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  1. Ok, so you've tried the link with no problems? Thankyou 🙂
  2. Thanks kuk111, have you used this link yourself?
  3. Hi, I recently downloaded OpenComposite for VR to use instead of Steam VR. I downloaded from the Reddit page - https://www.reddit.com/r/oculus/comments/9nxixe/systemwide_installation_for_opencomposite_released/). When I went to download from this page some boxes appeared and then dissapeared on my screen and soon afterwards my computer was hacked... of course it might just be a coincidence, but after resetting my PC to a fresh install of Windows 10 and downloading all my apps and programs again, I am reluctant to use the same source for OpenComposite. Can someone please advise me of a trustworthy source from which to download this handy utility? Does anyone have experience of downloading from - https://sourceforge.net/projects/opencomposite/ Thanks in advance, Algy-Lacey
  4. I remember reading that with the early Spitfires... (as well as balooning of the aileron fabric) at higher speeds the pilot didn't have enough muscle to move the control column enough to get full movement / deflection of the ailerons. It would make sense that they would reduce the span of the ailerons on later models so that there wouldn't be such high control forces. Reduced span ailerons might actually mean a quicker roll rate, or that's how the logic works in my mind
  5. Cool, thanks. And then if I want to change the map size I press M right?
  6. Hi, I'm just getting into single player offline flying... mostly using Vander's Easy Mission Generator. What do I press to view the map? Do I need to bind a button on my flightstick? Thanks, Algy-Lacey
  7. Whatever the developers plan to do after BoN it seems that an engine upgrade is needed. Not being able to support big bomber formations rules out Battle of Britain, Malta, and Defense of the Reich modules. Any kind of Naval warfare in the Pacific would need optimization of the ship AI and anti aircraft guns at the very least. If they were to develop the game engine to use all 4 processor cores then any of the above become possible (I reckon). I really want to see the massive high altitude air battles that happened over Britain or Malta for example. Or shipping convoys. I'm not even sure how they are going to represent the Normandy landings with the limitations of the current game engine. Hundreds of ships and boats, Battleships providing cover fire for the landings, mullbery harbours with loads of tanks, huge amounts of artillery and AA and gliders / Dakota's with paratroopers. Typhoon's and P-38's etc providing air support, perhaps dozens of aircraft in the air. All at the same time. It will be interesting to see how the developers manage it. I fear that they won't be able to cover the actual landings and just do before and after scenarios. Algy-Lacey
  8. I'm a tad tech-illiterate when it comes to how game engine's work, but I have heard that IL-2 Great Battles only uses 1 processor core, is that right? If so, why not add a new component to the existing game engine that utilizes 1 or 2 unused processor cores, you could have 1 core solely dedicated to massive bomber formations. For when the formation is outside of a pre-determined range of the players' 'bubble' you could have an algorithm deciding the likelihood of intercepting fighters scoring kills vs the bombers or of the bombers' gunners hitting a fighter. Then, when you get to the sort of range when you are planning which bomber to target, individual flight model and gunner AI get activated along with the complex damage model we've come to expect. You could have say two or three boxes of four aircraft with the expected level of AI and damage model, with the next 12 planes (in their 'boxes') with simplified FM and DM until you get within range to make an attack (0.5 Km? 1 Km?). I know that there are many of us who want to actually fly a 'heavy' with all crew positions modelled : This seems more of a question of the resources of time and money that the developers can afford to throw at modelling heavies, which is a seperate issue to being able to model hundreds of bombers in the air at one time, which is a PC resources issue as well as needing an improved game engine. Thoughts on this?
  9. I went to my local PC World and got one of their 'off the shelf' Acer Predator. It probably cost 10 - 15% more than a built one. It has great cooling well thought out case. It is very quiet, has taken every upgrade that I have thrown at it including processor from i5-6400 to an i5-6600k, memory to 16Gb DDR4, 120Gb SSD as well as a terrabyte Hard Drive and a new 480Gb SSD with IL-2 on it. The graphics card is entry level for VR a, GTX1060 6Gb (Next time I would get a GTX2070 or similar, but I find it runs my Oculus Rift CV1 just fine with ASW at 45fps at medium settings. Very smooth now. I've spent over £1000 in all, but that's still way less than $2,800
  10. Each to their own, I would love to see a mid-war New Guinea first with a cracking planeset... I would want to see P-40b of The Flying Tigers, SpitfireVc, Ki-43 Hayabusa, A6M3 or A6M5 Zero just for starters. No need to tie up masses of developer resources to model and create a Carrier Fleet, with Frigates, Destroyers with their AA, Cruisers with tons of AA, Battleships+++AA and Aircraft Carriers. It would also need a lot of processing power from your system. Leave that for a different BoX Cheers Algy-Lacey
  11. I will change the In Game setting of clouds up a notch and see if it has a detrimental impact on fps. Thanks!
  12. I fly in VR with an Oculus Rift CV1 and have noticed a great increase in performance since they switched to 'deffered shading'. I used to do sightseeing on the Kuban map and with no SuperSampling had framerates anywhere between 30 and 45 fps with ASW on @ 45Hz. I could only run on LOW graphics in the In-game settings and Anti Aliasing = 2 Since the update everything is smooth as butter and I get a constant 44 - 45 fps even on the ground and over towns. So I put the In-game graphics settings up a notch to HIGH... ...I also used the gpresets mod and changed the tree rendering distance from (something like) = 3 to the same setting as used in the ULTRA preset = 5. Back in the cockpit it was still smooth, no stutters and a constant 44 - 45 fps. I don't know what they've done, but for me with my marginal rig for VR it has become oh so much more playable! My rig is in my sig Algy-Lacey Hi RedKestrel With the optimisation they did with the clouds, has it stopped the old 'boiling clouds' shimmering that were the bane of IL-2 stock clouds? I had to adjust some settings in gpresets (MOD) to get good looking clouds (clouds samples changed from 64 to 128) but now that doesn't seem to be working anymore? Should I try increasing the clouds quality in Game Settings? Cheers Algy-Lacey
  13. dburne your name comes up on most of the threads I post in, thanks for being such a legend! Algy-Lacey
  14. Hi again. I need to download and install Open Composite again... Please can someone recommend a safe place to download Open Composite from? Thanks, Algy-Lacey
  15. Hi desolunatic! Thanks for that. Please can you tell me which binding in game settings does the old style zoom? (press button to zoom in / release button to zoom back to default) Is it Quick zoom in Pilot Head controls? I wasn't sure Algy-Lacey
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