129 you need to bind axis for mixture control (for every engine at once). In my controls I have two axis binded for 1 and 2 engine. It also works for a one engine planes like Russian fighter (I use mixture for engine one than), but not for the Hs129. Do we really need one more axis just to bind mixture for this plane? I understand that this plane has 2 engines and only one regulation of the mixture for both of them, but it would be rally nice to can operate it with axis binded to engine one. Thank you.
  2. Thank you. Really strange but at least I know what I'm standing on
  3. How to reload on Berloga server? After few fights I'm out of ammo. Tried to land on my air filed or wait to menu, but was punished for this... Asked players but none respond.
  4. Thx for the update! Nice to see some more WWI planes. I'm also a little bit disappointed of the crestive tempo of new theatre planes and maps. It looks like everything slower down since BoS and BoM. But I try to understand it. I have one question - is some upgrade of the engine of MP in plans? Since I have fpsVR I can see that every second on highly octupate servers like WOL comes a spike of high usage of cpu (I have i8600 @5GHz) and it sometimes make a gpu choking. VR frames go down and everything looks double. Was it addressed?
  5. Gr8 to hear! Flying with 170 fov is so much better than 110. Especially in dogfight. Any improvements would be very welcome.
  6. Hi Plank I saw you have quoted me here so I put my 2 cents Yes I think devs should pin post about some road map and bugs they know about. More important - do they want to work on some of it and when. Transparency is good for both sides. Instead I can feel their irritation. Not only devs but some... I don't want to offence anyone calling him funboy, but guys that really love this game. I can understand - I like it much too, but I still can see the problems here and there. I think the clouds are very important in flight (war) sim, right? But they rather sell you another plane or map than tell you when they plan to make another version and fix general problems like that one. First one allow to earn money, second not... Anyway BoX is quite OK and there is no alternative sadly, so what we can do is to forget about it, or play and shout some dirty words when attacker plane disappears right in front of us with the bugged cloud behind it
  7. Can anybody look at this: https://github.com/matzman666/OpenVR-InputEmulator ?
  8. Hey I./ZG15_Rab3 look at post of Nibbio and make every step of it. Should help.
  9. Like I said I converted touch to keyboard using autohotkey but this is not what we need. We need soft that converts pressing joy button or keyboard into touch controllers. Joy2key doesn't even see touch controllers.
  10. Ahh sorry. I was reading fast... my mistake.
  11. I dont think so. We rather need something like keytojoy... Here is also interesting thread: http://vjoystick.sourceforge.net/site/index.php/forum/4-Help/1206-key-to-joy If we can connect autohotkey with vjoy than maybe there is a chance for us sadly I can't even install vjoy, and dont know why (error during inst) Nibbio at what point you have a problem with configuration? Maybe I could help?
  12. It works! Very nice finding! But using a strap to mount my touch controller is no good idea I tried many things - demo of Driver4VR, autohotkey and nothing. I think that at this point we have to wait for someone bigger to create such a soft. BTW I was managed to bind oculus touch with keyboard like I hit A button on the touch and it gives me some letter on the keyboard. May be useful, but we need to make it in other direction.
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