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  1. Same issue with the stutter here, very annoying. It is most definitely not my system as I'm running a GTX1080 8gb, 32GB Ram and a i7 4790k.
  2. Also noticed some freezing during career and scripted campaign play. It seems to be tied to objectives updating or similar instances as I never hae the problem in MP or Quick Missions. I'm also seeing a slight freeze when opening and closing the ingame maps (the small HUD maps cause a freeze and so does opening the main map). 🙁
  3. There was mention of something in the dev diary thread.
  4. Congrats, you can vulch aircraft whilst they are taking off from your superior position with every advantage available you.
  5. I'd like to second this request, mainly as i've already asked for it a few posts above, I really hope Szelljr has the time to make it.
  6. Szelljr can I just say a massive thankyou for making that skin I requested. If you ever come to Flying Legends at Duxford I'll gladly buy you a pint
  7. Would someone be kind enough to make me one of the following P39 skins. I've attached the best picture I have found available. Royal Canadian Air Force Bell P39 1941 RAF Bell P39 No601 Squadron 1941 Many thanks to anyone that has the time, I'm simply useless at skins.
  8. Exactly the same problem here, all was fine before the updates.
  9. Same problem here, campaigns have become locked after the latest patch.
  10. After the latest hotfix my Single Player campaigns are locked so I can't fly them. The scripted campaign released yesterday is working fine.
  11. Exactly the same issue as i'm having, although it seems to cause a crash in any part of the Stalingrad campaigns for me. Fine if enemy intercept target is Bombers/ Fighters, crash if target is JU52.
  12. Ty for the effort of putting this pack together JAGER_Hans, it's very much appreciated.
  13. Nothing like the feeling of dive bombing in the 190, then finding something intresting to shoot down when heading home.
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