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  1. ( In addition to what was said in a previous post of mine. ) Besides their bottoms being over-bluish, the BoX clouds look bad for a second reason, less severe: their bottoms are generally too dark. This makes the clouds look more opaque than is natural. And we must not forget that the cloud bottoms receive light reflected from the ground, which to a certain degree illuminates them. But it is pleasant to see that this over-dark cloud bottom ugliness has also been corrected in this mod.
  2. It was my fault that I failed to mention that I was mainly talking about the colours of clouds. The clouds in the old RoF are, I think, admittedly less realistic than those in BoX (for being more simplistic), but nevertheless much more harmonious looking together with the sky and the ground in terms of colours. --------------------------------- (a separat post) What I find ugly and unrealistic as well about the BoX coulds is that their colours are badly represented, the most promiment problem being that the bottoms of thick clouds are all too bluish (which has been corrected in rowdyb00t's mod). The bottoms of clouds that are not too high, actually receive light reflected from the ground, and so the colours of those parts contain a certain amount of the colour of the ground -- brown for instance. I would agree that the very bluish cloud bottoms do exist in reality for very huge thick clouds, but generally the bluishness of clouds is far overdone in BoX. The image below is taken from a screenshots thread; here the over-bluish (in other cases perhaps even a little purplish) cloud bottoms are obvious. To correct it, a certain amout of the ground colour (mainly brown if it is not a winter map and if the ground is not covered by too much forest, but mainly green if there are larges areas of green forest on the ground) should be added to the cloud bottom colour. (But of course the colour of sunlight can also be a factor to consider when determining the colours of clouds, if it is not the white light at noon.)
  3. I totally agree. Indeed great work! If only the mod could be used without checking the Mod option. To be honest, I have always found that the BoX cloud is the ugliest thing in this sim, and not realistic either.
  4. The problem described is really a bit strange, but not very serious it seems. Wish that the custom graphic driver developed by your friend can some day be officially released.
  5. Extending the wheel strut to see where the line meets the top of the cowling will perhaps reveal the error more clearly.
  6. The Normandy map in IL-2 1946 was the most beautiful map among the IL-2 1946 maps. Hope this Normandy map will be so too.
  7. Ah, thanks for the explanation . I did wonder, after searching for it, why I couldn't find this "Custom Graphic Driver".
  8. Is this wireframe view of the Bf109 G6's 3D model in BoX ?
  9. Yes, exactly. The angle, not the width, of that bar in the sim is wrong, which is 90 degrees to the side bar of the armor glass, as indicated in the screenshot I later added to that post, and because of this mistake the bar in the sim looks extremely thick. Certain posts on page 1 of this topic have already made it clear. I believe that regarding this issue Willy Messerschmitt must have made the better choice.
  10. The comparison with the historical photograph I posted above is not meant to be a proof as such of the 3d-model bug, but for people to better sense the problem. The proof has already been provided by the OP's picture:
  11. ... and without the other half sitting at home laughing at you ... 😂
  12. Thanks! Thank you for the reply and for the extra information about "Custom Graphic Driver". I'll have a look at that .
  13. The angles are not absolutely the same, but you can definitely see what is wrong in the sim. If you can't, well, I can't say anything more. By the way, the gunsight in the historical photograph is placed higher than normally seen in the sim.
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