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  1. Once I had the motion rig (mostly for simracing). I build it by myself with a lot of help guys from simtools. It was 2dof + Gseat + VR and I can tell You guys - GSeat is the way You should go if you can't use 360 degree build. It will give you much more than a shaker. Flying DCS was gr8 then and Il2 did not support motion, now it does, and it's great to hear. At last
  2. Hmm, so I think you've reached the limitation of the current cloud engine...
  3. Change cloud sample to 256 in the file for all of the sets. It helped me a lot with stuttering.
  4. P_Gora

    Better clouds

    Ok, but If I use the mod I can't play online. All I ask is to give us a choice. If you can put one option more in the graphic options it would be great for many and performance is no a problem in that case (I play this way in SP). In the mod there is only one parameter that makes everything better - clouds_samples. Give us option to set it to 256 or more. Please think of it.
  5. P_Gora

    Better clouds

    Hi Jason_Williams! Thank you for your post here. I'm trying to understand You (but still IMO it is more important to have solid basics than new planes or tanks... etc.) but... could You refer to my earlier post about the mod for better clouds? Maybe changing 1 line in the code (what will take 10 minutes or so) could give us all better animation of clouds. If anti-aliasing is complicated at the moment ok. But some small moves can be done I guess. Till the time you'll change the technology as you said. And the most important thing - people like me stop to grumble all the time about it I like Ił 2 very much and will still support you. I have the faith in you
  6. Cześć Raz na jakiś czas mam trochę czasu. Głównie wieczorem. Interesowałaby mnie jakaś współpraca w powietrzu na serwerze typu WOL czy coś podobnego. Ostatnio jestem mocniej nastawiony na rosyjskie samoloty, ale ostatecznie niemieckimi tez mogę polatać. Doświadczenie mam głównie w DCS, choć Iłka też już trochę męczę.
  7. P_Gora

    Better clouds

    Look at this video. It's not mine, but shows the problem quite well. At 3:55 you can see how ugly is that stuttering. When the angle to clouds changes everything look fine like in 5:05. You can repair it with simple mod (but than you can't enter online mode). I'don't believe it requires redone the clouds from scratch. Do the Devs comment something on this forum?
  8. P_Gora

    Better clouds

    screen is static
  9. P_Gora

    Better clouds

    Not true for me. In VR I can see very noticeable stuttering clouds in front of the plane. On the sides everything is ok... strange, but very disturbing and uncomfortable. Also very unrealistic.
  10. P_Gora

    Better clouds

    When I was starting this thread I didn't want to start any comparison or hate. So don't start telling ROF or whatever is better. Just was wandering what was Devs statement on this. I've red in the link above about some poll on this subject, but I can't find the results anywhere. That is for sure that actual clouds have few serious problems like spotting, animation, lighting etc. But in many aspects they are not bad. It's sad to repair these problems we need to wait forever, because that is what I here when somebody tells me - we don't have enough resources and a lot more important stuff to do. There is always new stuff on the horizon and it's great, but it shouldn't mean that imported, and basic stuff have to wait forever. So once more, maybe devs have something new to say?
  11. P_Gora

    Better clouds

    One guy here made a simple mod for better clouds... there are 4 lines, 4 parameters you can tweak to make it better. If you don't want to you don't have to, because they are already edited by maker. I edited only one thing - cloud sample rate. Increased it from 128 to 256. It repairs stuttering and I didn't see any impact on FPS, but I play VR, so on a monitor it can be different. Don't tell me it is hard work from scratch to implement this solution. One option in the UI more which give us so much better clouds... I also can't understand how somebody can say the clouds are not so important in the flight sim and don't have time for it... Please Devs - tell us that it will come in the next patch.
  12. P_Gora

    Better clouds

    Hi I really would like to know what Devs are planning to do with the actual clouds. They are quite nice in my opinion, but behave strange when you look ahead. Animation stutters awfully. Many people use the mod, but you can't connect to online game with it in most cases. Do you plan to recreate clouds or give us option to change cloud sample rate in the UI or maybe you don't see any problem and it will stay as it is? Would be grateful for any answer from the Devs.
  13. urn on mods in the menu after you copy the file.
  14. Thank you for this mod! It repairs what DEVS don't till now. I edited some lines like this: clouds_quality=3 clouds_samples=256 effects_samples=1 Now stutters are gone form me. In VR I've got mostly 90FPS. Clouds are more steady, but I rather it that way than with this 1FPS animation in front of our nose Is it some way to change these parameters but not use the mod, to be able to start MP game with such a settings?
  15. I've found solution, but only with MODS ON, so it's useless in MP mostly... This mod: and I edited some lines like this: clouds_quality=3 clouds_samples=256 effects_samples=1 Now cloud looks more stable, but I don't see this ugly animation like 1FPS ;( DEVS, please repair the clouds for us. It's very important thing while you're flying. With actual settings it looks like 10 years old game. It's a pity, because everything else is on much better level.
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