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  1. DiscoPhil

    Giveaway ENDED, thanks for participating

    Just activated the key. Thank you very much!
  2. DiscoPhil

    Giveaway ENDED, thanks for participating

    Dear Santa, U-2VS for christmas please. I want to join the night witches.
  3. DiscoPhil

    Where to after BoBP

    carrier battles torpedos My wish. But I take any WW2 setting. I like all props.
  4. DiscoPhil

    Feedback -25% code to give away

    25% Off Feedback Reward V53GPE9N Expiration date: Nov. 21, 2018, 7:59 Have fun.
  5. Yes. If you already own stalingrad on steam you can start battle of stalingrad through steam to play all owned content. Items you buy on the website will not show up on your steam account tho!
  6. Why dont you just copy over the controls config file?
  7. DiscoPhil

    Autumn sale on!

    I second your opinion on the I-16. Flying the I-16 feels more like riding on top of it rather than sitting inside it. Also: Only cool kids fly i-16 in multiplayer 😎
  8. My fix for severe multiplayer stutter: - turn off ingame vsync - force vsync on via nvidia control panel It is gone now. Spec: i7 8700k, 16gb ddr4, gtx970, installed on ssd, win 10 Ultra settings with 150km. 1080p
  9. DiscoPhil

    First IL-2 buy

    I also recommend stalingrad as first buy. It has the most ubiquitous usable planeset for mp and sp.
  10. DiscoPhil

    BOBP Premium and FC Drawing 1200 US Central

    Already subscribed to your channel a long time ago. Your videos helped me to get into Il-2 very quick. IL-2 Flying Circus Volume 1
  11. DiscoPhil

    BOBP: Where are the bombers?

    Interesting to read ty.
  12. DiscoPhil

    Multiplayer FPS issue

    Its exactly what I experience.
  13. Especially in multiplayer I get choppy fps when there are a lot of planes around. On kuban map it is very noticeable. (WoL server with 84 players in prime time) In sp career mode it runs good at 60 fps until I switch to high density setting. The ingame fps counter will show 60 fps all the time but it definately gets choppy when over the target area with a lot of stuff giong on. Overall I experienced a huge fps boost from upgrading i7 2600k to i7 8700k. If I avoid extreme situations with many planes and many ground units the game runs very fluid at stable 60 fps all the time. I would advice against upgrading to a gtx 1060. It is just a little bit faster then your gtx 970 and will not make much difference. More ram wont hurt but wont do magic. Your cpu is still good. (1080p, Ultra Settings, 4x AA, Vsync on, no motion blur, simple mirrors, max landscape detail and draw range) + reshade lumasharpen My specs for reference: i7 8700k stock gtx 970 16 gb ram 2400mhz game installed on ssd cheers
  14. Because of my bad experience with VKB in the past I will spend the extra bucks for crosswind pedals instead of going with VKB pedals. I also plan to get a high end stick soon. Virpil/Baur will be the way to go for me.