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  1. i think I solved the graphic isse by unistalling reshade 4.6.1. But my throttle continues to stop funcioning sudenly and the engine is stuck in the same power. My view sudenly change from pan view to snap view, and Icant get it back to pan view by hitting F 9. Any thoughts about it? thanks
  2. After the 4.06 update my throttle stops working during the flight and the cockpit panel is desconfigured. I cant see the instruments and the throttle is stuck in the same setting. Icant throttle up or down, and I cant stop the engine. nvidia 1050Ti, intel P7
  3. Sorry Single player Ana thry shoot me all the time It doesnt matter if i am at his 6 , 3 , 9 o clock Even when I shoot from the 12 o clock I am shot after passing the plane Sniper..... By the Way This SIM is wonderfull Thaks Guys
  4. I still think that the accuracy of the rear gunners from the sturmoviks are overestimated...... Its impossible to aproach the plane from any direction without being shot could it be fixed please? thanks
  5. installed reshade with only the recomended filters works just fine!!!!! thanks
  6. Thanks Therion Unfortunately I cant find this file, IL2.exe in the path provided In the game folder theres only the launcher, D server, IL2, and Restarter. Sorry.... The file IL2 is the I2.exe.... I cliked on it and it started the game. So, I just have to point reshade installer to tis IL2 to install reshade in the game. Right?
  7. Sorry to ask but the IL2. exe its the file Launcher inside the game folder? Is this where i have to point the reshade exe to install reshade in IL2?
  8. Hi I would like to know If its better to set the graphics from the nvidia control panel or check the box that says " let the app decide" and set the parameters on the games system/graphics screen? Precisa, is itens possible to do both? Thanks Or is It possible to use both? Thanks
  9. Thanks a lot for your reply So to install your skins I just have to copy the graphics file into the right place and Im done and I keep all the default skins as well? Right? Thanks for your kindness to answer my questions so quickly and thouroughly
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