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  1. 1920x1080 I use tir4. Its a very large... 45 inch? 1080p television set. Pretty giant honestly, it still strikes me and I probably shouldn't have done it as it will be difficult to go backward lol 144 htz is next. The objects are rendering more or less, although zoomed out they fade into lines 1 pixel thick and tend to pop in and out of render eventually. They dont look like airplanes or anything at all really. The issue is if I cant see them it doesnt matter. lol They arent rendered enough. All flight sims have had this same exact issue and as resolutions grew the issue became more exaggerated.
  2. Used to have a g940. X52, saitek pedals, tir4. 4770 i7 not sure of the exacts, probably 3.0x4. 16 gig, older ram but running this game has never been an issue before and still isnt. If i can run dcs on this rig, I can run this game, older stuff but that isnt the issue as mentioned. Stating solid 60fps consistently, even during the recent stutters. nvidia 960
  3. Truly, I am glad not everybody has this issue or are willing to tolerate it. A lot of players do have an issue with it. Including me. Your experience does not represent the players that are discussing this issue. Returning players, like me, new players that only just bought BP. These players matter too. It is not good enough as of this latest hot fix and has reverted back to unplayable for me and many other veteran simmers it seems. You know, for a guy who considers himself a prop nose ww2 hotel sierra, I probably dont have 100 hours in this game and I really want to like it and have tried many times, yet I dont play. This should say something, right? Shouldn't that be telling? I had a much better time flying dcs, but as I hate modern jets generally and low numbers it didnt last, but I could spot way easier as it was more consistent by far and I had more fun flying there. Because I could see when I should be able to easily see.
  4. 2. This forum is provided by 1C-777 Ltd. as a courtesy and its usage is a privilege and 1C-777 Ltd. reserves the right to ban any member temporarily or permanently for any reason at any time. Any penalties listed below for violations of the rules are guidelines only and forum administration may take additional action if they feel it is warranted. Use of the forum is not connected to usage of the game and access to this forum is not guaranteed to users as a consequence of purchasing the game.
  5. You have to understand something, take this as a snapshot of our perspective and believe me when I say I appreciate yours and will adjust going forward how I word some things. Text is the worst form of communication on the planet in my opinion. I don't think anybody is aggressively attacking. I'm not. I just had so much fun the last few days that this was a sudden shock, I truly couldn't believe it. Anyway, it's been 5 years. You guys have done great work in this time, these FM's are simply fantastic. But it wasn't until this last patch that I felt it was playable, so playable that I intend to fly every night going forward, hopefully as long as I can spot with consistency. I've bought everything too, with the exception of some individual planes and the WW1 birds, all with hope and yet it wasn't until this last patch that I started flying consistently. I say this to make my point. I want to love the game and fly it all the time, but it hasn't been playable and enjoyable for me until now. So there was no consistent baseline of history for me to believe it was going to be what I hoped for because it never had before monday and now, it was suddenly changed. So you could imagine the harsh disappointment. I am absolutely not the only player or potential player that feels this way. As mentioned, all respect, you guys are all brilliant, truth, so don't feel this is an attack.
  6. I viewed it as very rude and disrespectful. And I'm not apologizing for saying so. You don't talk to other grown men like that face to face, right? Practice how you play. Understand, I mean -all- respect and love. Truly. Take this from two prop nose enthusiasts. I have a pinup of a BT trainer plane on my wall. We want to love your game and I quickly fell in love the last two days. I have faith, promise, we both agree it will be fixed and you all have done a tremendous job.
  7. Nobody here is trying to spread lies I assure you. I don't understand the hostility, this is a veteran sim player saying it's so difficult to see now that it's not playable after the last few days to a point he and speaking frankly myself thought it was completely removed. And you know I agree with him and I'm also a veteran of air combat sim games. This is heartbreaking and even more so by this response. And also, it's a very rude and disrespectful way to respond to a person that's been with you since the very beginning. A founder. Maybe you should reach out and speak with him. Please do.
