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  1. For your Custom Shader to work, as in these screenshots, is it necessary to check the "Mods On" option in game setttings? I, too, feel that the BoS sky looks too greenish.
  2. Ah, Thank you! I can see that you slightly increased the contrast of the screenshot when photoshopping it, but did you do anything else to it? For instance, did you modify its colours?
  3. It seems to me that the colours of these screenshots look a bit different from those seen in the original game, and they do look good. Did you use SweetFX? If so, what are your settings?
  4. So the in-game AP-HE-HE belt of the MG151/20 seems strange, and so does it that the belt cannot be customised like those of some other aircraft cannons.
  5. With regard to flight model, you may be imagining what reality should be. Just my impression. For instance you mentioned recoil, but a WWII aircraft in combat generally weighs more than 3 tons, therefore for it to fire some connon shells, each weighing a hundred grams or so (as in the case of MG151/20), actually will not generate that much recoil. Also, at a propper range, a little more gun spread may even increase the number of shells hitting the target, instead of decreasing it. It is possible.
  6. I think this is the metalic bar -- or, if missing, where it should be. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- [ a separate post ] ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Among the images in Talon_'s first and second posts in this thread, there is this 109; but I suspect that this 109 is not using the original armour glass, since this piece of armour glass does not fit into its metalic frame (see the red lines in the second image below).
  7. It is from Talon_'s second post in this thread. Basically, yes. But in this argument one needs to put in the missing logical links himself.
  8. The in-game 109s' frontal glass upper bar looks very similar to the following bar as viewed from this particular angle: here the pilot's "eyes" are strickly stuck on the ceiling of the canopy. (Image quoted from a previous post.)
  9. With a 30 mm cannon, instant kill against a fighter other than the p47 is not at all 'arcade', as some, particularly red, pilots are crying.
  10. +1 The 3.008 DM is the alpha or beta version of an improved model.
  11. I know someone who does, but he has no free time now. However, there are plenty of videos in which target aircraft fuel tank explosion is recorded, e.g.: I will stop discussing it, for fear that this thread will get locked.
  12. It is only your own guess; but, of course, feel free to express it.
  13. Has anyone did any extensive quantitive research on these matters? I used to watch a great number of such videos too. We can see one terribly BIG fireball , at least 8 meters in diameter if my guess is correct -- THAT could be an MK108 hit. The first image is the hit; the second image the frame right after the hit, for viewing how large the b17 is.
  14. Thank you for the reply. I disagree; it is not totally certain that that gun camera footage is from an Me163 combat mission. The producer may have put some other fighter's gun camera video there, only to illustrate an air combat against the B17s. If it were a whole German gun camera recording with the Luftwaffe's note in it saying that it was recorded by an Me163 gun camera, that would be convincing evidence. I am afraid that the title of the video is wrong.
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