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  1. Problem with the RTX 3000 Series is the Peak Load <1ms where the power draw alone for the 3080 jump to around 500W. These Peaks can lead to shutdowns in very fast reacting protective circuits (OPP, OCP). I always look at the power draw from my system using Digital Energy Cost Measuring Device but before I buy something new I check the Thermal Design Power (TDP). Had even the 1080 Ti with 450W PSU without problems without overclocking.
  2. Some people have a very hard time understanding that on their BoN anniversaire
  3. When your Gunner Shoots your Tail in IL-2 as example, when DVD adapatation match Indiana Jones damage model for WW1 planes
  4. By direct and not as everyone from the store! Is the AMD store a direct buy = No! Because you or some few have a problem doesn't mean all have the same problem. Had two 5950x here for $700 each but sold them for fun for twice even for thrice because I don't have the time for playing games at the moment.
  5. This video, useless First M.2 SSDs using PCI-E 4.0 is a huge Performance boost compared to PCI-E 3.0. Next year maybe PCI-E 5.0 comes? Ofcourse are these M.2 SSDs a lot faster and better than SATA SSDs. But how much you use this Performance. Installing Windows, Programs, image/video editing, rendering or zip/unzip archive every day? -> Only in Games what using the "DirectStorage API" you will see indeed a huge benefit from really fast M.2 SSDs BTW you pretty easy see how much MB/s use a Game the same way how you mensure the FPS in Games. If it goes to 55
  6. @Han and this tech called DVA: Dynamic Visual Acuity for differentiate fine details and showing the most relevant differences of moving objects........ Any plans to add this tech to the game???
  7. Is there a reason why the Reflector sight has a oval shape is this accurate? 🤣
  8. Sorry, but I find the convergence behavior is trash for nose mounted guns. Buggy is even the beautiful version. After some patches nose mounted guns behave a lot different. Before I used 100m as convergence and everything was fine. My aim not changed but some patches messed around and now shooting with nose mounted guns with the same convergence is far far away from that how it was before. Even 500m as convergence for nose mounted guns makes no difference sure I see the all bullets fly more straight through the aimpoint but that was all. Before when you had 500m convergence for nose mounted gu
  9. I found a University Powerpoint Präsentation, was about drag, speed, direction change when the wind flows and about deflection. The most interesting part was that a smooth sphere big as a football has a critical speed of approx. 21 m / s where the air resistance decreases again. A bullet is smaller, faster, smooth surface and aerodynamic compared to a football. When a football with a rough surface already above 8 m / s speed has a lower air resistance than in the case of the smooth football but his air resistance increases with increasing Speed slowly but continuously and on the smooth footbal
  10. Yes and no, when on a university subject area physics teach you that a smooth sphere has a critical speed of approx. 21 m / s, from where the air resistance decreases again. If you have a rough sphere drag behaves different already above 8 m / s critical speed from where the air resistance is lower than in the case of the smooth sphere but the air resistance increases with increasing Speed slowly but continuously. You can go to each etage from a skyscraper and drop a sphere whatever on something from the second floor the damage done is far less than from the last floor
  11. we also have gravity continuously pulling downwards on the bullet., but we also have atmospheric resistance ( air around us = drag = slowing down force ) continuously slow down the bullet. The drag is less resistance if the bullet move through it quickly enough, the drag itself provides a very substantial resistance. A flat surface offers more resistance than an oval. Bullets have a aerodynamic shape. Since bullets are so aerodynamic, the force of drag doesn’t have that much of an effect, but there is a measurable slowing. Reduce the Bullet spin rate another point to archive the lowest drag. I
  12. This work only when you turn after or climb after that plane to move your plane into shooting position and open fire instantly from six - Why? - thanks to the turn or climb you lost speed and you are slower than your target at the moment when you start to shoot. The bullets like you said already need to fly more distance to keep up with your target speed. In my test I am faster than my target and all bullets fly the distance how far I am from that plane. The MG151/20 Ammunition fly 1.100 m / s enough speed to fly straight. What is a 500m distance for a bullet that fly 1.100 m /
  13. With nose mounted guns I assume the bullets drop point is at 500m when I set the convergence to 500m and when a bomber is at 500m the bullets should hit him. If I had gunpods under the wings and nose mounted guns all guns should criss-cross at 500m. With nose mounted guns I hit that bomber at around 400m with the convergence set to 500m. In my test I fire single rounds from 800m,700m,600m,500m,400m,300m and the bomber is in the aimpoint from my gunsight flying from six and without wind. Doing this with gunpods under the wings again I had no problems to hit him at 500m or above. Loo
  14. The Convergence seem to be buggy. Convergence in planes that have only nose mgs and cannons is always questionable compared to planes with guns in their wings where Convergence is reasonable. If I set Convergence to 500m as example on planes with only nose mgs and cannons and try to hit the bomber from six at 500m without any wind I can't hit him always I need to push the nose up to hit him same as I would aim with 100m Convergence on that bomber that is 500m away. When I now set 550m as convergence I hit that bomber at 500m with nose mgs and cannons, confusing! I used the sights in F-4, G-2 o
  15. -> The bigger discounts are more interesting than the pre-order discounts....... Why you need the Bf 109G-6 "late" the late is more and less a renamed G-14.
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