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  1. In case your Installation breaks in the process I recommend to backup these files: "startup.cfg" and "input" folder in your users/data - video settings; joysticks und keybinds .. so you dont have to set up everything again.
  2. Maybe its time to give this man more resources.
  3. Dear Santa, U-2VS for christmas please. I want to join the night witches.
  4. carrier battles torpedos My wish. But I take any WW2 setting. I like all props.
  5. 25% Off Feedback Reward V53GPE9N Expiration date: Nov. 21, 2018, 7:59 Have fun.
  6. Yes. If you already own stalingrad on steam you can start battle of stalingrad through steam to play all owned content. Items you buy on the website will not show up on your steam account tho!
  7. I second your opinion on the I-16. Flying the I-16 feels more like riding on top of it rather than sitting inside it. Also: Only cool kids fly i-16 in multiplayer 😎
  8. My fix for severe multiplayer stutter: - turn off ingame vsync - force vsync on via nvidia control panel It is gone now. Spec: i7 8700k, 16gb ddr4, gtx970, installed on ssd, win 10 Ultra settings with 150km. 1080p
  9. I also recommend stalingrad as first buy. It has the most ubiquitous usable planeset for mp and sp.
  10. Already subscribed to your channel a long time ago. Your videos helped me to get into Il-2 very quick. IL-2 Flying Circus Volume 1
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