  8. So you are enjoying the player numbers being below 100 again? Wonder where everybody went... Also: Do you want this game to have players or not? As of this moment it seems definitely not, you don't want players and you don't want to have a regular place to play and get knee-deep in trouble. Why are you playing, if you don't mind me asking?
  9. The question for spotting I would ask: Do you want players to play this game regularly? Or do you wish smaller numbers? The reason why these spotting issues need to be addressed is most people are not on VR or 2k or 4k. It's not a compromise either, this is the majority of the potential customer base. So the players that poo poo spotting issues and whom selfishly view what they have as 'standard' need to evaluate their stance. By poo pooing this subject you are neglecting potentially hundreds of players. Proof is in the pudding. The last few days have been 400~ players. Compared to what? 100? No contest.
  10. This broke my heart. I've supported this game from it's inception with hope. I've purchased almost every single WW2 aircraft available. I've waited patiently for years for this to be a truly playable air combat sim. And I have to be very honest with you, I've never had more fun playing than in the last few days, since the patch dropped. The game was playable or very near. Because I could see and pick up airplanes when it would be unrealistic not to see them easily. The aircraft are back to very skinny within what I estimate is no more than 2 miles. Entirely unplayable again. If tweaks are needed, by all means make them but PLEASE return the spotting back to the original patch! A portion of the crowd doesn't care(I'm one of them) if it's unrealistic right now because most of us(me included) have never been able to actually play this game and enjoy it! Fix it as we go but please return it! I'm back to nowhere to fly again, this isn't worth flying at all. All love and respect to all of you for all your efforts truly, but I view it like this honestly: You have all of this wonderful jelly; all of these amazing airplanes that fly awesome, they look nice, the damage model is superb but you have no toast. It's only jelly! If I can't see the enemy, friends, identify, how am I supposed to play? For the first time in the last few days I have been able to approach a furball and read an assessment of the situation. Who was fast, who was slow, who was on who, who is very likely enemy, who is out of control, who is doing something dumb, etc. That should say it all and if it doesn't... I know I'm not the only one to notice this: 90% of the time people are spotted because of one thing(before this patch). Tracers. This should be a major red flag for playability because this says people aren't seeing other people nearly as easily as they should. I really thought this was it. I really thought I had somewhere to fly, truly. I thought I was going to have an enjoyable sim again, because we just had it! Please return the state of spotting to how it was. There were 400~ players online the last few nights!!!!! FIX THIS <\3
  11. Unless memory fails, Leningrad had a nice variety of planes. The Hurricane 1 and 2. Though it apparently never happened the Soviet's Hurricane 2 export could have encountered the Finnish Hurricane 1 export. One of my favorites, the F2A or designated the 'Buffalo Brewster' as export. This stripped down version of the Americans very early war Navy fighter made an excellent fighter and there were cases of tremendous success with the bird. Would actually be designated an 'axis' plane, ironically, the Finnish of course flew it. The P-36 or H75 Hawk export. A P40 with a radial Wright Cyclone(I think it was a Wright Cyclone, same as the F4F and some bombers). More balanced, slower and less armed. I'm not certain if this bird participated in the battle but I honestly thought it was. It was everywhere else just about in one form or another, wouldn't be surprising. The P-47 was regarded as a 'premium' or 'advanced' fighter by the Americans, none the less, they exported about 26(if memory serves) to the Soviets. It was a 47 D-25 I believe or D27, a mid war version of the heavy bird. In the right hands this bird, which held a standard 8xM2 .50 Browning MG, was absolutely lethal, although also difficult to drive, in the right hands. In reality the bird was easily up to par performance wise with many of the other 'premium' American fighters of it's time, including the famous P-51. And to paraphrase from an older squaddie, whom was friends with a former WW2 pilot in life whom had flown many of the well-known American birds would say; his favorite bird to fly was the P47 because 'you could climb up on the wing and beat the motor with a sledge hammer and it wouldn't mind'. The Fiat G.50. Again I want to say this bird was used in that region but honestly I'm not certain. More variety makes for good game play. I tend to exclude bombers, I'm a fighter pilot at heart, but I'm certain there were also lend-lease medium bombers as well. Thanks for reading. S
