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  1. If I had a RTX 3090 I would probably do the same! My second hand Valve Index arrived today (2 days early) but I wont be able to test it out until our internet connection gets sorted and I can download IL-2 again. Also MSFS 2020. I look forward to some conversations with you dburne about the best configuration of the Index. Happy Landings, Algy-Lacey
  2. I think that the above in bold, the blister fuel tank, accounts for the increase in stall speed of the mark IX in this instance. Otherwise I like your explanations and rate them highly as not many of us have taken the controls of a Spitfire. I hope that we can petition the Developers to have the Spitfire XIV's Flight Model adjusted. It would be great if we could ask a warbird pilot who has flown a Mk XIV or Mk XIX to give their opinion on the flight model of this particular variant, but I have yet to read anywhere that real life XIV is sluggish to respond to stick input, so it shou
  3. This seems to show that the Spitfire should be more sensitive to small movements of the stick than other fighters. From what I understand, people are saying that the Spit XIV is not sensitive enough and that you have to move the stick more to get a quick response. In which case this is a bug, perhaps I may have misunderstood?
  4. Just a heads up for anyone interested in buying a Valve Index, the Steampowered Valve Store now has the full kit in stock once more... https://store.steampowered.com/valveindex I've just ordered a second hand Index from Ebay for a good price, should be with me on Thursday 29th April. I still have my new HP Reverb G2 in its box, hopefully by thursday I will have downloaded IL-2 and I will be able to do a side-by-side comparison. For me it has all come together nicely, new internet connection is almost ready (line installed, now waiting for a new router), new gaming
  5. Fantastic DD! It's great to see how close the Spitfire XIV is to release, Me410 model looks great and tactical markings will make for more realistic units in campaigns. I think it's commendable the way the game keeps improving and old issues gradually getting fixed. "reminds me to say that I intend to make an Italian pilot for the 202 later this year. Similar to how we made the female Soviet pilot." I'm hoping that this is a sign! That we will eventually see an Italian theatre, preferably with Serie 5 fighters... G.55, Re.2005, Mc205. This would add more variety to
  6. That phrase sums it up perfectly, buyer's remorse! I think I will try the Reverb at least before choosing. I paid £540 for the Reverb G2 and I can get an Index for £700 including a base station, second hand. The Valve store has them for £460 plus £140 for a base station, new. But there is no stock at the moment. (As far as I can tell from their confusing conflicting info. It says "Now available for purchase" and then the option to "learn more" but no way to buy. It also says "out of stock" in a box, but box is not highlighted?!) https://store.steampowered.com/valveindex
  7. First, I confess that I haven't even taken my Reverb G2 out of the box. Our house still has an internet connection from the Stone Age (Anyone remember 56k modems? It's like that) so I haven't tried my new gaming rig with my Reverb G2 as I cannot download IL-2 and Steam VR. I have read through every post in this thread once again and what people say about the Valve Index has been making me regret buying the G2. As long as the Screen Door Effect of the Index is better than my Rift CV1, that's the most important thing for me. Also I now have concerns about the sweet spot of the G2 cau
  8. I first played IL-2 Sturmovik (2001) in 2003 on a friends computer. Blew me away. Didn't get into IL-2 online until perhaps 2005. I had various names over the years, one I remember was Sparrowhawk. My first taste of flying computer gaming was a program for the Acorn Archimedes called 'Chocks Away' back in the mid 90's. Again on a friends computer. Then I played Rowan's Flying Corps Gold. Both WW1 Games. Then it was MS Combat Flight Simulator and CFS2.
  9. unlikely_spider, I understand what you are saying, and I think that this ties in with what SCG_Fenris_Wolf has said about the Spitfire MkVb, P-40, P-39. Manifold pressure would change with differences in atmospheric pressure, but I would guess that some aircraft had mechanisms to compensate for that. Some in game testing is what's needed from me. I'm unfortunately still bloody waiting for the new internet connection to my house! I'm very much looking forward to downloading IL-2 again and getting back in the cockpit with my new rig. Sorry for the way I've sidetracked this thread! Th
  10. So it's not possible for the Spitfire Mk5, what about the Spitfire Mk9? Ok now I understand. I think. All I need to do is find out at what percentage of in game throttle equates to 12 lbs boost in the Spitfire Mk9 (my usual ride). Say that is at 82%. I use a marker pen to draw a line on my physical throttle at 82% throttle (checking the in game HUD as I go) and that is where my magnetic detents will be for combat power, which is not quite max continuous, but thereabouts (1 hour I think?). I can see why you would need curves, every plane will have its' own throttle setti
  11. I'm confused. Is it true that in a Spitfire, Max continuous is at, for example, 75% Throttle and 75% Throttle in game is always 3/4 or 75% of the physical throttle's travel? If so, I can make my own detent at 75% travel of the physical lever (with 2 magnets) and, in a Spitfire, that will always give me Max continuous? I think that I already no the answer, no! I can understand, if the detents are not moveable, why you would need a curve, but not if I can set my detent where I like. I will keep re-reading your post on page 1 until I understand it. It wasn't your fault with
  12. Simply superb. I would never have guessed! If they have different hit marks for if the round is head on or a glancing blow, this will be hyper real! (They did mention ricochet AP rounds) If it's just circular penetration holes whatever the angle of impact (I'm thinking of a bullet coming from your 6 o clock hitting the upper wing surface for example) then it won't be as realistic but still it would be a good addition.
  13. I just finished putting together a mid range PC for IL-2. I opted for my primary SSD (Solid State Drive) to be on the motherboards' M2 slot... lightning quick, quicker than SATA 3 (The kind of SSD that takes a cable from the motherboard and occupies a drive bay.) SSD's are getting much cheaper, go for a SSD for windows and IL-2 : say 500 Gb and you can then have a second SSD on a SATA 3 connection or a mechanical Hard Disk Drive (1 Tb or whatever) With RAM, I believe you can get RAM that is designed for use with AMD's processors / motherboards, 3600 mhz and above is possible 'out
  14. @SCG_Fenris_Wolf Hello again Fenris_Wolf, just a quick question... Does the physical position of the throttle lever always correspond to the same % throttle in game? (I am thinking of my Saitek throttle in this instance, no algebra or curves!) Say, for the sake of comparison, half way forward on the physical throttle lever equates to 9 lbs boost in a Spitfire at sea level. Will the same position of the physical throttle give the same amount of boost (9 lbs) at say, 6850 m / 22500 ft? If it is a linear relationship then I will attempt to make my own cust
  15. Right, got ya. Thanks for the info. Now I've had this crazy idea for my Saitek throttle, I'm gonna run with it and see where it leads, could be a fun project!
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