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  1. I have both. In DCS I really like Mig 15 and Mig 21 because of it´s complexity and super detailed cockpits, but the background looks a little bit curtly for my taste. Only in Bos there is a really pleasure to fly amazing planes just for fun and in beautiful environment. At this moment I slighty prefer BoS. S
  2. Have to say, I´m very happy that I preordered BoM. Ishak is superb. It´s great flying this ugly fat beast. Today I shut down my first Bf 109 on this little bumblebee... Now waiting for Mig. Thanks Devs. For the Motherland. S.
  3. Because deep SP campaign is the one essential thing this beautiful sim lacks, so I would pay and say yes for some sort of quality SP content - campaign a la ROF.
  4. I am still here...but have not so much free time, btw the game is still awesome
  5. Hi pilots, it is possible to somehow restart campaign if I want the new one or somehow to clear stored files of actual campaign progress. Thanks for your tips. BOS
  6. Yessss, more life (and death) to the battlefield. Great news about the (poor) infantry. Thanks Devs
  7. I prefer fighters of VVS, now it´s almost exclusively Yak, but it´s possible that in future I relearn to La5.
  8. I know that feeling..., btw great story.
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