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  1. I just found out that tracks recorded in Berloga server do not replay. I tried 3 other servers and replay worked fine.
  2. It seems like roll happens only in its own two-dimensional plane, it does not turn with jaw. That's why it diminishes at 90 degrees and inverts at 180.
  3. By rotation I meant vertical rotation from front view to back view. If you tilt your head to right, and then rotate your body 180 degrees on its vertical axis, your head will still be tilted to it's right. But if you rotate only your head 180 degrees on its own tilted axis it will end up tilted to it's left, not right. But you are right , no matter the axis of rotation, when you face backwards and then tilt your head, the view tilts the wrong way. And it happens in trackIR itself, no matter which game title you select. And you can see that if you turn 90 degrees to left or right, tilting your head does not tilt the view. I mean 90 degrees in TrackIR.
  4. Looks like the difference is in the axis of rotation. New updated BoS uses the axis of the tilted head as axis of rotation, and before the update it used vertical axis.
  5. Maybe your system volume was set higher when you recorded the track replay.
  6. Same problem here. It worked fine before the 3.001 update.
  7. Good for you. I wish I could too. This is a great update, but it also brought some issues to some of us.
  8. In addition to not being able to load and replay any tracks recorded prior to 3.001, tracks recorded in 3.001 in multiplayer also cannot be loaded. Tracks recorded in quick mission in 3.001 work well.
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