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  1. 150GCT_Pan

    Tactical Air War

  2. a quick test in QM: after new patch: mk108 vs lagg3: an average of 3 shots to take down the aircraft controlled by the ia mk108 vs P40: an average of 3 shots to take down the aircraft controlled by the ia 37mm AP ammo vs P40 an average of 3/4 shots to take down the aircraft controlled by the ia G14 mw50 not fixed after months A8 overheat not fixed after months 🤔
  3. 150GCT_Pan

    The first & single bullet........again

    online, 1 shot 1 hit from pe2 tail gunner is not an Announcements
  4. 150GCT_Pan

    The first & single bullet........again

    no, the problem is not the wrong combat maneuver but sniper ia
  5. A8 is: great firepower, but poor accelleration, poor maneuverability, poor climb rate. The overheat function affects but not soo much on general poor plane performance A5 with mgff is better
  6. 150GCT_Pan

    Realism of zoom

    not this again...
  7. 150GCT_Pan

    Hydraulic damage

    is called "zombie game"
  8. 150GCT_Pan

    BOK ed aggiornamento 3.001

    Ciao longobardo, anche io avevo una GTX660, ora ho una Zotac 1060 6gb AMP, https://www.amazon.it/gp/product/B01I5O5AP2/ref=oh_aui_detailpage_o00_s00?ie=UTF8&psc=1 pagata 309€ scheda video fantastica, piccolina, silenziosa, 2 ventole di raffreddamento, temperature basse. prima volta che compro Zotac e mi son trovato bene ottimo rapporto qualità prezzo (la Zotac è gruppo EVGA) le 1060 da 3gb sono troppo piccole a quantità di memoria
  9. 150GCT_Pan

    3.001 aircrafts parameters available

    let's just say that the game is balanced, just remember the old fm flyng brick 190, stalinwood, ecc... LA5fn was one of the best fighters of ww2,a beast
  10. 150GCT_Pan

    No Christmas Tree in Hangar this Year :(

    No Christmas Tree in hangar, but a big gift from 1cgs https://forum.il2sturmovik.com/topic/32879-il-2-sturmovik-cliffs-dover-blitz-now-available/?p=546236
  11. 150GCT_Pan

    Developer Diary, Part 173 - Discussion

    no man, MG131 have 900 round/min, SAFAT on Macchi have only 575 rounds/min, The weapon on 202 has always been the real weak point, and in fact the 205 had MG151 gunpods
  12. 150GCT_Pan

    Russian guns balistics...

    old, old story... https://forum.il2sturmovik.com/topic/16784-yak-can-keep/?p=270480
  13. Great great work dev, map is amazing and finally we have the new fm for the 109's and the P40