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  1. Perhaps some shrapnel from the crash killed a few ground crew personnel. Nice gunnery.
  2. Thanks, Iceman! $. And for some reason Windows doesn't open archives on my computer.
  3. Hello Iceman, Could you make your skins in an unzipped folder. You're skins are flat out amazing, but I don't want to use WinZip. Thanks, RDW
  4. I lowered the graphics all the way and now I can get around 40 to 50 fps. Still looks okay though.
  5. How do you get such high frame rate? Looks amazing!
  6. I think the MiG will be a fun plane. On one of the test pilot interviews that the Devs did back in BOS development, I think the pilot said that the MiG turns better than the I-16.
  7. My dog died Monday. We buried her in the yard where she always liked to relax.
  8. RDW

    what's your age?

    I might be the youngest here. I should get my friends into this.
  9. We should be happy we are even playing this game at all. They didn't have to spend their weekends at the office trying to make this game great.
  10. On final approach to a greaser landing, this simulator is.
  11. Of course you would guess that.
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