  12. To specify what about the icons I would change or offer options for. I avidly believe it would bring in a different style of simmer from the pure no icon niche in a niche crowd and undoubtedly expand the player base. Imagine 500+ players nightly instead of 100-200? Options and choices. Dozens of full servers and places to play. Exact distances. An option for wider increments or to remove entirely. Exact plane type from long distance. Options to change at what distance this information becomes evident. Enemy pilot name. On the contrary, friendly player names would and do encourage team-play and camaraderie. But I would suggest an option to entirely remove this from the icon information. Viewable through the airplane. <--This is especially blasphemous. ha Icon position. It should never, ever be 'on top'(positive pitch) or 'above' the aircraft, whether you or he is inverted. The icon is not meant as a lead indicator, it is meant to help with spotting. Icon size. A simple indicator is all that is necessary, additional information, excluding enemy pilot name, should be acquirable within a hopefully customized range. Icon range. Offering options to change this, independently for friendly and enemy, would offer wider varieties of gameplay through the servers. My squad CO talks about hosting a server with short enemy icons and otherwise friendly icons only. I don't want anything to change as to avoid stepping on others toes whom do not share this sentiment. I hope for options. So, I avidly hope some additional variations and changeable parameters are offered for this issue. More customization in servers and gameplay. I truly believe this would absolutely help expand the player base. Thanks for reading. S
  13. First and foremost to those that might read this and I have previously met, salute and hello! I've been away from flying for some time but, speaking very honestly, it's in my blood and I can't stay away for very long. I return to the virtual cockpit and am impressed with the progress this rendition of IL-2 has made. Every single airplane, although I would argue in some cases are over performing, fly exceptionally well, are a joy and most importantly closely resemble their historical counter parts. The airplanes fly awesome, to put it simply. I've enjoyed everything so far, including the hulk of a HE-111 that seemed to float on air when you want it to. And yet when I bring up the Multiplayer list, the numbers there do not reflect the modern marvel of a simulator game that has been created and is still being created. Unless memory does not serve, I also remember reading or hearing that the CEO of the company that created this beautiful game had hoped to break even. Just as I had then, I sit here writing this shaking my head. It doesn't have to be this way. I'm a younger pilot compared to some, probably younger than the average age that play this game. I've only been at this for ten years and I come from a different game. I'm a noob in the IL-2 arena. But I would like to think I can at least offer a perspective about air combat and the sim world. In my experience among all the possible prop-noses about ten percent of them will choose to play with a pure 'no icon' system. On a good day. It's usually about 5% in the past, I would know because my squad CO would post special historical events on Sundays and did his best to push a shorter range or no icon type of gameplay and typically we had to loosen some things up to get pilots to join. So, that means, among the sim crowd the 'no icon' guys are a niche within an already very small, although very loyal niche. I'm aware there are icons in the game. And I'm going to be honest here, not to ridicule, but to try to press home how I feel about them. They stink! They offer exact distances. The exact plane type from a long distance and closer, exactly who I'm fighting. I hate all of that. Me and everybody else from, for example, Aces High 2(which, by the way, for about 15 years never broke even. Their CEO owns an actual P51). And I know they have tanks... though, not really tank battles... more like spawn battles. Fun but not really what tanking is. And they have ways to capture bases, but even that is simplistic and archaic at best. Where Aces High 2 really, really excelled is in 'playability'. Playing with friends. Playing for the pure ACM, the pure teamwork and fun. Their icon system wasn't the best either. But it worked, gave people with even lesser computers the ability to fly, fight and play with the best of them. There are others that share this sentiment. 