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  1. =AVG=Zombie

    1st Tactical Air War - registration topic

    NutJob* Allied side....
  2. =AVG=Zombie

    What planes should be added after BOM?

    My vote is for the X-Wing/Tie Fighter scenario.........
  3. Sweet another hit sound thread....
  4. =AVG=Zombie

    Developer Diary, Part 109 - Discussion

    DAmn, thats what ive been waiting for.....
  5. =AVG=Zombie

    Anyone care to speculate...

    We may get to fly the X-Wing in the new battlefront before the P-40..... just saying...
  6. =AVG=Zombie

    Windows 10 Crashes

    Nvidia just released windows 10 graphics drivers, if that helps...
  7. =AVG=Zombie

    DD today?

    NNNooooooooooooo, bronies on this forum..... smdh.....
  8. =AVG=Zombie

    So Where Did They Live?

    I did not know they were hobbits.....
  9. =AVG=Zombie

    Macchi coming tomorrow!

  10. =AVG=Zombie

    Developer Diary, Part 104 - Discussion

    Dude! Looks sick!!! Cant wait to shoot it down with the even sexier Mig...
  11. =AVG=Zombie

    What is your biggest "realistic" wishes for BoS/BoM?

    Very well said.....
  12. =AVG=Zombie

    Red vs Blue Madness

    German side should be a rainbow swatch....
  13. =AVG=Zombie

    Developer Diary, Part 101 - Discussion

    Hold on a second..... what about the bug with the ammo in the aircraft I fly always miss my targets... please fix asap!!! And good job on the other updates, thank you.
  14. =AVG=Zombie

    Issues still need tobe addressed in BOS

    Hmmmm I am more concerned about the bug with ammo, none of mine seem to hit the opponents planes, very odd....
  15. =AVG=Zombie

    Developer Diary, Part 100 - Discussion

    Looks great, I can picture it now, chasing a beat up 109 real low over the summer map in my P-40 showing no mercy as it explodes into the tree tops.....