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  1. I went to my local PC World and got one of their 'off the shelf' Acer Predator. It probably cost 10 - 15% more than a built one. It has great cooling well thought out case. It is very quiet, has taken every upgrade that I have thrown at it including processor from i5-6400 to an i5-6600k, memory to 16Gb DDR4, 120Gb SSD as well as a terrabyte Hard Drive and a new 480Gb SSD with IL-2 on it. The graphics card is entry level for VR a, GTX1060 6Gb (Next time I would get a GTX2070 or similar, but I find it runs my Oculus Rift CV1 just fine with ASW at 45fps at medium settings. Very smooth now. I've spent over £1000 in all, but that's still way less than $2,800
  2. Each to their own, I would love to see a mid-war New Guinea first with a cracking planeset... I would want to see P-40b of The Flying Tigers, SpitfireVc, Ki-43 Hayabusa, A6M3 or A6M5 Zero just for starters. No need to tie up masses of developer resources to model and create a Carrier Fleet, with Frigates, Destroyers with their AA, Cruisers with tons of AA, Battleships+++AA and Aircraft Carriers. It would also need a lot of processing power from your system. Leave that for a different BoX Cheers Algy-Lacey
  3. I will change the In Game setting of clouds up a notch and see if it has a detrimental impact on fps. Thanks!
  4. I fly in VR with an Oculus Rift CV1 and have noticed a great increase in performance since they switched to 'deffered shading'. I used to do sightseeing on the Kuban map and with no SuperSampling had framerates anywhere between 30 and 45 fps with ASW on @ 45Hz. I could only run on LOW graphics in the In-game settings and Anti Aliasing = 2 Since the update everything is smooth as butter and I get a constant 44 - 45 fps even on the ground and over towns. So I put the In-game graphics settings up a notch to HIGH... ...I also used the gpresets mod and changed the tree rendering distance from (something like) = 3 to the same setting as used in the ULTRA preset = 5. Back in the cockpit it was still smooth, no stutters and a constant 44 - 45 fps. I don't know what they've done, but for me with my marginal rig for VR it has become oh so much more playable! My rig is in my sig Algy-Lacey Hi RedKestrel With the optimisation they did with the clouds, has it stopped the old 'boiling clouds' shimmering that were the bane of IL-2 stock clouds? I had to adjust some settings in gpresets (MOD) to get good looking clouds (clouds samples changed from 64 to 128) but now that doesn't seem to be working anymore? Should I try increasing the clouds quality in Game Settings? Cheers Algy-Lacey
  5. dburne your name comes up on most of the threads I post in, thanks for being such a legend! Algy-Lacey
  6. Hi again. I need to download and install Open Composite again... Please can someone recommend a safe place to download Open Composite from? Thanks, Algy-Lacey
  7. Hi desolunatic! Thanks for that. Please can you tell me which binding in game settings does the old style zoom? (press button to zoom in / release button to zoom back to default) Is it Quick zoom in Pilot Head controls? I wasn't sure Algy-Lacey
  8. I am about to take a flight in VR for the first time in a while (I had to install a new SSD and transfer my game over) and I'm not sure how the new zoom with it's different levels works in practice? 1) Is it the same as the old zoom? In that, you press a button to zoom in, let go of the button and it zooms back out automatically? 2) Why the different levels of zoom? Does this mean you have to assign a different button for each level of zoom? 3) Or can you map two buttons, one to incrementally zoom in, one to incrementally zoom out? What is this binding called, in game settings? Is it possible to have the zoom work the same as before the update? Press button to zoom in / release button to zoom back out? Again, what is this binding called, in game settings? Thanks for taking the time to read this, Algy-Lacey
  9. Hi Jnhoward, welcome to IL-2 Great Battles! My landline broadband is sluggishly slow. So I am also interested to hear if people have a good experience with a 4G mobile router. I would ideally like to play online, but at the moment with landline that's just not possible as I get 200 Kb/s max. Mobile internet can be as fast as 50 Mb/s, or so they say. Thoughts anyone?
  10. That's cool. What are the conditions for a mission being successful? And does the result of the mission impact on future missions? It would be great if successfully taking a photo of the target would affect the big picture ie. bombers would then fly out to bomb the target you have identified. Or if in an online scenario : coming home with photos of a target then makes the target appear on a map for other players to go and destroy. These are just "wouldn't it be cool... if..." ideas.