'The game is great, the fm's are great... but...' he can't see the airplane and make out what it is from distance, like a person could in real life. Why? We're flying with one eye, until everybody has VR, which until the tech gets better I have no interest in wearing that thing on my face, but that's me personally. TrackIR should be enough. I suggested this before. And I was told 'serious consideration' was taking place. And.... nothing changed. Nothing was added. No further options are provided for the server admins to make the game play in a way he or she would like to have it. Why. 1C and 777 doesn't have to only break even. I'm suggesting this because I want to see more players here. And more places to play. It's a simple matter of game options, not content at this point and it's leaving on the table a lot of potential players. Neglecting a large percentage of those whom have already proven for years on end their loyalty to a good ww2 air combat sim. AH2 is about dead. There's nowhere to fly. And, btw, in no way am I saying anything should be changed. I don't want to take anything away from the game currently, keep everything, just add additional options. Different icons. Different types. Add something please. Because me, like probably the rest of my squad, probably won't be flying here exclusively for this very simple and very fixable problem. The saving grace will probably be when this game allows the community to mod it. Then it will be resolved, so hopefully this happens sooner than later. Until then? Empty servers. 7 servers with players in them, most of which are the pure niche within the niche crowd. Leaving out 90% of the rest, being generous. It's probably more like 96-97%. New players need helpers. And some of us don't want to look for pixels and lose our teammates because we can't tell planes apart until we're very close. Maybe that makes me a lesser player, I don't know, but I have a pretty good idea how a game with lesser graphics(2005 graphics at best), lesser flight models, a lesser damage model by far, lesser quality in total managed to maintain and keep thousands of active players for years on end. One reason? Big numbers. I'm still convinced a super high end server could handle this game in larger numbers. Reason two? Playability, DESPITE it's awful interfacing. The icons made it very playable for new and vet players alike. It's why I'm flying today, because I was able to learn. Because their player base was so large there was a fully staffed 'training arena' with actual expert pilots of one persuasion or another. Again, to press home my motivations, I am not ridiculing. These are the opinions of a prop nose who wants to see this game take off and get into the upper atmosphere. TA-152 style. It doesn't have to be this way and there are a handful of other games that offered very creative and intuitive icon designs and types that narrowed the gap between current technology and practicality. To avoid feeling frustrated I'll end this rant with another respectful salute. I appreciate the hard work that goes into crafting something so complex and dynamic as an airplane. Much less, an 80 year old plane that hasn't been in production since the war. And you have all done a fantastic job, the planes really are all joys to fly. It's for this reason I remade this post, because everything has been crafted and created to such a high standard of quality and I would hope to see it's growth reflect it's quality and avidly and sincerely believe that the suggestions above would certainly encourage that. S!!
  14. A squaddie of mine went into some one vs one duels, being so far removed from regular air combat as there aren't really any good sims to fly, we got into it for a while and very quickly, like riding a bike, a lot of it came back. I am a seasoned veteran of air combat and will be happy to demonstrate my ability to anybody here, I never played Il-2 but I am a skilled fighter pilot and have a reasonable grasp of the air war across World War 2. In fact, I challenge anybody here. We alternate. 109F vs Yak, Yak vs 109F, Again and again in a friendly duel, it'll be fun! And maybe after we can write up a proper AA report after, like was the original intention here. And this is what I concluded. In many lead turns on the opening merge the Yak is able to turn very strongly and sharply, sometimes when it would appear it had no business doing so(this is a Yak-1 after all and should feel underpowered especially in a left hand lead turn, pulling high G's and burning a lot of E), 180 degrees or more while in a vertical left hand(against the torque) lead turn and while retaining quite a lot of energy, often enough to hang and get a gun solution with a touch of luck, much to my surprise in fact. And in many of my half split S turns which rolled into a scissor game, basically, turning a potential disadvantage into an even fight, the Yak nearly every time was able to sharply undercut my high roll over with ease where I would otherwise be expecting the Yak to fly through, fighting gravity and an excess amount of energy, without risk of blackout and apparently without risk of compression factors that would or should have this aircraft overshoot enough to make it at least an even fight. This is Yak-1 vs 109F(not the G2, this craft flies a lot heavier), the 109F was among all of the 109's regarded as the purest fighter of them all and if any of them would be able to fight a Yak on even terms in this