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  1. Here are your answers (or the usual ones anyway) are you complaining or flying? most of us are flying bombers we only fly blue at least you have a target rich environment war isnt fair my squad only likes to fly together quit whining
  2. 33 blues vs 5 reds last night 8pm GMT was quickly vs 2 reds, because we left. what is the mentality behind this? you get laughed out the server for mentioning it.
  3. exactly as i said, they should be embarrassed, i bet on their squad forums they are handing out virtual medals for how courageous and successful they have been, slapping each other on the back and drinking virtual schnapps, this is whats wrong with this server right now, the likes of JG4 arent interested in competition, and are actually afraid of any competition, only wanting the easy win to show how great they are. They should talk about skill only when they have shown some, anyone can fly in a superior aircraft, with superior numbers, and game mechanics geared for them to win, and comfortably win.....
  4. but not numbers as in............perhaps, number of blue players compared to red, how convenient. why do you think i only flew 13 hours norz? come on, lets see if you get it yet.....come on, its gotta be rattling around in there somewhere, why did i only fly 13 hours?
  5. norz, ill explain, this is a multiplayer campaign, a competitive campaign, if the teams are always stacked to one side, THERE IS NO COMPETITION!!!! its one team gangbanging their way through the campaign, patting each other on the back for a job well done, when really they should be embarresed of them selves, we get it, people like to fly blue, but at the cost of what? ruining the best server we have, this is how simple it is norz, people should change sides, or the server will have no one playing it! Im now blocking you because im 100% certain your either very simple minded or nothing but a troll looking to wind people up.
  6. Kruger, even splitting your squad on the next campaign would help balance numbers, then in the campaign after, swap sides within your squad, make it a little contest between yourselves and you will really see the issues red is up against. come and show us how JG4 plan missions, how JG4 always have numerical advantage, you wouldnt be so wise with your advice after 3 maps, its falling on deaf ears i know, because you simply will not change sides. if the numbers arent balanced then how can the devs make changes to the campaign? heres a way, blue has 109E all way through the campaign, that would be a more realistic balance, because there would be no blue flying after map 2. i would honestly like to see a complete team shutout, if one team has ten pilots more than the other, no more players of the larger team can join, thats how simple it needs to be.
  7. Wasn’t you just bragging about knowing what a LAMP server is??
  8. this isnt a bank heist, you wont get shanked for snitching, grow up ffs, if you have information on a cheater then please tell someone, let it be known who it was, even if it is to tell the il2 devs!
  9. Suicidal? That’s why the blues can destroy airfields, because they have a number of players who don’t care about being killed, they will attack an airfield 2-3 times in a row being killed each time, but each time reducing the effectiveness of the AA, another example of gaming the game.
  10. where has norz gone? who is this guy typing in his place?? thats better norz....suggestions instead of just objections. 😊
  11. its monday today norz norz: "no its is not" or norz: "for blue it is, for red, no" with the system i mentioned, gaining points via killing ground targets could really matter, also points could be changed as hot dog mentioned......if one side is heavily outnumbered then any points scored could be doubled, thats reward for heroic actions.
  12. i like this idea, or something similar......perhaps standard planes are just always available, and with each map, the extra planes or the +1 planes are acquired with obtaining rank, not through CM +1. so if you are a captain for instance, the standard aircraft is a mig 3 and you can always fly this in unlimited amounts, but the +1 aircraft is a yak1.69. which is unlocked as you are of sufficient rank, and you can fly these to an unlimited amount, but once you lose this rank, then you are back to mig 3's. this would promote pilot preservation rather than aircraft preservation.
  13. Because Esports games are balanced, and this isn’t, what is wrong with you? Why argue with everything? Are there consistently more blues? Yes or no? does that make for a fun and fair campaign for both sides? Yes or no? should the server be exploited and gamed just because there are no rules written about the underhand method or tactic? Yes or no? is this server about win at all costs, in anyway possible, or is it about trying to recreate a semi historic, semi realistic campaign through the limited resources the devs have available?
  14. Norz, are you saying you need a list of hundreds of rules? Or can you use your own brain a little? If Kathon was to create a list of rules for xjammer not to do, he would be writing them forever, you don’t need rules to know that something’s wrong, or your not playing the server in the spirit it should be, if you seriously think you do need things spelling out to you in black and white then maybe this servers not for you. Rule 1) don’t exploit the game or server Rule 2) don’t exploit the game or server Rule 3) don’t exploit the game or server
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