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  1. Question: Do you use the original shaders? - that are include? Anyone here that write & use custom shader? How are the results compared to the original shaders - better? I started to do some custom shaders (to 50% finished). Here is one of them.....
  2. You speak here about "Full FM" compared to "Simpled FM" but when the Devs use words like "precise", "realistic" or "detailed" and vice versa. So tell me, where is the difference between "precise", "realistic" and "detailed" because the Devs switch between this words frist it is "precise" then "realistic" and then it is only "detailed", what now? Should I help you, tell me where is now the difference in their statements how to understand them -> Detailed physics model and performance vs Realistic physics model and performance -> Precise ballistics vs Realistic ballistics Is "Precise" better than "Realistic" and "Realistic" worse than "Precise" but what is then "Detailed" in the end???????
  3. Livai

    Mountains aren't dangerous after all

    "Terrain ahead pull up" - What the Ai misunderstand here? Ai Leader Planes set to "invulnerable" because everthing is based on their Logic - what? - seriously - is this really needed - "invulnerable" is cheating, point
  4. Livai

    DD today?

    I do, correct me if I am wrong because I not see the "we're", i just see how the work is splitted to three different Developer Studios (1C Games Studios, Ugra Media and Digital Forms). When BoS and BoM was done in just one year. BoK took a little longer because the Rise of Flight feature took longer than expected. Now comes BoBP and takes twice the time as before for the same Quality. Speaking about development, BoM development started even much earlier without announcements immediately after BoS official release. =FB=LOFT "cozy reading room" has show us how fast the Team is working for us. Compared to now I see massive slow downs. It was always said that multiple High-res Texture on Planes, Buildings, Trees, Landscape , High-res Plane Models everything what CloD has takes years is even more harder complicated than Great Battles. Now BoBP start to be near same as hard complicated as CloD == really confused What you mean, I have no idea how hard it is to build planes? I only visited two Game Studios (Bungie Studios and Creative Assembly) where I have seen the people who stay behind their products how they work, how fast they can code, how fast they do their job, just impressive to watch them from behind how fast they can do their job. Nothing looked how hard it is to build this or that for them everything there was very fluid done. The only what was noticeable was the pressure behind their work. -> "oh just punch in a few parameters and done"... - take a closer look to the game files what do you will see there parameters, for the Ai, for each plane........................... In the End everything is connected to the physics engine what is based on math what makes everything dynamic. Changes made there and every plane will behave differently than before, parameters are static value and the physics engine makes them dynamic. Same as your weight are just parameters, do you think your weight will behave the same in space, on the moon, mars, jupiter, as on earth? Your weight remain the same but not the physics..... Without good physics each game will be boring to play......................... Go and compare the announcements, pre-order, official release dates. Don't forget =FB=LOFT "cozy reading room" You will see that these products had the "one year cycle" before now it's twice that long for the same Quality. When we now to issue say " This is fine " you fully agree to that, right! Because this is that what another customer received as response when he pointed to a issue or was worry.......
  5. Livai

    DD today?

    Release at the end of the year, now seriously two years for these Quality if this was CloD or DCS World ok then but Great Battles...............................
  6. Livai

    How is the AI?

    The Ai is the same as in 2009, more smarter but not better. I looked long Ai vs Ai dogfights and compared it with Rise of Flight - Not really impressed. You shoot at planes with with " multitude of ropes ", do you tell me you never hit them? These planes really really suffer structural break-up when you shoot the ropes in pieces, do you tell me you never experience this kind of DM???? - interesting!
  7. Livai

