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  1. rename dxgi.ini to d3d11.ini dxgi.dll to d3d11.dll these files should be in the parts/core folder if not, move them there
  2. Will it be possible to bind zoom to an axis with the tobruk release?
  3. Everything you suggested is already in the game. Alternate visibility option will crank up visibility. Markes and hud can also be turned on in options menu.
  4. "Mein Kriegstagebuch: Aufzeichnungen eines Stukafliegers" is what i recommend. I believe this to be the english version: "Stuka Pilot: The War Memoirs of Hans-Ulrich Rudel". # 4 for FC Vol. 1
  5. In case your Installation breaks in the process I recommend to backup these files: "startup.cfg" and "input" folder in your users/data - video settings; joysticks und keybinds .. so you dont have to set up everything again.
  6. Maybe its time to give this man more resources.
  7. Dear Santa, U-2VS for christmas please. I want to join the night witches.
  8. carrier battles torpedos My wish. But I take any WW2 setting. I like all props.
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