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  1. EDIT: Never mind. I had my startup.cfg set to read only. That was my problem. You can delete this post.
  2. Can you tell me where in key mappings to find “Reset HMD”? I cannot find it. I see a default VR view in Pilot Head Controls. But that's all.
  3. Those Stukas sure are beautiful! Sad to have missed the fun. The good news is that only the cabin is affected. House is clean, for now.
  4. I am going to have to bow out, sadly. Discovered a termite problem in the cabin next to my house this week, and the inspector just called and will come today in the middle of the mission time. So, no fun for me, and likely a big expense!
  5. I just bought the VKB pedals, before they became available again from VKB. I’m loving them. Excellent pedals. I bought both the regular Gladiator and the Gadiator Pro, and this recent pedal purchase from the Xplane store. They don’t seem to sell the pro anymore. https://store.x-plane.org/VKB-Controllers_c_295.html
  6. Thanks, Razor. The other Heinkel pilot didn't show, so I wound up flying the Junkers (and getting killed while loading wounded soldiers....is there no respect for the red cross anymore?!?! 🙂). Great fun! Thanks again Tip for these wonderful missions.
  7. I’m going to be able to make it. Stick me in a Heineken with Netscape. But don’t expect us not to perhaps get lost! And it’s been a while since I’ve flown the beast.
  8. Give Luse the Ju-52, and if I can make it, I’ll fill in on the Axis side where needed, perhaps in the He-111, which still seems to need pilots.
  9. Put me as maybe for the Ju-52 then. Spits seem to be filling up fine.
  10. I should probably just be put on a standby list, since I may be helping my som move into his new apartment this Friday. But, if not, I can fill in where needed, perhaps in a Spit, or the other Ju-52.
  11. You may indeed be having fun, but that’s not “just” what is happening. Many are trying to reserve slots before slots are there to reserve. Line forms tomorrow. 😉
  12. I think Tip works very hard on these missions, and if he says plane sets are not finalized and signups will be Sunday, all of us can be patient and wait to raise our virtual hands and ask for planes until then.
  13. I believe Tip said signups will be this Sunday.
  14. Hmmmm....doesn’t sound like a problem with this campaign in any way. Are you complaining that the AI is set to Veteran or something like that? Or just about the AI in general? AI is hard to get right in any sim. But I don’t think they are too good in this one. Isn't AI skill level set by the difficulty setting you choose?
  15. Embarrassing flight for me. I stuck to my flight leader like glue, but we never saw much to attack. I’m so used to flying Axis that when we finally saw some Russian T-34 tanks, I quickly dropped my bombs on them. Luckily, my aim was bad and I did no damage! And my flight was polite enough not to call me out for attacking my own tanks!! Then I was shot down by a sneaky 109. At least I destroyed two bridges. Thanks again, TX_Tip, for all the hard work and hosting. Great to be back in the virtual skies fighting again!
  16. Climbing is tricky. If you’re behind the power curve and not on the step, trying to stay with a group in a climb will cook your engines quickly. Try to build extra speed in the takeoff phase before the climb gets going. Get above the group if possible. Then you can adjust to stay with them with a little excess power.
  17. I’ll take the remaining IL-2, if possible. Time to switch things up and get to know the allied planes a bit better.
  18. I’ll be waiting to buy TC until a tab for tank controls is provided. I’m sure they’ll add it sooner or later as they fully integrate this module into the sim.
  19. My best times in any IL2 franchise was carrier missions in the Slot fighting Zeroes with Wildcats. I long for that kind of action again.
  20. I’m interested. As a WoT addict and also War Thunder player (tanks...not planes), I’d love to actually drive tanks in a sim, but worry that this element may not develop into a full working package. A lot of irons in the fire at the moment. I’m all for supporting development, and have almost all other content, including FC, but $70 is quite a bit if this pack withers on the vine. Jason calls it an “experiment.” It’s a pricy experiment. The fact that Thad is working on missions nudges me a bit, though.
  21. I don’t have the P-40 and would like to enter the drawing.
  22. And he only had to wait just over a year!!
  23. I think the main points have been covered. Flights too long: many people find the historic immersion of this excellent flight simulator to be the foundation of their enjoyment, and prefer to actually fly over the scenery realistically, looking for the enemy and finding the engagement with them when it comes. “Just flying” is very enjoyable for many of us, and not a problem in any way. If you don’t enjoy that aspect, then pick a mode that doesn’t require it. There are many. Demanding every mode suit your particular preferences is impractical and counter-productive. That’s why ther
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