    Graphic settings

    No worries. We are moving to desert soon.
  8. Livai

    rendering 50 bombers

    Now say this again for Flying Circus WW1 same Ai plane limitation as for WW2 , see that part how to model turret technology etc or how much Ai or crew members are needed will not work when speaking about WW1. When WW1 is already complex what is WW2 then? Everyone know that WW1 never was complex how WW2 is. But at the moment is WW1 already a lot more complex than WW2. But what you hear is always too much crew member and turrets to simulate too complex stuff are needed to simulate then if this not helps then it is the map, too small for this stuff where will you start then in the air? For me is this just making excuses................. Do you think the current Ai is independent and use the same CPU State? - never ever. Even Game Consoles can simulate more Ai than they can handle but to do so they use technique better LoD, how shader are loaded, skip Ai animations at long range etc.................... Until now I and others were thinking that the -> Digital Nature Game Engine is just wearing Digital Warfare clothing. Now thanks to your Statement "facts straight from 1CGS" changed everything! We now value this as an official statement that they have the resources, time and money for a completely new Game Engine. Good to know, thanks again that you share this kind of intel, informations, statements with us Hard to tell, if it's not the number of the engines then it should be the number of the crewmens, gunners if this is not the problem then it is the map, just too small for four engine long-range bombers, now what? - Always there will be something to avoid discussion about that thing. With Flying Circus they can't hide anymore. Flying Circus is running on a completely new Game Engine + DX11 and 64-bit support and still this 20 Ai limitation for what for simple WW1 planes same as in Rise of Flight but Rise of Flight had only DX9 and 32-bit support. So DX11 and 64-bit support + completely new Game Engine didn't nothing to remove or to raise the Ai limitation beyond 20 for simple WW1 planes. They can't raise the Ai limitation for WW1 planes in their completely new Game Engine with DX11 and 64-bit what is indeed a huge disappointment. What only proof that the jump from Rise of Flight "Digital Nature" to Flying Circus "Digital Warfare" and 10 years of develoment was just a deadlock. Not everyone use VR but every Rise of Flight customer will ask a familiar Question " Why the Ai limitation for WW1 planes is the same as for WW2 when WW2 is a lot more complex than WW1" Now explain us when WW1 with less a lot less crewmans, number of Ai slots can't raise the Ai limitation beyond the 20 mark. How you explain us WW2 when already WW1 is a lot more demanding and complex that even DX11 and 64-bit support and a completely new Game Engine "Digital Warfare" can't handle more WW1 Ai planes but the same number of WW2 Ai-planes. Is this not confusing? WW1 has around two crewmens where WW2 have around five crewmens - this is a increasement more than 50% not counting how complex is simulate WW2 planes compared to WW1 but "Digital Warfare" only manage to simulate 20 WW1 Ai planes...............
  9. Livai

    rendering 50 bombers

    That we can't have four engine bombers doesn't count because Rise of Flight has four engine bombers facts are facts that this is the same game engine! The Ai-plane limitation is the same as in Rise of Flight - Rise of Flight, Great Battles even Flying Circus limits their Ai-planes to 20 where WW2 planes have a lot more Ai-gunner on their planes than in WW1 + where WW2 planes have even more complex systems to simulate than WW1 planes - are WW1 planes now even more demanding than WW2 planes??? -> Speaking about Flying Circus is a good point to see how well the game engine code improved over the year compared to Rise of Flight. Did the Ai-plane limitation for WW1 increased beyond 20 -> Nope - pretty the same Ai-plane limitation as in 2009 but we have 2019. Is this the result of ten years of Development on the same game, great indeed great
  10. Livai

    AI improved after 3.007?

    -> in a Nutshell explained " How is the Ai "
  11. Livai

    Which DM do you like more - before 3.008 or after?

    Oh dear, the toothless tiger - 🤣 - 88 mm tiger gun 88x 571R mm cartridge loaded fails against the heavy armored Polikarpow Po-2 at close range! - Watch it 1:06 - 1:30
  12. Livai

    AI improved after 3.007?

    Fighter vs Fighter = fine Fighter vs Bomber = brainless if you fly fighter planes Bomber vs Ground target = average The Ai is indeed useless against bombers. The improved turret gunners shoot all of them down easily. I always see how the Ai slow down and break off their attack 100m from bomber six just to play target practice for their turret gunners. Their aim against bomber is to shoot above or below the bomber and this at close range, again easy target practice for their turret gunners. Or the Ai play kamikaze hangs on bomber six until both go down. Bombers easily shoot down all of your Ai fighter planes. But here comes the funny part - what I really not understand this why the Ai behaviour depends on what plane you fly - I mean it only happends when you are the fighter pilot but if you are the bomber pilot the Ai fighter planes behave a lot better against bombers. Then the Ai ignore the Flight leader commands. There comes always a Ai message from nowhere that revoke your commands. You can repeat your commands how much like. You command " engage enemy target ". The Ai objective completed return to base. You repeat " engage enemy target ". The Ai request landing approach. Overall it ends always with the same disappointment -> "On my own"
  13. They share the same stats for AP and HE damage whatever - only the "BulletSpeed" for HE shells was reduced for the MK108. The problem - Take a look how big the MK103 cartridge case is compared to MK108 and compare how big the MK108 shell case is compared to the MK103. BTW the x91 I readed from the Document other will say x90 for the MK108.......
  14. @Han I noticed that the MK108 use 30x184 Ammunition what only the MK101 and MK103 used. -> The MK108 use 30x91 Ammunition. Download (PDF) http://www.deutscheluftwaffe.com/archiv/Dokumente/ABC/m/MK 108/Text/Entwurf Borsig 09.06.1943/Entwurf von Borsig.pdf
  15. 12 min worth of time to watch it - enjoy