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  1. Awwww, you guys! A thousand thank-you's!! I don't know what I've done to deserve such generosity! I can't stop smiling! I have a friend who plays that space trading and combat game: Elite Dangerous... I'll subtly enquire if he might be interested in a proper Combat Flight Sim and if he's interested I will pass on the love and gift him Il-2 Battle of Kuban Premium, bring another player 'into the fold' as they say. Thanks again and have a great weekend
  2. I finally caught on to what you meant... I had a look in my Il-2 license keys and there it is!!! Battle of Moscow here I come! Thank you so much LuseKofte! That's so kind of you, you've made my day Now I have enough funds to buy Battle of Stalingrad this month, and the U-2VS for training / sightseeing. Algy
  3. I'll have a look at my bank balance and see what's possible! I don't mind giving 1C more of my money when they're not in the sale any longer... money well spent.
  4. "How many would be ready to dish out some money to buy those packs from the whole customer base, is not clear for me." I for one would pay for an "Immersion experience expansion pack", Some moving infantry, more vehicles etc. But this idea might run into problems with compatibility, some users who have the pack creating missions that people without the pack wouldn't be able to run. Scrap that - I just remembered that the objects would be available to all users, just unlocked for those who have bought the pack. I may be mistaken. I do think they could make some of WW2's most desirable aircraft as collectors aircraft and charge a lot more for them, as I've said above. New maps as well. Now I'm going to put my money where my mouth is and buy Battle of Moscow this month, Battle of Stalingrad next month. And I'd like a Yak 1b so might buy that as well.
  5. Hi there, Just a question about Il-2 Launcher... I'm not always on the internet, so for me the problem is that when Il-2 Launcher loads up, it tries to check for updates and because I'm not on the internet there's no 'Play' red button. Is there a technical work-around to let Il-2 launcher work and allow it to work offline? Can I simply click Il-2.exe and load up the game without Il-2 Launcher? I hope that someone can help. Cheers Algy
  6. I'm not sure if this suggestion is helpful... But perhaps the developers could change the pricing a bit... What I mean is, keep the complete Battle of X modules at the standard $80 (when not on sale) for Premium Editions, but for each new Battle that comes out, have more collectors planes and charge more for them. For Battle of Bodenplatte they could make the Mosquito as a collector plane and charge $20 instead of $10 and plenty of players / customers would still buy it. The Focke Wulf Ta152H as a collector plane and charge $20 and people would buy it because it's the pinnacle of FW 190 development. Likewise for the Spitfire Mk.XIVe - I would pay $40 just for this one aircraft. Likewise, a change in the way things are priced for additional content such as new maps. After a new Battle and 5 vs 5 planeset, release a new Map that uses the same planeset and charge maybe half of what the Standard Edition costs = $25. I think a lot of players would buy additional content in this way IF the content was desirable enough. I think that what Bullets replied to me is accurate: If we want to see changes in the game engine such as change of CPU core usage for Massive Bomber formations, or improved AI, the only way we're going to see this is when the developers get more £££ $$$ Algy
  7. Hello All, Just like MontanaZH and JSKATTEBOL100, I am a VR only player, and would also like to fly a Spitfire online. My basic flying skills - especially engine management - needs some practice and I will be practicing offline for a while until I can regularly take off, manouevre and land again without crashing. I used to play Il-2 1946 online and was fairly competent, I could push the Spitfire to the edge of it's flight envelope and was quite a good shot, especially angles and deflection shooting. I am, however, a complete noob when it comes to this latest Il-2 Great Battles series. I'll post more when I've got to grips with all of the controls and am feeling like flying against human opponents. S! Algy
  8. No worries, Boo. And it's useful to me to know that those .psd files were skin templates. I don't have Paintshop Pro, but I might download Gimp image software and try my hand at making some skins. Algy
  9. Hmm, I hadn't really thought of the consequences of a reply from the developers on CPU usage / game engine upgrades. I totally get what you're saying Andy. Cheers, Algy
  10. Hello there, I'm just getting back into Il-2 after about 9 months away from it. I have yet to try Il-2 on a multiplayer server as I have been told that my system is not up to it, but I would like to try. I am looking for an experienced online player who would like to have me as a wingman on a server with minimal AI. Ideally, someone in a UK / European timezone, and I would like for us to be flying Spitfire's, either Mk.Vb or Mk.IXe. I currently only have Battle of Kuban and the Battle of Bodenplatte Early Access Program, hence the Spitfire Mk.IXe If this is too much of a limitation I will think about buying BoS and BoM. I am going to start offline training so that I can fly either of the Spitfire's on Expert mode without automated engine controls etc. I do have lots of experience of Flightsims, flew the Spitfire quite a lot offline and online in Il-2 1946 and I'm quite good at angles and deflection shots. I am a VR pilot with Oculus Rift CV1, which has a microphone built in, and would be interested in learning to use Teamspeak or similar. Communicating online with VR and a keyboard is (obviously) impossible. If you'd like to fly with me as wingman, then please send me a message. Anyone who has any advice on Servers or Teamspeak then please do comment below. Many thanks, Algy
  11. For sure, the more £££ they get, the more that updates to the game engine itself become viable... But what I meant was, how do we ask one of the developers to post a yes / no / or maybe on this forum topic, to the wish to have Il-2.exe utilising more than 1 CPU processor core in the future?
  12. I just loaded up Il-2 and the custom skin that ICDP made for me worked fine (and looked bloody gorgeous!) even without a 4k normal map. I'm still curious as to what a 4k normal map would add or change. Please could someone enlighten me? Cheers Algy
  13. Hi Boo, I've put the Skin that ICDP made for me into the data/graphics/skins folder, no problems But I have no idea what a 4k normal map is. Is this necessary? I am currently downloading ICDP's work from his Spitfire IXe topic and will have a root around in those files to look for a 4k normal map... Thanks again Algy I can't find a 4k normal map in the files that I downloaded from: It only contains 2 x .psd files, 1 called - Alpha_SpitfireMkIXe_4k.psd and another called - SpitfireMkIXe_4k.psd Are these the files that Boo was reffering to for my data/graphics/Planes/SpitfireIXe/Textures folder? Confused The file that is already in my SpitfireMkIXe/Textures folder is a .dds file Now I'm even more confused!
  14. I'm fully with you there, Bullets. I'm not all that knowledgable on tech stuff, but to me it seems that the only way forward is to increase the number of CPU cores that Il-2.exe uses. I believe that currently it's all running on the 1 processor core. Before we see the next Battle after Battle of Bodenplatte, I would very much like to see improvements in the game engine, especially improvements to the AI of fighters. Perhaps re-doing the game engine to work on multiple CPU cores might be impossible? Can we get one of the developers to speak about this? How does that happen? S! Algy
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