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  1. Not as "DCS: Combined Arms Quality " but with DCS prices. $24.99, really for this Level of Detail...........................
  2. GB is a die and retry game. Die, think, try, die, rethink, retry and find. That's how it's done. You have a Spitfire. 109 domination in altitude, then clean the lower levels, but don't dive at full speed, your pilot and your wings won't like it. 😁
  3. -> When a Game requesting all VRAM from the card even when sitting in the settings menu, that is certainly a case of the game making sure it doesn’t run out of memory by requesting pretty much everything that was available. 8GB VRAM is the Sweet Spot for 1440p and 4k for the next two years. 11GB VRAM more future proof. 24GB VRAM is overkill unless you play in 8k When you turn on RTX in Battlefield the VRAM usage increase. Don't worry a 3080 Ti maybe coming. Between 3080 @ $700 and 3090 @ $1500 is enough space for the 3080 Ti. Nvidia is and was always stingy when it comes to amount of VRAM. 11GB VRAM before now 10GB VRAM, big drama about the 1GB.
  4. The 3080 is cool if you can tolerate the 10GB VRAM. Performance depending on Game and Resolution. In 4k the worst case is 10 FPS faster than the 2080 Ti. But for $700 - $800 is far better than $1200 - $1800 before with the 2080 Ti.
  5. Before these planes were named as " Premium Planes " now their new name is " Collector Planes ". When you had the time to follow people comments on Steam or read the negative Steam previews on steam then you could notice how many were unhappy about these Collector Planes. A lot were talking about their price and that these planes were cut-off from the Game to sell them as DLC for a Premium Price whatever. As example Standard Edition cost on Sale $25 but the Collector Plane $10. See, a Collector Plane cost a lot more than the whole package on Sale. No matter if -50% or -75% off on sale always these Collector Planes cost more than the whole package. Another example the Bf 109 G-6, Yak-9 or the La-5FN the changes that were needed to make them are far less than fully new planes. -> What you expect, when you charge $20 but in the package each plane cost far less than $6. A nice addition is when it cost just $10 and not $20. Like I said already when players come from the frame "number of flyable planes = content" and "a Spitfire is a Spitfire is a Spitfire, whether game it was" will be very very hard to explain these players why they need to pay that much for far less content than before. When you say to them because of the much better FM you will hear from them as answer: "As long the Spitfire behave like a Spitfire is a Spitfire, whether game it was!" When players buy on sale then the work spend to make these Collector Planes was not worth. You can be pretty sure that 99% buy the Standard Edition for just $49 than the Deluxe Edition for $79. A lot players don't see the reason to pay +$30 more for just two planes more.
  6. Landing gear down should also help to give some weight to push the nose down
  7. -> In Great Battles these Collector Planes did more damage to the game than they were worth it. Many people who aren't sim fanatics come at this from the IL-2 1946 and Warthunder frame, where only the number of flyable planes = content, without any appreciation (or just as likely without any frame of reference) for the actual depth and fidelity of the simulation itself. For to many people, a Spitfire is a Spitfire is a Spitfire, whether it was in BoB: 1940, Jane's WWII Fighters, European Air War, IL-2 1946, War Thunder, DCS World, IL-2 BoS, or IL-2 Cliffs of Dover Blitz. After all, if Warthunder can provide a hundred planes for free, why does IL-2 BoS or DCS World as example charge for so few planes? The fact that the later is a significantly more detailed simulation doesn't factor into it.
  8. Radar, like life, is full of tradeoffs In order to achieve this, rendering tricks are applied to the aircraft to make it more visible than in the standard rendering calculations. Without the rendering tricks an aircraft appear to be more difficult to spot in the game with sim elements than it would be in real life. While playing the biggest game of hide and seek in the world - maybe we need ATC ( who see everyone ) and TCAS ( which stops everyone bumping into each other )
  9. Can you see a plane 20-40 miles miles away? Maybe anything up to 747 sized aircraft. If the Aircraft's aspect is head on,... that distance comes down significantly. BTW Missiles are fired at radar range, unless it carries a contrail, fly in a big formation or a sized aircraft. To have better radar range and technology than the enemy gives you a very huge advantage. In this matter are west and east dogfight mentality the same. Russian technology mentality is "We didn't know it was a invisible plane" shootdown a superior F117 Nighthawk with a outdated S125 Neva. If it comes to plane design never changed much even Suchoi use the Mig design, where the west play with many different design. Back to topic Once you have flown the smart system in Falcon 4 its pretty hard to deal with Great Battles which is both highly unrealistic and maybe impedement to getting involved in the game with sim elements. On a 5k screen certainly not realistic in any manner. CloD do this job better with better colors and contrast that help to seperate the plane from the ground or sky.
  10. -> So much work was invested into the GUI that it always seems easier continuing the work rather than starting at zero with a brand new GUI. BTW Making making an HTML-CSS interface a idea, another idea is swapping out the original GUI and using "Unreal Engine" as GUI instead as complete redo but everything else run on the original Game Engine as before.....................
  11. Lets skip the intro - When can we start? - to have our own abilities and stamina in the game, from every player around the world..........
  12. Charging us $140-170, define cheap when other Game Studios as example have 400 people in the Development Team on release the game cost just $60. And someone said Game Development is expensive..................... -> In IL-2 GBs you have " Pre-Order " and here " Coming Soon this summer ", they should reinvent the wheel and not end up in comfort Someone said Valve is stingy, in this Summer Sale I grabbed four times their additional money how smart from me. Made a big bow around IL-2 GBs products. Wanted to buy Desert Wings - Tobruk but 1C politics annoy me
  13. Looks like I will buy "IL-2 Sturmovik: Desert Wings - Tobruk" on sale then, Steam sale ends today don't want to waste the additional money from Steam for each game I buy 😁
  14. Who finds this "Coming Soon" annoying compared to Great Battles always when a Announcement was made we could buy something.
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