  11. Hello. I will have a look for previous discussions and maybe delete this thread. There's no point in discussing the same topic again and again. I hope that the developers know of the interest that photo recon generates in the community. Can you please say a little about how it works in RoF? Cheers Algy-Lacey
  12. This is just an idea but if people like it I will put it in the Thread To Gather Your Suggestions. The developers could add a new feature to the sim by moddeling photo reconnaissance aircraft and their cameras. You fly to the place that needs surveying and basically take a black and white screenshot. I can imagine flying at low level below radar deep into enemy territory, trying to evade interception and taking photographs to gain valuable inteligence for your bomber squadrons or ground operations. For the Allies there were a number of different PR Spitfire variants, 2 of which could be made from existing or upcoming aircraft. For example the FR (Fighter-Reconnaissance) Mk.IX which retained the standard guns of the Mk.IX but also had an obliquely mounted F.24 camera pointing sideways from the rear fuselage. This was intended for low level photography. This would be easy to make from the existing Mk.IX but I am not sure if it had the 'C' wing or the 'E' wing with .50 cals. Or the developers could make the unarmed Spitfire PR Mk.XIX which operated at high altitudes with vertical mounted F.8 or F.52 cameras, or at low altitudes with the obliquely mounted F.24 camera, the PR Mk.XIX is a Mk.XIV fuselage with PR Mk.XI wings with no guns, but extra fuel tanks and a PR Mk.X pressurised cabin on some aircraft. This aircraft could be made from the upcoming Spitfire Mk.XIV. Which of these two aircraft would you prefer? For the Luftwaffe (wiki says) the Arado 234 C4 was used as an armed recon aircraft with 4 x 20mm cannon and fitted with 2 cameras. Can anyone find information on this aircraft? eg. how were the cameras placed? Was it intended for high altitude operations or low level? There is also the Focke Wulf 189 Uhu which is a dedicated Reconnaissance aircraft. However, it is slow and doesn't have a high altitude sevice ceiling at 7000m (23,000ft). How could this work so that gaining inteligence on a target would give an advantage to your side online or in a career? If implemented well I think this would add another good aspect to this already great flight sim. Cheers, Algy-Lacey
  13. Fair comment. If you're Italian then, yes, the MC.202 is available for the Battle of Moscow... but if I was Italian I would want to see one of the Serie 5 fighters such as the MC.205V, Fiat G.55 or Re.2005, in online servers these would be competitive against Spitfire IX's and P-51 Mustangs. If you are Finnish then the only good fighter aircraft that they flew were the Hawker Hurricane (about 15 of them IIRC) and the Gloster Gladiator (about 30 aircraft). They also flew the Brewster Buffalo (40 or so aircraft) and the Polikarpov I-153. Maybe I could swap out the Gladiator for the Buffalo? I only know of one Romanian aircraft, the IAR 80, so I put that in there. if you're French then there are very few 'good' aircraft types that they flew. The Dewoitine D.520 is only good for early war scenarios so I bent the rules to include the Yak-3 as there was the famous Normandie-Niemen squadron of french pilots. And (I would have thought) the Asian market would love to see a Ki-84 Hayate or N1K2-J Shiden. If the developers of this sim do get around to making a Pacific scenario, I would guess that they would do an early war scenario that featured famous aircraft such as the A6m2 Zero, Ki-43 Oscar and G4m2 Betty. So one late war variant wouldn't detract from their project. This is the thinking behind my post. Algy-Lacey
  14. Fair enough. Personally I would love to see a small map with a couple of islands to go with the Japanese aircraft (Easy to make, quick £ $) just like was done in IL-2 1946. For Italians I would happily pretend that the Kuban map was Italy! I've been cheeky putting the Yak-3 as a french aircraft because of the Normandie Niemen squadron. But as you say, the developers might want to have this aircraft in the lineup for a late eastern front pack. D'oh! Didn't think that through... did I?!
  15. Thanks, I'll check it out. Our polls might have a different emphasis, I was only choosing aircraft for each of the countries that aren't represented in the sim yet. I thought this might draw additional customers in... Cheers Algy-Lacey
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