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  1. Legendary aircraft the 262, really? - will this Legendary aircraft fly more than the 1157 km/h without falling apart!!!
  2. Why I hate this update - Game blurry after update - Crash to Desktop - Hanging on Loading Screen - and the buggy mess after this update
  3. @JG700_Benek With color correction I mean the result that comes out when the color space is changed from adding BGR, GBR, BBR.......to the RGB-Channel. I had problems with original reshade shaders to find that what I search for, so I started to write my own. Looking what is possible without to break the FPS too much. I noticed that Post-processing effects are not a good idea to use it for Overhauls because what can be done is very limited. I beated Reshade to death already trying everything always ends with that - one color will break unwanted. The problem is also what colors the game use or how the color are mixed together. Could it be that yellow and blue colors in the game are a little greenisch, it looks like so. The whole in-game colors are skewed when compared it to IL-2 Team Fusion. I noticed it too, when I look at the screenshots in adope photoshop that the colors are not correct when I take a sample from the screenshot and compare it with the texture. Looks like the IL-2 shader use a filter over the original image turn this off will do something. Here another Custom Shader with different approach what I upload when I am ready for upload.
  4. Post-processing effects are always hard left or hard right. If you want one color changed you change unwanted the other colors because all color are connected to each other. Much better results come from Re-texturing or to change the in-game shaders directly. So I did this to avoid darker colors the result see below. -> I made Custom Type1-2-3-4 Shaders with different shading results from different mixed colors.
  5. If you can't see the enemy why not make the enemy bigger? - To make the enemy a bigger Pixel Example VS
  6. The work is done, so next post will be in the "Mod Section" where I release it, here a spoiler what result you can do and expect from this Shader results example below
  7. Thanks, my progress looks good so far with my Custom Shader. Remastered some Colors
  8. Question: Do you use the original shaders? - that are include? Anyone here that write & use custom shader? How are the results compared to the original shaders - better? I started to do some custom shaders (to 50% finished). Here is one of them.....
  9. You speak here about "Full FM" compared to "Simpled FM" but when the Devs use words like "precise", "realistic" or "detailed" and vice versa. So tell me, where is the difference between "precise", "realistic" and "detailed" because the Devs switch between this words frist it is "precise" then "realistic" and then it is only "detailed", what now? Should I help you, tell me where is now the difference in their statements how to understand them -> Detailed physics model and performance vs Realistic physics model and performance -> Precise ballistics vs Realistic ballistics Is "Precise" better than "Realistic" and "Realistic" worse than "Precise" but what is then "Detailed" in the end???????
  10. "Terrain ahead pull up" - What the Ai misunderstand here? Ai Leader Planes set to "invulnerable" because everthing is based on their Logic - what? - seriously - is this really needed - "invulnerable" is cheating, point
  11. I do, correct me if I am wrong because I not see the "we're", i just see how the work is splitted to three different Developer Studios (1C Games Studios, Ugra Media and Digital Forms). When BoS and BoM was done in just one year. BoK took a little longer because the Rise of Flight feature took longer than expected. Now comes BoBP and takes twice the time as before for the same Quality. Speaking about development, BoM development started even much earlier without announcements immediately after BoS official release. =FB=LOFT "cozy reading room" has show us how fast the Team is working for us. Compared to now I see massive slow downs. It was always said that multiple High-res Texture on Planes, Buildings, Trees, Landscape , High-res Plane Models everything what CloD has takes years is even more harder complicated than Great Battles. Now BoBP start to be near same as hard complicated as CloD == really confused What you mean, I have no idea how hard it is to build planes? I only visited two Game Studios (Bungie Studios and Creative Assembly) where I have seen the people who stay behind their products how they work, how fast they can code, how fast they do their job, just impressive to watch them from behind how fast they can do their job. Nothing looked how hard it is to build this or that for them everything there was very fluid done. The only what was noticeable was the pressure behind their work. -> "oh just punch in a few parameters and done"... - take a closer look to the game files what do you will see there parameters, for the Ai, for each plane........................... In the End everything is connected to the physics engine what is based on math what makes everything dynamic. Changes made there and every plane will behave differently than before, parameters are static value and the physics engine makes them dynamic. Same as your weight are just parameters, do you think your weight will behave the same in space, on the moon, mars, jupiter, as on earth? Your weight remain the same but not the physics..... Without good physics each game will be boring to play......................... Go and compare the announcements, pre-order, official release dates. Don't forget =FB=LOFT "cozy reading room" You will see that these products had the "one year cycle" before now it's twice that long for the same Quality. When we now to issue say " This is fine " you fully agree to that, right! Because this is that what another customer received as response when he pointed to a issue or was worry.......
  12. Release at the end of the year, now seriously two years for these Quality if this was CloD or DCS World ok then but Great Battles...............................
  13. The Ai is the same as in 2009, more smarter but not better. I looked long Ai vs Ai dogfights and compared it with Rise of Flight - Not really impressed. You shoot at planes with with " multitude of ropes ", do you tell me you never hit them? These planes really really suffer structural break-up when you shoot the ropes in pieces, do you tell me you never experience this kind of DM???? - interesting!
  14. No worries. We are moving to desert soon.
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