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  1. I was talking about that poll where we could decide our next Collector Plane, and how many polls we had since this time? - None
  2. BTW do have we any rights that allow us to influence the outcome what the next Collector Plane will be??? - I can't remember it so long ago where we had the helm - Here to add Ju-52 in the game then to make it flyable and then the poll what we want more IAR-80 or the MC.202 as next Collector Plane.
  3. but if you fiddle around, VR will work. This was said here Source: https://steamcommunity.com/app/754530/discussions/0/1620599015874296571/
  4. For me is defending the overpriced moon - prices from the Collector Planes same as poking a hornet's nest. Here you have a single collector plane for $20 but you can have eight planes + maps for just $49,99. On sale it looks even more strange 9,99$ for a single Collector Plane or eight planes + maps for just $16,99. Why, at the moment is sale time and you can have Battle of Kuban for $39,99 (ten planes) or $24,99 (eight planes) but you plan to spend $19,99 for a single Collector Plane? I know its your money what you plan to burn....................and how much fun you really will have from a single Collector plane is questionable compared to ten or eight planes more in MP.
  5. Hey I made our first Collector Plane, enjoy it 🤣
  6. What is interesting to read in this DD is "Real pilots did not have zoom" So I have a Question - This Game has great full fidelity flight modelling in BoX, complex engine management, realistic modelling of systems etc.. everything sounds nice until you read "Real pilots did not have zoom" how realistic is it to have zoom feature anyway??? -> In other words if I have to zoom to visually re-acquire a target that can’t be more than 1 km away from me is this realistic, even correct? The new "New View Distance for Airplanes" should it not look like this - prioritize not only maintaining sight of the target within visual range (less than 5 km), but also the ranges at which you should be able to identify the target and its aspect. This results in a magnification that’s relatively strong (about 1.5 km at very close ranges), but not so strong that it throws your sense of distance totally out of whack and it falls off quickly with range when planes becoming extremely difficult to spot when they are further away than 5 km.......................
  7. Blurry the ground texture or change other Graphic Settings that are in the Game to gain advantage or FPS or both you can't hardly say to them cheater.......... In MP you can always expect that the player will always search a way to gain advantage some stuff are legit and some are not as long you not invoke the Anit-Cheat-System you can do whatever you want....... As long I know MP, MP always was this way. I like the Contrast / reflection + the much better Graphic in DCS 2.5 and CloD Blitz. The real problem with spotting is within visual range! In reality Planes becoming extremely difficult to spot when they are further away than 5 km from you. Lose sight of things shouldn't be when the enemy is only 2km away from you. But this is reality in BoX For me in BoX the planes pixelate too fast at the same range compared to CLoD Blitz or DCS 2.5 where I never notice this feature how in BoX. But spotting within visual range and lose sight of things to the enemy what is just 2km away runis everything.
  8. You know that in WT mainly you fly with mouse or game console controller and WT is free-to-play many players don't care about the realistic stuff they just want fun. Another thing is you can play WT on very Low-End-Hardware Intel HD Graphics with good FPS for example. Icons are not the problem here, every from our Normal Difficult Servers has them enabled. So if someone play with the lowest graphics settings makeshift with Nvidia Inspector which the game designers have not provided, mimimi 🤣
  9. Realistic spotting depends how to recodnize that pixel as plane as tree or as unknown object? Here my problem you can see in both screenshots a 109 close around 500m if you are here unaware in the next turn from the 109 you are down for sure. Now look take a closer look at the screenshots on the left side do you notice that the 109 not has even his plane skin compared to the right screenshot. Another point in the left screenshot the 109 is transformed into black 2D Sprites but on the right screenshot fully 3D as it should be. As last point on the left screenshot the 109 look strange compared to the right screenshot
  10. What if a second engine (for example UE4) would be used to powering the GUI if the current GUI is difficult to re-code?
  11. Can someone tell me why watching that video from 1:25 remember me the Cliffs from Dover during global warming 😎
  12. Same story as with the Yak (Yakcopter) had the same feature Really or they not care as usual ? -> This problem exist since 2/23/2019 even with bomb load!!!!
  13. Livai

    Jedi flak

    The flak is ridiculous because it shoot at the first plane that enters their range and stops until this plane left their range but all other planes have a clear path to their targets - Remember this if you are the first plane who enter the flak fire range the flak will always follow you and shoot at unitl your are down or left their range..............
  14. It is stated in the DD that they used the same old Rise of Flight Ai code added some small changes for WWII planes so all problems comes from there, WWII is not WWI. As long the Ai not improve you can forget SP. As I heard that the Ai has invulnerable in "Havoc Over The Kuban" because everything is based on this feature, says a lot how the Ai really is......
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