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  1. Did you try 0.8 gamma in the game settings when the game is running, better with 0.8? I suggest you better to set the Landscape filter to blurry and Landscape detail to Normal paired with Ultra Graphic Settings because it improve the View Draw Distance to see planes better. I think the most of us play MP on Low Settings and even blurry the Landscape. There are moments in the game where planes in a distance of 1.38 km just vanish how to fight a plane what you not even see where you should see it?
  2. What you expect from this game-engine masque? Can you have more than 20x Ai-controlled planes in the air in "IL-2 Flying Circus" - No, never ever - a new game-engine that has the same limitation what the 10 years old "Rise of Flight" game-engine had - what a huge disappointment to see after 10 years nothing done to remove this limitation for WWI planes. Short said -> WWI is much more complex than WWII for this current game-engine! And you want to see heavies on this game-engine, lol
  3. Frank Grimes, incorrect in what? even when they make the non-flyable Ai planes like the B-25, B-26 and C-47 or even more flyable who will buy them? The majority probably never or not for the full price.
  4. The truth is there was none Ju52 in the game you could just see a Ju52 in the Single-Player Campaign Cinematics. So people started to ask after the Ju52 why we see this plane Single-Player Campaign Cinematics but when we play this part in the Campaign there is none Ju52. It took some time but in the End we received a Ju52 as Ai plane but then people started to ask make it flyable. It took some time and they made it flyable for the player. -> I don't expect more Ai planes will be turned into flyable planes. The Ju52 was created under =FB=LOFT lead and the Ju52 was just a Single-Player Campaign Cinematics..................
  5. My fault, I just forgot to mention that this "Custom Graphic Driver" is under NDA agreement when I wrote about it the first time about it. When I started with Reshade I had no experience how good or bad Reshade is but the more I spend time with this tool I noticed that the same settings and same time lead to different results what is not the shader fault or his settings/code. Look below the two screenshots shows the best. Look at the sky on both screenshots same settings and time but different results. See, how the sky looks different at the same time and settings a big problem for me how to fix this because this is not the fault from the custom Shader what I used for this or the settings. I was so close how the VVS, Axis, trees should look strong deeper colors that add more detail but the sky remain unchanged. In the End I failed because it is the nature of post-processing effects to have this problems that can't be resolved, only in games.
  6. Pacific is not the next big theatre but don't worry a lot of re-used aircrafts and the higher price point will make it? - No, thanks!
  7. I received this from a friend "Hardcore Gamer & Programmer" what I know. He and his teammates use it - it is a custom driver for AMD and Nvidia developed for Esports Games in mind where Reshade and other tools are blocked or invoke the ban hammer. This "Custom Graphic Driver" allows you to change the game shader/rendering also adds “frame advantage” what I enjoy the most. And this was the reason why skipped Reshade modding, adding new shaders, whatever............................. -> Reshade or ENB Series are nice tools as long you never experienced the real tools. What I said doesn't breach some type of my contract NDA. The point why it isn't already official released or uploaded everywhere is because it was developed for Esports Games in mind.
  8. As long the wine had good quality control when he was bottled! You can wait as long you want even forever and when you open the wine after years it will leave a bad taste that this wine had already this taste on arrival because you denied the truth........... There was a time where this kind of quality control was unacceptable but nowadays you hear that's normal even fine or I am happy with the yellow glow stains on my very expensive High End TVs or PC Monitor.................................. Take a look at this what the smart Turret Gunners do to shoot you down. And take a very deep closer look where their gun move. I can show you this kind behaviour on other planes but then I do their homework and can't play my campaigns and other games. ???Collison model modelled???
  9. Walking Dead Turret Gunners The head and feet thing Dead Ai Pilots disappear from their planes after their death Not sure how long it need to fix bugs properly? The point -> I have enough to read always " We improved it over time " For example, these Ai Turret Gunners shoot back accurate even when their plane spin down with only one wing or burn like fire. How to kill "Walking Dead Turret Gunners" - see above even his head comes out the plane to track you better.......................
  10. Custom Shaders don't need the "Mods On Mode" to work. I moved away from Reshade and play the Game now with "Custom Graphic Driver" what is a lot better than Reshade. The reason is with "Custom Graphic Drivers" I don't need to care if this or that Game what I play allow Reshade or not. I just change the look of the game and enjoy it............................... BTW Resade always cause the problem that it may look good but soon on the second or thrid mission the effect cause unwanted problems but only in games but as soon I use it on movies or photos I never need to worry how in games.
  11. Where I said this? - I talk about the Non - Tropical planes that are included in the Addon (E-7,F-1,F-2,F-4 and and) what they already stated in "Current Status of TF 5.0 'Tobruk' build" Buzzsaw mentioned the Bf-109 F-1 for the Channel Map, - where I already disagree because the Bf-109 F-2 was used there against the Spitfire II/Vs The first thing what I will try out with each plane without dust filter to check if these dust effects are indeed modelled 😎
  12. Then do it by yourself - reprint the official Game Case Cover & DVD Label or do your own
  13. LoL, you can fly over moscow as mod even with the 262................... I like to remember to read his post here about the plane set Current Status of TF 5.0 'Tobruk' build They confirmed already a lot more Non - Tropical planes (the F-1 , F-2 and F-4 for example) and when they do Non - Tropical planes I assume I can fly them on the Channel map............
  14. I can't tell you how much I love that really the title named as " Operation Bodeplatte " but you can't play this very special day in history.
  15. What happen when you just click on your automatically generated player name at the top right of the main menu - will it open the same message again and you can click to link your both accounts
  16. but you have everything already installed on your Harddrive or SSD when you install the Game using Steam same goes for every update what Steam install for you. Everything is installed Steam doesn't care if you bought it or not Steam install everything for you. BTW when before you bought BoBp did you log - in using this (red-marked)?
  17. the account name doesn't matter what matter is the same e-mail address . I have BoS on Steam and I start it from there. I have BoS twice and never needed to link my accounts. When I install the game using Steam and start from Steam I log-in automatic into the game without password check and everything what I bought here on their website is available ready to play it.
  18. Is this a limitation? - I mean when I bought the Addon I can only fly the "Bf-109F-1 and Spitfire Mk VA" on the Channel map???
  19. What are you doing? - You use the wrong Installer! You have BOS , BOM and BOK already on Steam including the collector planes. So your installer is Steam and you have already everything on your Harddrive or SSD installed. Just start the Game using Steam. As long you use the same e-mail address for Steam and here everything is applied automatic (talking about the linking the both accounts) You are wrong, BoBP is available on Steam you can't just buy it on Steam as long BoBP is not officially released here!
  20. Really? - Once the 37 mm runs out of ammo you have a single nose UB machine gun where the "P-39" has two nose Browning M2 machine guns........ I wonder if I we can turn the "Yak-9T" into a "Yak-9K" with 45mm cannon because these planes look very similar when I compare screenshots from these two planes???
  21. I always wonder who will fly with only 30 rounds in the "Yak-9T". The "Yak-9UT" makes more sense because for the larger different weapon loadout how the "Lagg-3" has.
  22. I was talking about that poll where we could decide our next Collector Plane, and how many polls we had since this time? - None
  23. BTW do have we any rights that allow us to influence the outcome what the next Collector Plane will be??? - I can't remember it so long ago where we had the helm - Here to add Ju-52 in the game then to make it flyable and then the poll what we want more IAR-80 or the MC.202 as next Collector Plane.
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