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  1. Tried this so often, it never works. Oddly enough some people manage to crash if you do it at low altitude though, must stall out trying to keep behind the one with the gear out.
  2. I'm just wondering something, I haven't had an update on the Ilya launcher eversince I bought the game back when it was first made available. Are there just none or am I missing something?
  3. Don't get me wrong I like it, I was just saying that it would've been nice to be given a couple more missions out of the box, as I'm a very lazy person that doesn't spend a whole lot of time in the FMB. That and a way to separate the MG trigger from the cannon trigger.
  4. What else was available for the low tier anyhow? To be honest though in its current state, at least comming from someone who predominantely plays single player I wouldn't pay more for it. It's a fun plane but there's little to no missions, same goes for the Sabre. Bit of a shame, really.
  5. Really nice dawing you got there. I'll put up some of my own stuff now. Some of those planes come from some Crimson Skies inspired alternate history, this mostly means that they have either quite ridiculous engines and weapons, stem from some odd companies or just look weird. Although I believe the ones I picked are some of the less weird ones that fit with the thread. I'll hopefully find the time and motivation to make some proper descriptions for some of these for this thread. In the meantime enjoy the pictures and give me some of your thoughts on the designs. Grumman F-83 Basically a reverse Lightning Messerschmitt-Horten 491 Merging the Go-229 and the Me-262 Something similar in design to the 491 except with canards and a huge cannon Yet another german jet design Focke-Wulf/Dornier 626 "Donnerkeil" A Google Sketchup model I made a while ago. I was aiming for a more fighter-looking Do-335 Focke-Wulf "Silbervogel" Another Sketchup model, this time however quite a bit more detailed than the Donnerkeil one, it's got a full cockpit interior (although that need revision). It's almost certainly even less aerodynamically sound than all of my other designs (and certainly more suited for the above mentioned CS-inspired setting), but I think it's grown on me because I've tinkered with it for ages.
  6. Well I just got a whole load of these planes for their reduced price (Dora, Sabre, Black Shark 2, Kurfürst), yet now instead of playing DCS I'm playing all the IL2 games instead. What the heck is wrong with me?
  7. Got a really cool idea there. It'd be nice to have different kinds of supplies to fly around.
  8. The AI seems to do fairly well with broken wings. I accidentally hit his Heinkel with my Lala and he just kept on flying his holding circuits.
  9. I'll agree I find the old one better too, was a bit more simplistic and for lack of a better word a bit less cartoony and out of place. But we'll see how the full one will look next week.
  10. I'd imagine, to be fair I had to use full rudder and aileron input to keep her level. Any more of that wing lost and I would've ended up spinning out of control and into the cumulus granitis pretty fast.
  11. - Normal Flight with broken part of wing now is very hard or impossible Flew and landed pretty ok considering the circumstances. Either way thanks for the update.
  12. Agreed. Again the way most games have it these days.
  13. Perhaps not for everyone, but since the presets I personally saw a massive loss in fps and performance, which is sad given how well RoF and the other IL2s run on my crate. Also it's just simply unacceptable to not have graphics options in a PC game in 2014 in my honest opinion. I can maybe see the argument they made about "equal setting for all so that there's no exploits", but I don't see the "people dont know what they're doing" one, as I'm sure most of us know how to work with these sort of settings. Anyone who's played a couple of games on a PC should. The presets themselves don't bother me, loads of games have those, what bothers me is that we're forced to use them. We really need an advanced tab or something next to the presets with all the options to toy around with.
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