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  1. Thanks a ton, this is awesome! I rescued my pilot that was captured due to bugs in the game (friendly airfield).
  2. Are the mission files the one in the Missions folder? At any rate, I used the database editor to rescue my captured pilot.
  3. Just to add to my original post: it was a good landing (no airplane damage, no hard landing). I got the successful landing notice when I landed in-game. The airfield was a long ways from the Frontline. I'm also pretty sure I got the "successful landing" after I finished the mission - on the same screen that says I got captured. I wonder if it's the particular map I'm on. I've been captured on several missions where I crash landed well within friendly territory. One time my engine died and I landed 100 feet short of the runway and was still captured! Clearly there's some
  4. I was halfway through a career as a 109 pilot. During one of the missions, I landed at a nearby friendly airfield where all the Ju-87s I was escorting landed. At the end of the mission I was CAPTURED. I didn't notice I was captured when I exited the mission, so now I can't replay it. How ridiculous - I was a few km away from my assigned airfield. How on earth do you get captured landing at a friendly field? I was nowhere near the frontlines either. Is there any way to edit the career and get him back? Why even have pilots be permanently captured? You already have the op
  5. If it says 8x and it's not going 8x, then that is a bug.
  6. Clearly there's a bug. It says I'm doing 8x but there's obviously no difference compared to 2x. My framerate is 60fps at "8x". Are they working on the time compression bug?
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