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  1. It's up to the plane skin drawers alone to decide how the plane skin should look in the end and how much gloss, specular highlight, reflection are applied onto the plane skin. When the graphic programmer deface the plane skin drawers already finished work or limit the plane skin drawers freedom in visual studio. Do you think this makes the plane skin drawers happy or bring us forward? The plane skin alpha-channel is a PBR - alpha-channel. If used or how good, is another Question............
  2. Jason, what says the Hardware Monitoring Software what is more important than the raw FPS count. Hardware Monitoring Software easy detect & show the Deferred shift from CPU to GPU in % if there is any. What makes it very interesting to see how the load is on CPU and GPU now compared to before. Each Render techniques has his Pros and Cons. How about Reflections that are qualitatively reminiscent of ray tracing - in other words, no Screen Space Effects but "real" Reflections. Doing this -> The complete scene is calculated again and then projected onto a Texture Are not the Plane mirror simulated this way? Interesting, there are always many ways to reach the goal but how it is done is always interesting. I have seen tricks in mostly outdoor games with only sun shining where texels with zero direct lighting were assumed to be in shadow crazy and dangerous but somehow it worked. Or tricks that violate the energy conservation principle and uses a "Non - Physically" based rendering distribution. As long it makes the artists happy is everything allowed. @svid123 you say "approximately by one third" reduces CPU bottleneck did you done some measurements with Hardware Monitoring Software to see clear the Deferred shift from CPU to GPU or from where you take the "approximately by one third" value? Should I assume that CPU load reduces approximately by one third but GPU load increase approximately by one third? I would like something tangible, screenshots with before and after, maybe? The problem with VR is always the VR - Hardware itself. Each VR - Hardware from each different Manufacturer is different this one use more CPU than GPU and the next one use less CPU but more GPU or both. Now as Developer how to counteract? The biggest problem is that a lot customers play or played before on Monitors that can display 144 FPS or more. Now you join VR and fly with 40 FPS all the time near ground but on higher altitude with 80 FPS in VR, a pain for these customers when played before with 100 - 144 FPS all the time.
  3. Not really, Deferred default cost is HIGHER than forward as example, as you need to work with several buffers and do some post processing on the g-buffer. The benefit of this technique is simple: linear cost for adding lights. Therefore, in short: the only reason to use deferred is because you want to have a good amount of lights, if you are using directional outdoor light with nothing extra, makes no sense to use it. Short said Openworld during day time, not really need deferred. Try to simulate a city with many torches without deferred and without heavy FPS drops ....... Hybrid shading makes more sense.........
  4. The P-40 is a beast, the surface cooling in the P-40 same as in the He-100 allow the P-40 to have the outlet completely closed during heavy combat tasks. The Engine is very solid doesn't die even when you do many mistakes. A very good beginner plane. Just forgot to mention the Fire power is great, too!
  5. Skipping the most interesting part in this video can give also false impression! - What happen after 0:41 with that plane - Why was this part skipped....... Oh Lord, the Ai, when Engine Damage is disabled for this test the Ai will fly much longer than normal........... Sure I will wait and see myself if this DM suits fine
  6. That don't impress me, already stopped to watch this video at 0:41 after seeing how many bullets the wings can eat and still fly like a new bird. I mean this part 0:22 to 0:41 how stable the right wing is even after many hits. And at this part from 0:35 to 0:38 that plane should break to the right after that many solid hits into the right wing and enter a right spin, should yeah should but the right aileron is still working and that plane fly stable even with full of big holes in the right wing in combat.
  7. Have you seen the graph above that illustrates that we decreasing. I checked myself and yes we decreasing - I used the "6m" graph, but still more than enough for MP
  8. A Promo Code saved is a Promo Code earned - this is how it is - not my Idea!
  9. 200k for what Game? We have Tank Crew, Flying Circus, Great Battles, CloD and IL-2 1946 makes 40k for each game without subtraction all the doubled or placeholder accounts.
  10. Not sure why "ace skilled" fighter planes lose against "average skilled" bombers. Why ace - skilled Ai always attack from the six in train manner every enemy bomber.
  11. Wooden structure can be solid same as aluminum or steel but this depends how good the engineering was at this time. .30 cal bullets on WW2 here are .50 cal and 20 cal on a 111 shot down from a 109. You can easy assume how a wooden plane could look [Source] https://www.quora.com/Have-the-Swiss-border-guards-shot-at-Axis-soldiers-during-WW2-like-in-the-movie-Shining-Through-1992
  12. From my view, the true 'Spirit of '46' is IL-2 1946. RoF, BoX and CloD go different ways. You can run two game engine simultaneously the frist one is for example IL-2 1946 and the second Game Engine is BoX or CloD doing the Graphic part only - advantage the player always can switch between the two Game Engine in the Game how the planes maps looked in 2001 compared to now. Why for example the Unreal Engine can be used as Game UI replacement for a different Game Engine or as Graphic part for a different Game Engine. Most Game Engine are modular you can use them as a whole or parts from them how the Unreal Engine as example. When you use the IL-2 1946 FM in BoX what in the end we get? - A IL-2 1946 remastered Who knows what is the real reason. In 2004 with Pacific Fighters nobody said it is a difficult task. Now to do the same with much higher Poly Count a problem................ WT has Japanese Aircrafts their Cockpits and the planes itself look in WT very accurate but everything else like the DM and the maps in WT look worse, are worse compared to CloD and BoX Quality.
  13. Many Publisher do remakes of their most popular games. Why not IL-2, too? IL-2 has two soild game engines so where is the problem for a IL-2 1946 Anniversary Edition with remastered graphics, planes and maps done in BoX or CloD Quality. Better FM can be always added later. WarThunder has Japanese Aircrafts and Carriers to do their Cockpits and the Planes itself is not the problem.
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