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  1. I just watched this clip and at several points I couldn't tell if it were real or simulation. That's magical. I want this in VR.
  2. I've only tried the Oculus Rift CV1 which I bought as a deal with two touch controllers for £350. Every time I don't play it, after when I then go back and plug in the feeling is immense. I actually 'feel' like I'm there in that Spitfire and yeah, wow, when I look down and see the ground at 5000 feet, it feels like about 5000ft. The extra context and 'being there' feel turns it into something better than any other game has ever brought me. I know I'm waxing lyrical and there are better headsets out there, but, for me, only having played the standard Rift it's at no.1 spot with the power of the rig I've got. Three Cheers for Il-2 and VR! Hip-hip...
  3. My Stepdad's father, D C R Macdonald, started the war as a Spitfire pilot, flew and fought in the battle of britain and went on to have a distinguished career in the R.A.F. I remember him telling me that after the end of the war the R.A.F were selling aircraft to whoever would by them, you could buy a Mosquito - but who wanted to? No one could afford to run one! I was amazed. Who wouldn't part with (in those days) a small amount of money to have a warbird?! But so many went to the scrapyard... R.I.P 'Nick'
  4. Fair comment Dagwoodyt I run Windows 10 Home with all of the updates and security fixes up to date. Never tried Il-2 Great Battles on any other operating system. Trek64Trek64 I would suggest that you upgrade and get Windows 10.
  5. With my Oculus Rift CV1 there is a slider that physically moves the lenses closer together or further apart... What a step backwards for the Rift S I have an Inter Pupil Distance of around 66mm on my Rift CV1 slider and I have quite wide eyes
  6. You're welcome 🙂 Il-2 famously doesn't best utilize multiple CPU cores... everything seems to operate on 1 processor core. If, as Mitthrawnuruodo suggests, your CPU has a low single core speed then that overclock to 4Ghz + seems like a wise idea if you want to play missions with large amounts of AI aircraft and ground units (which will put more strain on the CPU). That is why I have bought a better processor that I can overclock. Your choice of Rift S is a good one in my opinion. I love my Rift CV1 and the Rift S is even better from what I have read. See you in the skies! Algy-Lacey
  7. I somewhat dissagree with what Dutch2 has said. I have a very low end GPU for VR, a GTX1060 6Gb... and an even worse CPU, An i5 6400 2.7Ghz. In one sense Dutch is correct in that to run VR, for example with the Oculus Rift, many people want to have a smooth 90 frames per second, and to run at that speed you need a CPU with a very good single core speed and overclocked to around 5Ghz, as well as super fast memory AND a top notch GPU. But it is possible to run eg. Oculus Rift at 45 frames per second - using something called ASW - and have a very enjoyable experience. Because I don't have the processor speed (or GPU) needed to run at 90 fps, Oculus Rift automatically switches on ASW and runs at 45 fps, but for me this is fine, the image is smooth, only occasional stutters and the feeling of immersion is incredible, you'll never go back to 2d just you wait! Like I said, I have a 2.7Ghz i5 6400, and I can maintain 45 fps at all times with 8 AI aircraft and quite high graphics settings. So that I can enjoy more AI in missions I have done a cheap processor upgrade (which I have yet to install) to an i5 6700k which I will give a mild overclock to 4.2Ghz or so. In my opinion, there are a lot of VR players on this forum who insist on a smooth 90 fps and the necessary beast of a system to run the game, without mentioning that it will run just fine at half the framerate. This might put off new players who want to try VR. Warm regards Algy-Lacey
  8. For me it's hard to tell, I thought my framerates were down a bit since the last time I played which was without Oculus Home, but I could be imagining things. I've got an i5 6700k to install yet, so might see the framerates come up again 🙂 Thanks for the response.
  9. I'm getting no image as well. Any Ideas? I have just returned to Il-2 Sturmovik Great Battles after a year away. It used to work fine but now it seems that I need Oculus Home running in order to have an image in the Rift CV1 headset. I had disabled it by right clicking the icon, going to properties, selecting the compatability tab then I checked the run as administrator box... It showed the game on screen but nothing in the headset. Starting the game doesn't give an image either, unless Oculus Home is already running. Has anyone found a work around?
  10. Awwww, you guys! A thousand thank-you's!! I don't know what I've done to deserve such generosity! I can't stop smiling! I have a friend who plays that space trading and combat game: Elite Dangerous... I'll subtly enquire if he might be interested in a proper Combat Flight Sim and if he's interested I will pass on the love and gift him Il-2 Battle of Kuban Premium, bring another player 'into the fold' as they say. Thanks again and have a great weekend
  11. I finally caught on to what you meant... I had a look in my Il-2 license keys and there it is!!! Battle of Moscow here I come! Thank you so much LuseKofte! That's so kind of you, you've made my day Now I have enough funds to buy Battle of Stalingrad this month, and the U-2VS for training / sightseeing. Algy
  12. I'll have a look at my bank balance and see what's possible! I don't mind giving 1C more of my money when they're not in the sale any longer... money well spent.
  13. "How many would be ready to dish out some money to buy those packs from the whole customer base, is not clear for me." I for one would pay for an "Immersion experience expansion pack", Some moving infantry, more vehicles etc. But this idea might run into problems with compatibility, some users who have the pack creating missions that people without the pack wouldn't be able to run. Scrap that - I just remembered that the objects would be available to all users, just unlocked for those who have bought the pack. I may be mistaken. I do think they could make some of WW2's most desirable aircraft as collectors aircraft and charge a lot more for them, as I've said above. New maps as well. Now I'm going to put my money where my mouth is and buy Battle of Moscow this month, Battle of Stalingrad next month. And I'd like a Yak 1b so might buy that as well.
  14. Hi there, Just a question about Il-2 Launcher... I'm not always on the internet, so for me the problem is that when Il-2 Launcher loads up, it tries to check for updates and because I'm not on the internet there's no 'Play' red button. Is there a technical work-around to let Il-2 launcher work and allow it to work offline? Can I simply click Il-2.exe and load up the game without Il-2 Launcher? I hope that someone can help. Cheers Algy
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