kind of fight it would be this one. When I was flying the Yak I found I had no issue staying behind my opponent, especially with the use of the flaps, following any maneuver the 109F could do. It was a case of rust why I didn't destroy my opponent every time, and generally speaking, a lack of desire to play the game in it's current state. There is more to this than just flight models though, in the end. They are modeled very nicely, most of them feel really nice and fly great. But some are unhistorical in their aircraft vs aircraft fights. The yak, also, has tremendous flap command, that is to say, popping them give you a lot of low speed handling ability and makes riding the stall edge far easier than expected. Are these not landing flaps? And without risk of getting them jammed. But again, I am not Yak expert, maybe they could use them, it wouldn't have been the only example in the war of a fighter craft using it's deemed 'landing' flaps in combat. If the Yak really performed like this, meanwhile, the La-5 being a touch unstable and have a stronger tendency to tip stall more than the Yak, than the air war would have been over much more quickly than it was. This Yak performs more like a Yak9 would in a aircraft vs aircraft perspective. It's 1942. It's the beginning stages of when the air war became more even, not when the VVS aircraft had a distinct advantage. The 109G2 should still enjoy a distinct performance advantage in acceleration, climb and speed and it simply does not currently. I have a point here. The Yak-1 was not a superior fighter to the 109F or G2. And as far as Dev bashing? On the contrary, I have and retain high hopes, high enough to bother posting here, high enough to purchase BoM, high enough to come back and bother reading the poo pooing I expected to get. I'm trying to get their attention. I want players here. All of this chit chat really means nothing, in the end, the only argument I need is the numbers, or lack of numbers. I'm trying to push the game in a direction that will get more people here. Read what you like into this, frankly, I don't care, I'm a customer like everybody else and it's incredibly frustrating to find that very little has changed and there is an apparent VVS bias. I'm a prop nose guy, I have a thousand dollars or more in a flight setup, I went as far as to move my HD tv in place of my 250 dollar monitor to help spotting, with SweetFX, with the terrain.cfg tweak and anything else I could try to make the game more playable. I'm here for a long haul, I'm not on simhq(but it's clear that a big part of the sim community has not forgiven what has happened in Cliffs of Dover) and I don't care about the politics involved. I just want to see on a Friday evening more than 30 players playing online... 30 players? Do I need to say anything else? Something has to change. Don't mistake anger, entitlement or whatever else for ridiculous frustration. This is truly baffling to me. This is a case of actually seeing the pot of gold at the end of the rainbow and everybody else along for the trek blatantly ignoring it. It doesn't have to be this way. Despite this game being apparently geared toward a niche within a niche, there could be a lot more players. It could be flying very historically and could have some of these classic fighter duels(La-5/Yak-1 vs 109F/G-2 was a classic!! No different than Spit vs 109, or P51 vs 109, name it! These are classic fighter matchups and just don't feel like it at all) so much fun that I personally would be willing to ignore the questionable spotting because of the fun factor. And I still am here for the haul, that hasn't changed and isn't going to, Bos/Bom, whatever, still has the potential to be the next great flight sim game that brings in thousands of daily players, to bring in player-made larger number scenarios, weekly snapshots, historical weekly snapshots, anything and anything the community can come up with for fun. I'll still be coming back when the P40 rolls in, or when the autumn and summer maps roll in, I will be here and will hope something positive was taken from these efforts to push the game to get more players. There's more to this than unhistorical performance, after all, there's an entire market of players that, frankly speaking, want to play with simple, helpful icons that will let them fly with squadmates, call sixes and keep tabs on wingmen where otherwise the technology, however pretty, is not going to allow what the human eye is and would be capable of or because the players have no interest in keeping track of pixels that don't stick out from the background as moving objects(where the human eye would be able to spot and keep track of clear as day). The pot of gold is right there. This game has no business rocking empty servers, it's too well made, it's too pretty, it has way too much potential and obviously the developers have put too much passion, effort and skill into it. I want jam packed servers and this will help get it.
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